Goldmine (in Golden Boutique Hotel, Pecenongan)

By The Jakarta Team

I didn't go to Goldmine, but I went briefly to the karaoke in Golden Boutique Hotel (Studio 21), open until 5am). Also, a friend was working for the firm auditing the company, so i have a good insight of what's going on inside these walls.

The Hotel compares with Hotel Alexis as a one-stop entertainment with the rooms being there mainly for short term transactions rather than family trips to Pecenongan. The decorum is that specific North Jakarta style, with roman statutes, marble and big paintings on the walls and ceiling, that we can find in all the somewhat luxurious nightclubs in Kota.

There are two similar hotels, with the other one in Blok M (the one on the picture). My Place Spa has a branch within Golden Boutique Hotel Angkasa (Pecenongan).
GBH Angkasa
Jalan Angkasa 1,
Jakarta 10720
Tel: +62-21 625 5555
Fax: +62-21 625 6666

GBH Melawai
Jalan Melawao 8, no 6-8
Blok M, Jakarta 12160
Tel: +62-21 7234 555
Fax: +62-21 7227 555

Website: Golden Boutique Hotels

The photo was taken on Golden Boutique Hotel Melawai facebook group.

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4 comments to '' Goldmine (in Golden Boutique Hotel, Pecenongan) "

  1. Has anyone gone to the Block M location and used the Spa there?

  2. The King of JakartaDecember 9, 2011 at 1:06 AM

    I just went to the Golden Boutique Hotel at Block M for a massage, the spa is called Urban spa. The room was clean and had a shower and sink in it. The massage was good. It cost Rp 245,000 but it did not include HJ at end. She wanted Rp 600,000 extra for that! Ha! I laughed and told her that I can go to Top Gun, pick up a looker and get it on with her all night and most of the next day for that kind of money. I probably won't give it another try, shame cause it was a good massage!

  3. Yeah I was there last Aug and tried their in room massage service. Can't recall the total damage but plus massage in and hj cost me about RP500,000 i think

  4. anyone lately at golden boutique hotel spa @ blok M? any reviews?