Dyna Pub (Near Ibis Tamarin, Jalan Wahid Hasiym)

By The Jakarta Team
A must-try!! The nightlife in Jakarta is not only about glamour places or girlie bars. Dyna's Pub is a very, very kitschy but so authentic, near Jalan Jaksa. The deco is made of postcards from old Batavia, posters of naked women, wayang puppets, plastic flowers... The owner (which we're still trying to decide whether she's a girl or boy) will welcome you will a big smile and popcorns. It's a strange but great addition to Jakarta's nightlife. For music: Ask whatever you like.
Dyna Pub Jakarta
Jl. Wahid Hasyim no 116

We made a post about it on our french blog (click here) about our favourite night spots for party in Jakarta.

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6 comments to '' Dyna Pub (Near Ibis Tamarin, Jalan Wahid Hasiym) "

  1. This is a nice pub but unfortunatley the owner and his/her son will always find a way of trying to screw money out of you whether it's by miscalculating your bar bill or charging you for popcorn and peanuts that you never asked for. I no longer go in because of these tricks, there's plenty of other (and cheaper) places to go for a drink in this area.

  2. Great Pub, great customer service ,cheap and very family oriented :)Love it ! ~RK

  3. A classic old school pub. Prices fair and safe enviromental. i've been going there for years. A must try.

  4. One of the best places in Jakarta according to me, out of all Jakarta standards. A place to try !

    The owner is very nice, so why to make fun on her in the review ?


  5. yep got stiched up with pop-corn and nuts as well.... i didnt touch them but got charged, simple refusal sorted that out.

    beer expensive, by jaksa standards
    music selection good, i had my choice, so that was nice