Delta Spa is probably the most famous men spa in Jakarta and also the best. It is not a sex spa though: You will always get a plus-plus, but nothing more... Another similar chain of men spas in Jakarta is My Place.

The masseuses in Delta Spa are usually experienced and skillful, much more than in many other more expensive massage parlours. Yet, the prices have almost doubled in the past five years, and it is no longer a cheap venue. It will cost you around 600,000rp for a 3 hour massage + the possibility to use the facilities for the whole day (jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool, fitness equipment). Perfect way to end up a week-end of clubbing on sundays.

Opening Hours:
Depending on the branches, but usually everyday from 11am to 11pm. Call them first to make sure.
List of Delta Spa branches in Jakarta:

Delta Spa Harmoni
Harmoni Plaza, Bl B 12 - 12 A unit 36 - 38
Jl. Suryopranoto No. 2, Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 6358-3777
Fax: +62-21 6386-6079

Delta Spa Gunung Sahari
Komp. Marinatama (INKOPAL) Blok F 21 - 23

Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 2, North Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 640 4255
Fax: +62-21 641 4795

Delta Spa Kelapa Gading 1
Kokan Permata Kelapa Gading 

Jl. Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya, Blok D30-34, North Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 451 7738 
Fax: +62-21 451 7822

Delta Spa Kelapa Gading 2
Komplek Bukit Gading Indah,
Blok L 2-3-5

Jl. Raya Gading Kirana, North Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 451 5982 -83 
Fax: +62-21 451 4195

Delta Spa Gatot Subroto
Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto

Kuningan Timur
, South Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 5289 2345
Fax: +62-21 5289 2354

Delta Spa Dharmawangsa/Kebayoran Baru
Grand Wijaya Center,
 Blok F.17-18, 79-81

Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 7279 7183 
Fax: +62-21 7279 7184

Delta Spa Pondok Indah
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
 (Arteri Pondok Indah) No.72 

Kebayoran Lama,
 South Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 729 0333 
Fax: +62-21 723 8708

Delta Spa Pangeran
Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta 45-49, Blok C19-21,

Komp. Kota Indah
, West Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 628 5965 
Fax: +62-21 628 5964

Galaxi Spa (same owner than Delta Spa) Fatmawati/Blok M
Komplek Golden Plaza (D'Best) Blok H3-8.
Jl. RS. Fatmawati, South Jakarta

Phone: +62-21 7591 4687 - 89 
Fax: +62-21 7591 4686

Delta Spa Kebon Jeruk
Komplek Prisma Kedoya Plaza Blok A9 – 11 

Jl. Raya Perjuangan Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 5363545 
Fax: +62-21 5324303

Delta Spa Taman Palem
Komplek Mutiara Taman Palem Blok C1

West Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 543 55999
Fax: +62-21 5435 6000

For some general information, you can send them an email:
Website: Puri Group Jakarta 
Delta Spa Website with all branches in Indonesia:
    There also seems to be a Delta massage for gay people, well at least with a special gay area, the "cemara room". It's a report from someone else on this website (Utopia Asia) so I don't know more about it and I'm not really sure we're talking about the same delta brand...

    The address is: Jln Delima 5 (50m from Pasar Kopro), Tanjung Duren, +62-21 98292627.

    There is a plan to open a branch in Bali. Check my review here: Delta Bali.

    Last but not least, a Delta Spa Bandung opened in Paskal Hypersquare, about one hundred meters from another massage parlour, the Venetian Spa. You'll also find them in Makassar, Balikpapan, Bekasi, Surabaya, Medan, Pekan Baru).

    242 comments to '' Delta Spa (Different branches in Jakarta) "

    1. My favourite is the Delta in Kuningan. Its very complete. Good clean place to unwind. There's a huge screen room for you to catch movies etc. Try going for the VIP rooms and do the lulur, the messauer will scrub for hanky panky though but if you are regular with the same messauer, you can let your fingers do the walking....

    2. Very useful informations on this site, but unfortunately very outdated when regards to the price, I wish the articles would bear a date of posting on something. Went today to Delta in Kuningan, everything well and good, but the cheapest price for a 2 hr massage and happy ending was 515k rupiah, so... far from the 350k for three hours posted here. Either that or I got ripped :)

    3. I went there today (Aug.5, 2010), I was charged

      2 sessions 1.5hr 295K
      Rm Charge 110K
      Coke 47K
      Service 5%
      Total: 454K

      It was pretty crowded so had to wait 30 mins for the massage. The girl was average, the massage was average, happy ending included in the price, but the job was underwhelming. Facilities are good, and staff were nice though.

    4. October 2010
      The place will give you one price downstaris. Once you are half naked in the spa they will change the price. Nice ambience and nice girls and good service. Unfortunately this place is exactly what I call an 'Expat Ripoff Place'. I will stay clear from there.

    5. the price are different depend on location. Kuningan and Pondok Indah are expensive i thought. try other branch to get cheaper price then. but with nice facilities also. girl is nice if you nice to her and didnt insult her.

    6. I wanted to know: Is the Delta Spa Bandung less expensive than the Delta Spas in Jakarta?

    7. Sorry anonymous, i don't have information about the delta spa in Bandung.. I can tell you about my experience of the massage in Delta Spa Kuningan.. I advise you to take the 3 hours stone massage, which is exceptional in quality.. after the girl will be done massaging your body, she will make you stand on your knee, and rest on your elbows. Then, from behind you, she will provide you a great special massage of your most intimate part.. After ten minutes, she turns you over and plays with it 10 more minutes, using hot stones.. I had never seen that before and it is an awesome experience..

    8. Also, you can ask for a massage with two girls for a discounted price.. not lesbian but still very exciting to get a happy ending from two dedicated masseuses

    9. delta spa is the best in Jakarta, 515K for 3 session including happy ending. Girls are beautiful, and handjob is good. There are many branch in Jakarta. I think almost same.

    10. Agreed. Delta Spa is my favourite. Yes, it is expensive, but worth it. I go there every Saturday and it's like a ritual to me..hahaha.

