Dark, dirty place, with Techno Kota, plenty of drugs and lots of prostitutes. Open non-stop during the weekend. The staff and the other customers are generally friendly and happy to dance with foreigners.

I give the rating 1/10 but if you are adventurous, you should visit it at least once.
Exotis Club Jakarta
Jl Mangga Besar Raya Ruko Mangga Besar Permai 10
Jakarta 10730
Phone : 021-6245406

"A part of the waiters job is to propose to you ‘girls to fuck’". SZ

A vibrant description of this place was given by our fellow reporter PL in our nightlife blog, Crazy Nights In Jakarta.

14 comments to '' Exotis Diskotik Jakarta/ Dugem (Mangga Besar Raya) "

  1. This is your typical Dangdut-Noir which is packed like sardines, and will cater for your central nervous system and bodily fluids.

    Despite a projected sale of over 100 pills per night, which comes to a profit of over $60,000 USD per month, they can't seem to afford air-conditioning, a fire escape, or even ice water, and you'll also have to pay tips to the employees, since their salary is around $70 USD per month, i.e. enough to eat rice, palm oil, watch TV and smoke kretek.

    The customers are actually having fun, quite a lot of it, and don't carry fake Gucci purses, pretend to like the latest hits, nor charm you with fake hospitality, they'll simply wear t-shirts and smile for real.

    Jakarta is quite plastic and fake, Eksotis isn't, however, there really are better places in Kota, unless you are attracted to off-radar-seediness like you're in a unique sect, or if you think you're a mathematician and can enjoy 10 hookers here at once in a room instead of 1 at Alexis.

    Despite the seemingly dangerous image of Kota and places like these, Indonesians are a typically non-violence people, and you only live your life once, so stop sipping drinks for $25 in your hotel establishment to pedicure your insecure social identity! As a final note if you can't enjoy life without cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and hookers then you have a hell of a boring existence!!

  2. I think you are too harsh with your rating... I go to Exotis sometimes and the people are super friendly... it is an authentic underground nightclub and you should give it one more try...

  3. Hello, is the nightclub still operating?

    1. Sure its operating.. got a makeover too. At least on the outside, look quite nice actually.

  4. I was able to visit this place recently (Dec 2016) and a small report below.

    We arrived around 8am on a Saturday morning as we were still looking to continue clubbing and with the closing of Milles and Stadium, the after party options in Kota are now somewhat limited unless you want to take a private karaoke room.

    First appearance the club has had a new front facade renovation and it would appear the name has been changed to "Exotic" as that is now on the front of the building and I also noticed Exotic Club/Discotik is used by Indonesian's when checking in on Google, Facebook, Four Square, Path etc..

    Entry was relaxed with some security guards sitting around at the main entrance who did a quick pat down of our bodies to check for weapons. No admission fee was asked but it was 8am maybe you have to pay if you arrive during the night. Turn left and up two flights of stairs and you come to the main club on your left and Karaoke rooms to your right. We headed straight for the mainroom. On entry was the familiar sound of Dugem/Dangdut Techno blaring out a full volume across the near pitch black club. Once inside we discovered the aircon could not keep up and the club was very hot. As our eyes grew accustomed to the darkness we could make out the aggressive dancing style of the local clubbers with violent jerking head movements. The room was not too large maybe the same size as the small front room in Milles used to be. A mixed but definitely lower class Indonesian crowd were enjoying themselves but if you are an Expat the music is probably not agreeable with your ears. Ordering from the bar we were presented with two warm bottles of beer with accompanying glasses full with ice to cool the liquid.

    Once we had settled in to drink our beers some friendly Indonesian guys approached us to say hello and also warn us to be careful of the local ladies many I assume of which are working girls. They also offered to assist in procuring ecstasy pills inside the club (just ask the security or waiters) The pills were of various quality with a cheaper pill costing 300,000 and more expensive 450,000. I can't report on there effect as it was quite late and we were already very high.

    Although the crowd was friendly and welcoming of expats we only stayed about 1.5 hour and left shortly before the closing time of 10am. When leaving there was some dodgy looking taxi mafia at the gate ready to charge inflated prices to be avoided. The road is quite busy so we simply crossed over and walked about 100m and caught a passing reputable Bluebird Taxi.

    On Friday night the club was open till 10am Saturday morning but I was told on Saturday night they open non-stop until Monday morning.

    Positives - Friendly Patrons, Very Late Opening, Ecstasy easily available

    Negatives - Loud Aggressive Dugum/Dangdut Techno Music not for expat ears, Very Hot inside, Warm Beer, Lower Class Crowd, Many Prostitutes, Taxi mafia upon leaving

    I would rate Exotic Club slightly higher then this site at 2/10 it is interesting to see once for shock value but I probably would not return.

    1. Thanks a lot for your updated report... The original review is quite old (2009 officially but it was written in 2007). The current place is much better than before as there is more light, less organized prostitution and the music volume is lower... I visited last November again, looking for an alternative to Mille's as well... It could be great it if the music was more westernized instead of funky house music... If the place does not get closed by Ahok, I'm sure it can become much more than what it is now.

  5. Hi Thibaud,

    Thanks for your reply. I never got to visit the older Exotis but will take your word the new one is a big improvement! As you say with a little bit of work - For me, better aircon, cold beer, Progressive House music it could be a good option.

    There is definitely a opportunity for someone in North Jakarta to step up with a better quality after hours club experience now that Stadium and Milles are closed. Although I wouldn't be surprised if many of the clubs might be waiting to see the results of the 2017 Gubernatorial Election and whether Ahok is returned. Based on his intolerance of Jakarta's seedier nightlife I'm sure some of those clubs may be actively backing his opponents as well.

    The same weekend I visited Exotic Club I also managed to stop by the Underground Room at Colosseum on Saturday night with the "Enter the Void" night which was opened especially for the DWP after party and closed at 1030am Sunday Morning. I think that room although quite small would have good potential to be opened more often not necessarily just for the Void events which are great but more techno/tech-house musically. Colosseum would be a good location as I've always found it to be very safe and it's now getting a great reputation in Jakarta for bringing the biggest and best international deejays to their main room which you will see outside one of the festival size events they hold JI Expo or Ancol.

    Here's hoping something new opens on one of existing venue starts doing something more appealing musically then the current selection.

    1. But the difference is in Colloseum, there seems to be a lot of underage kids with fake ids and fuckboy attitudes

  6. Any updates on the latest for this place, if I went on Sunday morning, is there still a crowd and does it go on all day? Is it safe?

    1. It only goes until around 11 PM... it's relatively safe but you never know... biggest danger would be a raid from the police... crime-wise, no worries.

      And yes it's still crowded.

  7. Anyone been here recently?

  8. Just been closed down...

  9. Update about EXOTIS: It is currently closed but it will reopen in a few months in the same spot as Old Town (near Taman Fatahillah).