Update November 2017: It seems that Diamond has been closed by the city administration.

Karaoke, bar and massage parlour (?) with topless dancers (they were topless when I went there in 2008, but now apprently, the city administration has put a tighter control on Kota's nightlife and has forbbiden nude dancing). Bordello maybe also. The elevator to go there is scary, with the wires all over the place and a pole right in the middle. It seems quite popular though, mainly with Chinese and Indonesians, and though it's not as luxurious as Sun City or Hotel Alexis, it is clean.

It looks like they are trying to make a website, but there's not much more than a template for now: http://sevenova.net/works/diamond-karaoke-jakarta/
Diamond Karaoke
Jl Blustru 29
Jakarta 11180
Phone number: +62-21 625 3488
Email: Diamond.karaoke@yahoo.co.id

17 comments to '' Diamond's Karaoke and Bar (Glodok) - CLOSED "

  1. I was there in October and the dancers went nude like in Malioboro, but of course, the Malioboro dancers are better-looking.
    I went there again in December and they have introduced cover charge of 40,000 rupiahs for entrance, except on Sundays. They still have nude dancers on Sundays though. Worth a visit.

    kuala lumpur

  2. Cover charge? I was there for two nights last weekend, Friday and Saturday (5 and 6 March, 2010) and there was no cover charge.
    I agree that Malioboro has lovely nude dancers, but i feel that the 20 nude dancers in Diamond are no less sexy and lovely.

    One plus point - the dancers do not come and hassle you for drinks, unlike in Malioboro.


  3. I've been there 2 times, it was nice with beautiful dancers.

  4. beautiful girls nuked, a bit dirty but it was nice to have 2 drinks here before to go to stadium.

  5. Oh no! Just as i was starting lo love this place and personally befriend the dancers, it has now temporarily suspend nude dancing.
    So I went to other striptease clubs and was shocked that they all have suspended nude dancing for a while because of police harassment.
    It seems that things should go back to 'normal' soon when the authorities cool down.


  6. I heard about this police clampdown too. Only for a week it seems.

    I was there and other clubs in May 2010, and yes, the bras and panties have come off again...

    Mas Merah

  7. hahaha dirty men looking fo ho's

    1. What are you doing here, little boy? Does your mama know you are visiting this site?

  8. Yes there is nude dancing in this place. Karaoke is reasonable, they have a packet (1.7mil thereabouts) which includes the room - and 3 ladies - the charge for the room can be used to offset drinks or food. Local ladies, local patrons mainly.

    Unfortunately I had a big argument with a lady there - booked her for the entire night but she still insists on going to another room. Management is useless.

  9. nice place, secure with the security all over the places and every floor of the parking area, not expensive foods and drinks, and the ladies have pride. The dancers are so brutal and hot, and they dont hassel you like in malioboro. Ive change my hangout place from malioboro to diamond. The services here are so nice and polite.

  10. no cover charge if you just come in to the club without staring the security. If they ask you to pay, say that you from the "AGATE ROOM".... then they let u pass with free ad no charges.
    I thought the drinks here are good enough.
    I will always go here. Not expensive like malioboro.

  11. Been here once a total ripoff if I might say, the girls would try to seduce you into the bed, once you realized it would be 3-4 vouchers charged to ur bill..

  12. best place after the renovation of club and some rooms. the best stuff here u can get !!!! i'll be always come again !!!

  13. Ikutt donk
    Josssssssss gandosssss
    By afi ungu and ricky ngablo
    =)) °ωkωkωkωkωkωkωk°,, :p

  14. How is the place now? Anyone been there recently??

  15. Diamond has been closed since mid-September after a police raid caught a senior member of the Golkar political party consuming Methamphetamine with his friends in a private room. It was the second raid this year where they found drugs on the premises after a simliar raid in April. The new Governor - Anies is reported in the newspapers as saying it will not reopen.