    11. visited delta kuningan (8 Jan 2011), couldn't speak Indonesian. front counter says full massage about 400k (minimum 2 session for full massage). After using the spa facilities, got upstairs and was greeted by one of the most beautiful girl I've seen(sadly she's only there to arrange for the massage). was asked if I wanted standard or VIP suite and if I would like to go for the 3 sessions full massage which includes traditinal, shiatsu and hot stones (didn't know there's 2 sessions instead). Since the communication part was a little tough so agreed but with standard room instead. I did asked again for the cost before agreeing. Paid 530k in total. Girl average looking, great massage, happy ending was absolutely enjoyable. spa crew were very friendly too. would definitely go back again for a relaxing end of trip. only disadvantage is that you won't be able to pick your girl unless you know the number.

    12. Is the service available for women too?

    13. Unfortunately, Delta spa is only for woman..

    14. Which Delta is near to Kemang?

    15. @Anonymous "Unfortunately, Delta spa is only for woman..": I phoned Delta Spa yesterday, I was told that it only receive male customers.

    16. The delta spa in Gatot subroto is the closest from Kemang..

    17. Which branch is nearest to Pacific Place?

    18. The one in Gatot Subroto as well.. You have Fortune spa nearby which is very similar to Delta Spa.. It is near Le Meridien Hotel

    19. Well... I have just come back from the Delta in Gatot Subroto...and I must say that its an Amazing experience... I paid 530 Rupiahs for 3 hours and every penny worth it...

    20. I have been to Jakarta last month,JAN 2011, visited Delta spa in Kuningan with 7 friends on friday night. It was crowded and fully boked, so they booked for us Delta spa in Grand Wijaya komplex. This place is smaller than the one in Kuningan, around 20 min taxi drive from it.
      Prices are the same. They will show you the munu rice list with several items. Health massage is for 230.000, plusplus is 105.000 on top of it, hot stones another 80.000 extra, all together with one Bintang Beer 461.000,- on the official bill.I gave 100.000 tip to the masage lady, so 561.000 plus 30.000 taxi ride.
      It is quiet and clean place, you will get a locker for clothing and shoes, then you get towel and slippers and bathrobe. You can take the shower or sauna, but it was too late so after the shower we proceeded to the massage area.
      Important note: They show you the menu price list downstairs and later, while ordering the beer they will show you just piece of paper with increased prices. I recommend to take a good note what they were offering downstairs. I just told to the booking lady upstairs, please bring me the menu from downstairs and again we confirmed the prices and services we wanted for the regular printed prices. Plus Plus means happy ending or hand job. If you do not order plusplus you have to negotiate with the masseuse in her room which may not be convenient. The booking ladies upstairs are very beatiful, with black working uniform, but they do not the massage. They just take orders, bring drinks and take you to massage area.
      We ordered normal room, which is separated from other rooms with the thin wall with no ceiling. You may hear what is going on sides, which is fun while with friends, however you are required to be silent. Toilets are in the gangway, and as we occupied with my friends almost the whole floor, it was not inconvenient. Privat room or VIP is for surcharge with porivet toilet. Basicaly you do not need it.
      The masseuse are very good looking , in a kind of uniform with very very short skirt or short trousers, showing their legs which is very sexy in the dark room. However, When I asked the masseuse to unbutton the upper part of the uniform and show the beauty, she asked a tip of 500.000 which seemed to hight to see what just a push up gear covers. The hand job has been done very nice way at the very end of the massage, after doing front legs, belly, breast and face muscles, so she did not try to end up earlier than the regular massage was completly finished.
      The massage was professional, stones very hot (I ordered medium hot and is was still very hot). All has taken 1,5 hour according to the bill I was given at the end. Billing is quite fair, you pay after the session according to the computer printout with your name, room number, type of massage, number of masseuse and almost with the holding time till your final blow.
      Overall experience was good, total cost cca 600.000 which is not very cheap.
      I can recommend this spa to unwind after long flight and have some fun.

    21. nice to hear all of your experience. I'm thinking that most of you guys are foreigners. Delta spa known as not the really best spa in jakarta but as you guys experienced they are very good in any kind of services. you all were right the price is not cheap. its expensive though. some people says " good stuff comes with great price hahaha "

      i as a matter of fact already hanging in some lower budget spa and middle budget spa such as deltas. for lower budget spa, you will take around rp.150K for executive room. that is include the messaeur, room with jacuzzy for 90 mins that is 2 sessions each 45 mins. and for some places the messaeur can do you mandi kucing as in english you could say cat bath. they will lick you by tongue from top to bottom. isn't that sounds great. and if you do want to go further you only have to paid the girl 300K to do all what you want. so totally should be around rp.450k. but yes' as the price is cheap the place is small, they only have small swimming pool with hot and cool tub , small saunas,etc. but the girls are awesome.

      ok goodbye folks. have your enjoyment. take care.

      1. Hi where is this lower budget spa. Anyone near Senayan? By taxi Thanks

    22. i'm just wondering, what is the difference between 2 session and 3 session?

      is it safe to go to this kind of massage place? i heard sometimes police come and check to this kind of places?
      i need the info because i'm coming to jkt soon

      thanks guys

    23. @ anonymous

      2 sessions is 2 hours I think and 3 sessions 3 hours..

      Delta Spa is 100% safe to visit, don't worry about police raids here, this is not a brothel but a massage parlours with extra..

    24. ohh thats great :)
      thanks for the information.

      by the way will the masseur give you extra service than just a massage?

      or its not common in delta spa.

      thanks again

    25. Why do you ask twice about everything? Isn't it obvious what kind of extra service you get in Delta Spa? You have ten comments + a review to explain about the massage there... Just go, check the place for yourself, and contribute to this blog by making new interesting comments.

    26. Been to Deltas Bandung once and Kuningan Jakarta once. I took the mud therapy session in both centers. I paid around 758k in Kuningan, and a bit cheaper in Bandung. Sorry, couldn't remember the price. Overall experience - awesome!! Definitely will repeat in my next visit to Indo : )

    27. 2 sessions 1.5hr 305K
      Rm Charge 115K
      Drink 30K
      Service 5%
      Total: 451.5K

      The girl was good, i guess I was lucky.

    28. "i as a matter of fact already hanging in some lower budget spa and middle budget spa such as deltas. for lower budget spa, you will take around rp.150K for executive room. that is include the messaeur, room with jacuzzy for 90 mins that is 2 sessions each 45 mins. and for some places the messaeur can do you mandi kucing as in english you could say cat bath. they will lick you by tongue from top to bottom. isn't that sounds great. and if you do want to go further you only have to paid the girl 300K to do all what you want. so totally should be around rp.450k. but yes' as the price is cheap the place is small, they only have small swimming pool with hot and cool tub , small saunas,etc. but the girls are awesome. "
      Where is this place?

    29. I went to this place recently (March 2011)..and it was great!! but prepare at least Rp. 600,000.-..

    30. here is the best for a ball and penis massage!not for sex. For the one at guningan,a little bit more than 500k,3session, hot stone, amazing.
      Delta perfer to make you happy by their hand job skill besides body massage, they have very good standard for this. but nothing more than that,not for your fucking there. so massage room semi-open, girl not so hot, although good skill. however, way better than fucking sometime,really amazing and enjoyale.

    31. Delta's is, without a doubt, the best value for money establishment. It is very classy and I have been many times to find the service friendly and always professional. I have no issue paying the extra few rupiah and always have a good laugh with the girls. By the way, they have now opened a Delta's in Balikpapan, at Balcony City, Pasar Baru Square, Balikpapan. They had their grand opening in October last year. It is just as professional and classy as Jakarta and the prices are exactly the same. This is up to date as of the 26th, April 2011. I was there only last Sunday.

    32. In addition to Delta, where what is providing a service like this as well ..

    33. Hey All,

      How much should one "tip" at a place like the delta?

    34. I heard there's one Delta Spa in Bekasi.

      But i'm not sure where is it. Anyone knows?

      I'm staying at Hotel Horison.

    35. Just went to Delta Gatot Subroto today, around 8pm, not too crowded, fair bit of people there. Checked out the price at the front desk, then went up for massage, didnt bother with the pools. The girl was okay in looks and quite handy with her hands. Her massage was firm and good for relieving a sore back. Overall had 3 session of traditional massage with happy ending. The girl did not ask for extra but gave her some tips as she is probably earning minimum wage and kept under the thumb of the management. Final damage:
      Massage 2 session (1.5 hr) - 305k
      Extend 1 session (~1 hr) - 115k
      Aroma oil - 30k
      Tax - 1.5k
      Total = 451.5k

      Good - will go again when there's a chance

    36. anyone had experience in crystal health massage in sunter? i heard there are lots of preety girl...

    37. OMG!
      is that true u all r just spent about 400k???
      just for share,,
      i hve tried delta spa in MEDAN,,
      i paid for more 700k an hour,
      then usually i take for 3 hours, paid about 1,200,
      that's really expensive not like u all said just take about 400k. SUCKs!

      do u know whre is the best spa in medan and bandung with greatgirl,profesional,plusplus(handjob), and
      cheap(i mean about 400k)??

      thnks bfore

    38. Delta is where you can get good massage,
      the place is clean and well designed that it gives you the mood to relax
      a bit pricey but worth it
      I spent >400k for a 3 session, means massage all with happy endings
      the 2 session is back massage only
      I once got my favorite masseuse and go for a 4 session, with addition of lulur and scrub, and at the end you relax in a bathtub while she bath you like a king, it was >700k. I enjoyed every minutes of the session

    39. hi, will be staying at Harris Hotel Tebet Jakarta, where is the nearest Delta from there? Thanks

    40. Good try.... Just done with package so called special room with 492k....
      -Package lulur - 270k ( 2 sessions)
      -Ext lulur - 105k ( 1 session )
      -Aroma massage oil - 30k
      -Mineral water - 30k
      -Hot stone - 80k
      -Tip - 100k
      Total: 622k

    41. You guys are being ripped off. The prices you paid are mostly "expat" price. I hate these prices. I come to Jakarta on and off for 20 years and got ripped off more times that I care to count.

      Luckily for me, I found this place in Tebet (I usually stay in South Jakarta) that provide reasonable priced massage (no fancy dandy stuff) and nice young girls. Happy ending is negotiated with the masseurs but most will do it. I got a SPA session for 180K only. 2 hours with body scrubs, massage (including sensual and vitality massage - massage near the vital area)

      Was very happy with the girls. However, if you are going, call this lady, Lolly at 087820040080 first to arrange for a pretty girl. Mention specifically you want a pretty lady and she will accommodate. The place is a bit hard to find though. You can find the address in their website

      Good luck and happy massaging.

    42. delta is very nice place... and hoping to come back soon

    43. How about during Ramadan ??
      Is the Delta SPA working normally ?

    44. Delta is closed during ramadhan.

    45. During the full month of ramadhan?

    46. Hi, what is the nearest Delta massage place to Somerset Grand Citra Jakarta apartment hotel located in Jalan Prof Dr Satrio Kav 1


    47. Nearest Delta from Somerset is the one on Jalan Gatot Subroto... Beware though, it is closed for ramadhan..

    48. I've been there once. I was offered to take VIP room, but unfortunately I did not take, is there anyone experience the difference between the VIP and standard one as I heard the therapist will bring you to the shower and "clean" you up there.

    49. i wanna ask?
      where is the best place, grand spa or delta spa?
      thank you for answer..

    50. i wanna ask?
      where is the best places?
      grand spa or delta spa..
      thank you for information..

    51. Hi, which is nearest delta if I stay in Jakarta Kota? What time do they close?

    52. You can find the nearest delta from your place by reading this post: Finding Your Spa in Jakarta

    53. I visited Delta Spa in Bandung a few days ago. The cost is about 485 to 560K IDR. I got the 3 sessions massages : shiatsu combined with backwalking as the basis of the massage, plus hot stone/mud bath (lulur).I prefer the hotstone myself, as mudbath gets messy.

      With hot stone massage, my masseuse (girl, vs masseur = male) gives a long, slow very sensuous ++, Happy Ending. She basically had me faced down, then she sits behind me and lifted both my legs and positioned them on top of her legs. She then 'reached under' and give me really good ball massage. After a few wonderful minutes, she asked me to flip and again she puts my legs on top of hers and give a very long happy ending. Slow, erotic and built up the pleasure. It's probably one of the best HE I had ever experienced. Sometimes, good HE can be better than intercourse, IMHO.

      I came back the next day, and had another great experience. I skipped the pool, the spa area, the TV etc.

    54. Delta is the best, what you get is what you pay, good luck :)

    55. Can any 1 recommend which sexy and pretty girl that provide excelent +++ ? Her working number please. (in harmoni)

    56. I stay in Pullman Central Park Jakarta is there friend tell me which Delta is near by my hotel ? Thanks.

    57. Delta Spa Kebon Jeruk is the nearest from from Central Park/Taman Anggrek I think

    58. Hi, first time in jakarta, which is nearest delta if I stay in Pejaten Barat Raya? Please advice this 1st timer... Thanks

    59. Does any body have any comments on the Borobudur hotel in-room massage services? I will be there soon and am looking for some "assisted relaxation"

    60. Have you guys come to havana, the girl's are great and the price is awsome, it's near to delta kebon jeruk, well I think it's their competitors, I want to try delta tomorrow, any advice how much do I have to bring?

    61. I am a frequent visiter to Jakarta and never ever miss the Delta.The last visit wes in october and I was lucky to have the service of a beautyful girl. i took the three Hr service with the happy ending it was awsome.She oblidged me with my hand doing the walking and later helped me to mount her all for additional 150 K

    62. Will this still open during the new year?!!

    63. To Anonymus asking about Hotel Borobudur,
      You will get very nice massage, but not ++

    64. Do they offer ball massage / vitality massage here?

    65. hi.. i will b in jkt next week and will stay @ shangri la. can you let me know what' nearest delta branch from my hotel??

    66. Hi there !!! Im gonna be travelling to jakarta in about 2 weeks, that means around january 9th 2012, Im not sure yet but Im looking to stay at Intercontinental Hotel Mid plaza. So, is there any spa that you strongly recommend me that is nearby the hotel were Im staying at??

    67. Hi all,
      I'm indonesian, I live in bekasi, it's so funny reading all of your post talking about spa and interesting, I don't know much about spa, never been to one but I'll find out more for you guys and be back soon with the details

    68. Anonymous Indonesian from Benkasi, yes, please help us newbies with more details. Especially on the south side and in Benkasi!

    69. There are lots of place like this around Jakarta.. but Delta is definitely one of the best. The service is good, the girls are good, and they really know how to massage and not only do ++ things like in other place.

    70. is there any male masseurs in delta?

    71. A good first time experience for anyone who really need good body massage. Try Delta, fully recommended.

    72. I will be staying at New Sany Rossa Hotel somewhere around Rumah Mode. Can anyone tell me the nearest Delta Spa that I can visit.

    73. just went to delta@gatot subroto around 5pm. told the receptionist lady that i want to go straight to the massage. she gave me a bracelet that acts as an electronic key for the locker. after changing to the provided shorts and robe, i went to the 2nd floor where u'll meet some ladies in black uniform. told her that i want the 3 sessions massage(45mins each) in a standard room. the girl that i got was standard looking, not ugly, a bit chubby though, but has a really nice pampering attitude. the massage was ok and she gave a nice HJ at the end. went back downstairs for the showers, and made the payment to the receptionist lady.
      2 sessions massage package : Rp 305000
      1 session extension massage : Rp 115000
      1 mineral water : Rp 17000
      aroma theraphy : Rp 30000
      hot stone : Rp 80000
      tax : Rp 6350
      total bill amount : Rp 553350
      i gave Rp 100000 for the tip to the masseuse. total damage Rp 653350
      overall it was a nice first time experience for me, will consider to go back there in future.

    74. Planning to stay at the Crowne Plaza in the Golden Triangle. Any suggestions on closest Delta or any other spots?

    75. Went over to Delta Spa Gatot Subroto yesterday afternoon around 1230pm.

      The place was still empty when I entered as they are only open at noon. Changed to shorts and bathrobe with the locker room boy mistaking me from a mainland Chinese for my fair skin -_-"

      Headed straight to 2nd floor for massage and greeted by the massage booking lady in super short skirt. Decided to do 3 sessions with hot stone in the VIP suite. Ordered pocari sweat and at this time the massage booking lady started chatting me up while holding my inner thigh and shifted her chair closer. I obliged in chatting and held her inner thigh and squeezed it a bit just as she told me the room is ready and asked if I still wanted to chat. I chose to go for the massage immediately.

      Name: N*n*
      Age: 24
      Boob: A+

      The massage was great, especially the hot stone massage. The hot stone massage on the little brother was a superb experience. After about 2 hrs 15 mins she proceeded to lift both my legs on her thigh as i was lying facing down and started to massage my balls and shaft. That lasted for 15 minutes after which she asked me to turn over and started giving me a hj. At this point in time she was sitting in between my spread legs. After 15 minutes she was surprised that I have yet to unload.

      She rested her hand for 1 minute before sitting beside my waist and placed my palm inside her uniform while starting to stroke me again. I tried to hold my ejaculation while roaming her body. I tried to rub my fingers on her shorts beneath her short skirt, which she objected by removing my hand and instead started unbuttoning her top and unhooked her bra. I started teasing her nipple and licked it until it was hard as hell.

      After another 15 minutes I unloaded and she complained that it was so hard to make me cum. I left refreshed and satisfied.

      Total damage: Rp 741,000 + 100,000 tip

    76. Hi everyone . I am heading to Jakarta in the 3rd week of Feb.,2012 and will be staying at Hotel Ciputra . Could anyone guide me if there is a place in Hotel Ciputra or Ciputra Mall for a real good massage . Have been to FM3 , DELTA , MALIOBORO etc., earlier . Or could anyone guide me with some H.P.Nos., for girls for +++ service in the hotel .

    77. Anyone been to Kelapa Gading branch of Delta? Any girls to recommend for massage plus? Will be there on business trip next week

    78. Been there today, the massage was very good, the girl was OK, nothing impressive, and the plusplus was done just because it needed to be done. For massage is a great place and that is all I wanted, but if you want more, go to other places.
      Total bill 630,000 IDR, 530,000 IDR for full body massage + hot stones and 100,000 IDR tip.

    79. May I know which Delta Spa is the nearest to Hotel Mulia Senayan? Thank you.

    80. Massage 8/10, better than any other spa.
      Love the hot stone and ball massage. Good experience

    81. Well, I once visited Delta at Wijaya.. the massage was very good I've try the 3 session too, but that's all.. I don't get any hj or whatsoever..
      are the best Delta is the one at Mega Kuningan's??
      and could anyone describe the details of 'Happy Ending'? I'd like to know more... :D

      Thank you

    82. Hi, I will visiting Jakarta next week and staying at Ambahra Iskandarsyah. Is there any good massage spa near by.

    83. any idea the pretty girl with excellent massage in delta bekasi?

    84. Went to Galaxy Spa. The inside is a bit oldfashioned but ok. Great service. Only the girls at the checkout when paying were damn stupid and it took forever. They also tried to overcharge me with food which I never had. Who goes to the Spa to eat ???
      2 session - 230.000
      1 extension - 105.000 (free hj)
      Coke - 18.000
      Good massage and nice girl but her English was very limited.

    85. hi, which one is closest to central park?
      thank you.

    86. Hi.
      I must share this, being a regular to Jakarta i visited Delta. After a change down stairs i went up to the second floor a had a chat with the girl at the loby, beautyful sexey. with a little English she wae able to communicate i was able to have a bit of fun untill my turn No23 was free. She let me touch as much as i like while she stroked me through the robe in my chest.
      The 3hr massage i usualy go through and being a regular no 23 was awasome.She exactly knows what i like best and let me freely handle her through out the session.She is cute and we always have a very happy ending before the time and spend together feeling and touching her untill we both cume.Tip 200K.

    87. Just arrived from Delta Spa Gatot Subroto.
      Great experience, paid 530k for 2.5hours massage inc. hot stones and nice HJ to finish (in normal room). Great looking masseuse!

      Sad to say that she and I were not capable to communicate properly.
      So i'll go back there with 3 or 4 sentenses translated in indonesian and for sure i'll get more than a HJ.

      Target is to get her out for a dinner.

      The "real" massage was fantastic!

    88. So far.... this is the best place for massage with happy ending. The therapist all of them know how to do the real massage with real technique not just "massage"
      If you take the suite room it will cost you about 550 K rupiah for 3 session it's about 2.5 hrs , you got very nice and big room with bathtub, tv .
      They can do many kind of massage if you ask and if you want it too but for me I dont like shiatsu so I just go with the normal traditional massage...but believe me the technique that they are using is amazing, it's difficult to get that kind of technique else get the same happy ending ...yes you can find it almost all over the place in jakarta but with the great technique... I dont think so . O... and it come with complimentary sauna, steam and fitness center with hot and cold swimming pool. It's 5 starts hotel facility .

    89. i'm just wondering what is the different between 'plus-plus' and 'happy ending'??
      can anyone help me with this question?

      thanks in advance!

    90. Dear Sir; I need a favour; there is some one know where they moved the spa staff work in Mulia hotel before? They work in Mulia until december 2010. I looking for them.

      Thank you in advance.

    91. I will be visiting Jakarta next week. Please tell me which Delta spa is nearest to Hotel Mercure Kota at Jl. Hayam Wuruk ?

    92. nearest hayam wuruk is delta gunungsari and delta jayakarta. see here:

    93. Thanks for the info. Is the services of the massage girls as good as Delta in Kuningan ?

    94. Pls tell me as to which Delta Spa is near Hotel Borobudur. Does Hotel Borobudur offer in room massage

    95. hi,mass,which Delta spa branch is the nearest from the Sultan Hotel? I am looking forward to have a wonderful try.
      Yes, i did have a special massage in the Sultan Hotel, but it charged me more than 700K Rp. for only 1 hour. I think it's very expensive.

    96. Any recommend of a happy ending spa nearby Pullman Hotel @ Central Park?

    97. AMO Reflexioly @ tanjung duren is must try.
      Cheap n Clean. Cost only 65k for 1.5 hours.

    98. I went to delta gadot subroto. Paid a total of 530,000. I believe a 100,000 tip is included in the final bill? I wasn't pressured into giving a tip in the room and I am not sure how you are suppose to carry your wallet into the room. Girl was chubby but nice and pampering. The disappointing thing was the noise, people talking and laughing can be heard in the standard room. May try VIP room next time.

    99. hi is there any delta spa near hyatt jakarta ?

    100. Any more information on a telephone number, and operating hours of AMO Reflexioly @ tanjung duren

    101. Arriving in Jakarta on Saturday evening, won't be at my hotel until about 10 PM, and am leaving town on Sunday. What time does Delta accept customers until on Saturday night. I have emailed Delta, but no response. I will be staying at the Pullman Central Park. What options do I have fro Plus Plus massage near there and late.

    102. you can try redeo spa at Gading Serpong. right infront of the SMS Mall. Pretty good place for +++ massage.

    103. I'm a bit confused by the term 'session'. if you take 3 sessions do you get 3 HJs, or is it just a total of time with one HJ. Can you cum more than once if you take 3 sessions?

    104. Which delta spa or any spa is near kristal hotel and taxi easy to take from spa. Also good maybe with fj

    105. for you that stay in west jakarta (central park, citraland, other nearby hotel or apartment), you can visit delta kebon jeruk.

    106. It seems there aren't too many reviews for the South of Jakarta. I live out here so I thought I would do some research and report back.

      Jakarta Surfer

    107. There doesn't seem to be much info on the South side. I live over here so I thought I might do some research and report back. My first goal is to check out the various Delta Spas in the area. I'll let you know how it goes.

    108. Ok I made it to the Galaxi Fatmawati Spa aka Delta Spa on the South Side this afternoon but before I talk about them I wanted to share some other recent experiences with other options on the south side so as to give a better comparison.

      I like the idea of out call (girl comes to your hotel suite).
      Pros: Girl comes to you, saves you having to go out, find a taxi, walk down seedy streets and have intimate encounters in questionable beds.

      Cons: Girl comes to you and if you don’t like her there’s always the awkwardness of sending her back and often the cancellation fee is ridiculous. You’ve just had a prostitute in your bed so you may wanna change those sheets before drifting off.

      Xmasseuse has a website and offers outcalls. Rates $800K average girl and $1.2M better girl. I swapped a few e-mails asking for rates and availability. Their e-mail response was fairly quick. The rates are all inclusive for 2hrs and includes 1 hour of massage and 1 hour of full on sex, taxi etc. No tip necessary. I decided to have them send over a $800K girl.
      I asked for skinny and good looking they sent fat and borderline ugly i figured thats what i get for the $800 rate but maybe she will make up for her poor looks with great preformace. I was very wrong.

      She had a quick shower then crawled into bed naked and started grabbing for my penis. I had to slow her down and ask her to start with a massage. She agreed and gave me a 1 out of 10 massage and was done in about 15 minutes. Then onto sex she started with BJ but got tired and winded after 2 minutes. Then rolled over and spread her legs and wanted me to F@k her with no condom. So I asked for condom and she dug one out of her bag. Sex was maybe 2 out of 10. As soon as I was done she was packing up her stuff and heading out the door but stopped to ask for taxi money. I told her no as that was included in the price. Besides I saw her pull up on the back of a motor cycle which was waiting for her in the parking lot.

      I recommend staying away from this outfit. They will send you whatever girl they have available regardless of what you ask for and she’ll be all about the rush to finish you off and get out the door.

    109. The above was about 1 week ago.

      Last night I decided that the previous week’s outcall thing didn’t work out too well so I decided to go to a “spa.”

      I went to Block C area near the Lotte Mart. This is located about 5 minute taxi ride from the Kristal Hotel. There are several seedy spas in the area there that offer the FJ etc. The Galaxi / Delta Spa is there too.

      I tried out the Ayu Kenyans: Rate was 150,000 for 45 minutes plus tips. It was run down. The bed sheets may not have been changed. I had a slim but older lady. The massage was good but not great maybe 5 out of 10. Towards the end she asked if I wanted special service (my mistake I should have negotiated before she started). She wanted HJ $400K, BJ 600K FJ 800K so basically she wanted more than I paid for the outcall the week before. We settled on FJ. After a few minutes she rolled over spread her legs and wanted me to F@K her with no condom. I asked for a condom and she told me she had forgot it! I got a bit freaked and said no sex. She finished me off with a lowsy HJ. She wanted full $800k payment and I said no way and scolded her for not having condoms handy. I ended up settling on $500K. So all in $650,000 for a so so massage and lowsy HJ.

      A complete rip off and wouldn’t recommend going back.

    110. Ok so after last night’s disappointment I decided to go to a Delta Spa and see if there is indeed any real difference. I went to back Block C area near the Lotte Mart. This is located about 5 minute taxi ride from the Kristal Hotel.

      Before going to the Galaxi / Delta spa I checked out a few other places. First Malware, the rates were $235K for 75 minutes in VIP. Plus tips. I asked to see the rooms, they looked somewhat clean but still basic mattress on the floor. I asked to see some of the girls or at least pictures but they wouldn’t. You get what they give you. I passed

      I then went to Sari Mustika 2. They list a lot of massage options on the door but the rooms were just basic with a mattress on the floor and a curtain door. No VIP rooms. So I’m not sure how they provide anything but a basic massage. Traditional massage rate was $165K for 90 mins. I passed.

    111. Ok now for the Galaxi Fatmawati / Delta Spa.

      The Galaxi is by far the best out of all the massage outfits in the Lotte Mart area. Great massages, full facilities and warm girls.

      The first thing I noticed was that a boy greeted me and started showing me around. I would have thought they would have tried to find a girl. He took me to the gym and sauna area. They looked clean and tidy.

      He then took me up stairs to the lounge where a lady approached me with a pen and pad in hand asking me to sit down, she was very eager to take my order. I told her to slow down and that I wanted to see the rooms etc.

      She showed me the Standard, VIP (had a bathtub and shower) and the super suite which didn’t seem to have much more than the VIP room except maybe a better tub and a couch to sit on ( not sure when you would use the couch).

      All the rooms were nice, very clean, with proper equipment for all the services. Sheets were definitely clean.

      The hostess gave me rates for 3 sessions = 2 hours which included a few extras (Regular massage, Hot stone, aroma (bath): 475K Standard Room, 545K VIP and 595K for the suite.

      I decided to take the VIP room package.
      I was then taken to my locker, I changed into swim trunks and decided to use the whirlpool, sauna and steam room before going for my massage. At 3 in the afternoon on a Sunday I had the whole facility to myself.

      As I climbed into the Whirlpool it dawned on me that all the attendants were men. I was kind of hoping for female attendants.
      The whirlpool was warm but not hot. It never actually turned on / bubbled or anything.

      They had a couple of tvs on but one was showing more static than picture.

      I then went to the sauna, the outside gauge was reading 99c and damn it was hot in there. So hot you couldn’t even walk on the floor bare foot and I had to put a towel down on the bench so as to not burn my bottom. After a few minutes I transitioned to the steam room and spent some time in there.

      I then went upstairs to wait in the lounge. The couches were a bit worn with some noticeable scratches in them. There was a movie on the big screen. There were no girls flirting around the tables and it was me and two other clients in a huge empty room.

      I had asked for a skinny / slim girl. The girl I got, Lennie was a bit more on the pudgy side but she was very well groomed. Soft skin, silky hair and spoke a couple words of English but not enough and there was a few awkward moments when we just couldn’t communicate what we wanted.

      She gave a great massage (Shiatsu)! , followed by a bit of traditional massage, then Hot stone, then a nice HJ (she really new what she was doing, very silky touch and knew to not to touch the very sensitive tip after ejaculation but kept stroking a bit lower.

      But wait there’s more: Then a body scrub. Then she ran bath and washed me down and gave me a bit of a scalp massage then finally a shower to wash me thoroughly clean. I’d call it an 8 out of 10 overall losing minor points as she was a bit heavy on Shiatsu back walk and the scalp massage wasn’t that great in the tub as my neck was getting stiff while I was leaning back.

      When I was done, I felt like a champ! Very relaxed, very fresh! 100 times better than I had felt from my previous 2 experiences with other seedy outfits. No tip was asked for but I gave her 100K anyways.

      Total was $650K
      Break down was:
      2 sessions 310K
      1 Session extension 125K
      Hot stone 80K
      Aroma Lavender (They wash you down in the bath) 30K
      HJ included
      Tax 1500
      Tip 100K

      I’m not sure if the body scrub was part of the lavender thing or if I got a freebee.

      I definitely got 2 hours worth as well.

      Over all I was happy and would recommend the Galaxi over any other spa in that area. However, the lack of women attendants for the gym / sauna area as well as the lounge and the obvious decay of some areas in the Spa make me think that I should check out some of the other Delta Spa facilities to see if they can do a bit better.

    112. Just went to Delta Spa Kuningan. Lots of people there on a Wed night, mostly Arabs, some locals, one or two westerners. I went for the "suite" (top room) which supposed to have the advantage of bath included. I went for combo of all massages. It was not cheap 720,000!

      Got a cute little girl, very little English but great attitude and really good at the massage. A clear 8 of 10! The bath afterwards was a bit awkward, not very sensual at all - a 3 of 10. I expected more, maybe even a girl getting in the shower with you.

      All in all, a good but expensive visit. Easy and cozy. Don't go for suite package - the massage is the same in the lower "VIP" rate.

    113. been there 2 weeks ago, quite dissappointed for that there are only provide massage & HJ massage,
      no sex at all.

    114. I found the over all experience including HJ that I got from my Delta / Galaxi girl was better than any full sex I've had at other places.

      The girls were clean and well groomed and the rooms were super clean. I'd rather have this than a rough looking girl who has had unprotected sex with 20 guys in the last week.

      It has been said many times before in this thread. Delta Spa is not the place to go for sex. HJ only. A really good HJ btw.

    115. Are any of these open during Ramadan? What dates are they closed and when do they reopen?

    116. Hi guys,

      Are there an good massage places neat the Milleniun Sirih hotel that are open this month?

    117. delta spa bitch girl

    118. Hi!

      Is theree any delta spa open today? Went to Gatot Subroto and it's closed... Thanks

    119. Hi,

      I am staying at Hotel Taman Tasuna, Opposit to Epiwalk. Is there any nice place where i can get a nice massage++ at good rate?

    120. Hi I think I will probably have to stay at the Sheraton Bandar {near the airport} but I would love to revisit a Delta Spa after visiting the Medan spa a couple of times. Which delta would be the closest in a taxi and how long would it take me to get there? thanks for any help

    121. HI,
      Is Delta massage open during ramadan ?

    122. Almost all delta close during ramadan
      the only one that open is Delta Palem/cengkareng

      For Delta closest to the Sheraton Bandara is Delta Palem/Cengkareng
      Another spa that is close to bandara is FM7, I think they do offer full service in FM7

    123. Confirmed. Went to check out Galaxi last night and its closed without stating when it will reopen. I think most will open only after 21 Aug.

    124. After ramadhan, on how delta began to open? Anyone know?

    125. With Ramadan it's been a bit of a dry spell. I did find a spa that was open in the Blok M area. Bali Heritage it's located on the south side of blok M square, across the street.

      The rates were very reasonable. 75,000 for 90 minute reflexology foot massage. And $150,000 for 90 minute Javanese, or Balinese or Singosari full body massage. Also they have some unusual massage options such as bee honey massage which sounds like they cover you in bee honey (400,000+) and a “tickle massage” 400,000+.

      The establishment was clean and upscale but no sauna, pool, gym, restaurant, bar etc.

      I went on two separate occasions. Fist time for a reflexology foot massage and second time for a full body Javanese massage.

      The reflexology foot massage was very good. The chairs were comfortable, the environment was quiet and they served ginger tea which is very tasty. Well worth the 75000. My masseuse was a guy and I was going to say no and ask for a girl but then then decided to just go with the flow. He was very good at his job but I would have enjoyed it more if a girl of equal skill was available. The area is open and you can see other people sitting in their chairs getting foot massage so no chance for a HJ even if the girl was available.

      I came back the next day for a full body Javanese massage and made a point of asking for a girl. This time I was taken to a different floor, the third I think. The atmosphere here wasn't as good as on the first floor where the foot massages were done.

      The full body was barely worth the 150,000 that I paid. The girl's skills were ok but the table was terribly uncomfortable. The main issue was the head rest hole was cut too big and my head just wouldn't rest comfortably in it. Second there were only curtains separating each table. Third the girls that weren't working were standing around talking and giggling with each other and it really took away from the experience (much different than the day before on the first floor where it was quiet and relaxing). Fourth, no shower was offered before the massage started; I had been walking around blok M for hours before coming for the massage and all I could think about was she was massaging all that sweat and grime right into my body. After the massage she did offer me a shower so they are available I just wish I knew the option was available before I started the massage.

      I didn't get a HJ in fact they gave me a pair of disposable shorts to wear and signs everywhere said no sex. I wasn't happy about the shorts but wore them anyways. She didn’t offer and I didn’t ask and with the curtains being so thin I didn’t feel comfortable even hinting at the option. If the massage experience was better I might have been tempted to go back and see if regulars got special treatment but unless someone has any other feedback I'm going to have to say pass on the full body massage.

      However, if you’ve been walking all through Blok M for hours on a shopping spree and want a quiet, relaxing top of the line reflexology foot massage check out the Bali Heritage.

      There is a 4th floor which I didn’t get to see if anyone knows anything about what goes on up there do post. Maybe that “tickle massage” is code for something. . .

    126. When is Delta reopening after ramadan?

    127. I went to Delta Spa Harmoni (Central Jakarta) today and I was thoroughly pleased with my experience. (Check my hints at the end of this post.)

      When I entered the building, I was welcomed by a female receptionist. I told her that I wanted a massage and she showed me a menu with the different options. I chose a Junior room (with bathtub). The basic price for 90 minutes (“2 sessions”) was 310,000 Rp. The receptionist suggested to go for the extension (“3 sessions”, so altogether 135 minutes) which was 125,000 Rp. extra, so I agreed to that. I got a bracelet with a number that also served as a locker key.

      In the locker, bermuda shorts and flip-flops were provided. Everything looked quite clean, though not meticulously maintained – the latest renovation would appear to have been a couple of years ago. Towels and “kimonos” (more like happi coats, actually) were provided by the entrance to the showers. I had a shower and took the stairs to the next floor, where I was asked to sit down in a lounge.

      A middle-aged lady in a black suit sat down with me and asked me again which option I wanted. She suggested a hot stone massage which I refused. She also asked me whether I would like an aromatic oil to be used for the massage for an extra 30,000 Rp. – I chose clove oil – and whether I wanted a medium or a strong massage. I opted for the strong massage. She wrote my order up on a chit and asked me to initial it. She then told me to wait about ten minutes which I spent watching TV on the big screen in the lounge. The lady came back and led me to the next floor up by my elbow – maybe for safety, because it was quite dark. I was a bit disconcerted by her touch, though, and started wondering whether she was going to give me the massage.

      At the next floor, though, she handed me over to the “therapist”, a rather pretty and innocent looking girl (school girl type) who might have been in her early twenties at most, though an Asian woman’s age is difficult to guess. The “therapist” reconfirmed that I wanted to stay for three sessions and made a call on the wall phone, probably to inform the receptionist/cashier. (I am guessing from previous posts that the phone would probably ring at the end of the allotted time.) I took off my clothes and lay face-down on the mattress. As she was starting the massage, we made a little chit-chat in Indonesian.

      At the beginning, she covered my whole body with a towel and massaged me with her feet while holding on to a ceiling rail like the one that can be seen in the photos above. I would never have guessed from her petite body that she would be able to massage me with such strength. After that, she proceeded to expertly massage every part of my body. Towards the end of the massage – I was still lying face down – she sat between my legs, sitting on her heels, and asked me to put my thighs on hers. She then briefly massaged my dick and balls, which felt great. Then she asked me to turn over and started to massage my dick more thoroughly.

      While doing this, she started a conversation about her tip. I agreed to tip her, and she gave me a nice hand job. Next time, I will probably give the tip at the beginning of the session to avoid this awkward moment in the middle of things.


    128. (continuation of previous post)

      After the massage was over, she wanted to know whether I would like to bathe with warm or cold water and started to run a bath in the bath tub.

      I got in the bath tub and she washed me like a baby, which made for a nice conclusion of the session. She asked me when I would come to Delta again, and I told her that I might come again in a week. As I asked her about it, she said that she works there every day and I could ask for her by her number “04”. She said that she had taken an eight-month massage course. After she had dried me off with a towel, I put on the shorts and kimono again and went downstairs to change into my own clothes.

      I handed back my key bracelet to the receptionist and paid. I got a receipt and accurate change.

      Total cost:
      • Junior room: 310,000 Rp.
      • Extension: 125,000 Rp.
      • Clove oil: 30,000 Rp.
      • Service charge: 1,500 Rp.
      • Tip for the "therapist": 100,000 Rp.
      • Tip for the locker room attendant: 5,000 Rp.
      = all together: 571,500 Rp. (about 50 US$)

      For Jakarta, this is probably on the expensive side, but to me it was good value for a pleasurable two and a half hours.

      – Don’t forget to take some cash for the therapist’s tip with you when going upstairs. You may want to hand her the money right at the beginning.
      – A tip for the locker room attendant is probably not necessary, but it is a normal thing to do in Indonesia.
      – You may want to bring your own flip-flops, especially if you have large feet.

      I will definitely go again and will probably ask for the same girl. I wonder if she might agree to do the massage in her underwear for a larger tip at the beginning of the session. I will see and post about this next time.

    129. Interesting. That's the first time I've heard of a delta girl asking for a tip. It's always been my impression that the happy ending was included in the delta fees. i.e. for $600,000 you're paying for more than a massage. I can get a good massage in my hotel for a bit less than $100,000 so for $350,000-$600,000 their fees for happy ending are already calculated.

      I usually tip but it is just that an extra amount over and above becuase I like the service. And I agree getting you hard and worked up and then asking for a tip is dirty pool. If they expect a tip it should be asked for before the massage starts otherwise it just ruins the mood.

      I will not be going to Delta
      Spa Harmoni if thats how the girls their operate. That's the sort of thing you expect from a sleazy outfit not from a supposedly glassy place like Delta.

      1. Thanks for your comments! I guess that a massage “therapist” might. E broke around this time of the year – first no work for a month, then the trip home to the Kampung for Idul Fitri… I think I might try another place next time, maybe Galaxi.

    130. I went the Delta Grand Wijaya last week and I was disappointed, I had a much better experience at the Galaxy down the road.

      I got there later in the evening. Male attendants in the locker rooms and pool area. Why can’t there be a lovely lady bringing me my towel? At least in the pool area if not the locker room.

      The gym facilities were lame. Two elliptical machines a tread mill and some free weights.

      After sauna and shower I went upstairs and the girl met me.

      The waiting area was in better shape than the Galaxy down the road and the reception girl spoke better English.

      I got a similar package to my last visit minus the shower wash down at the end. So was supposed to be a combo massage of three techniques plus hot stone and aroma.

      I asked for a slim girl and got just that I very attractive and slim girl. But that’s where the good stuff ends.

      I was told to wait 10 minutes while the girl prepped the room. When I got into the room and settled in she called in to start the timer and then promptly excused herself to use the washroom. (I thought that’s what the 10 minutes before I arrived was supposed to be for.)

      After returning from the washroom she started off by giving me a 4/10 leg and back massage.

      Then the girl next door started playing some sort of weird loud music. I asked my girl if she could do something about the noise so she called the front desk. The music level went down a bit and then back up again. She then went out of the room and knocked on the neighbor’s door and asked her to turn it down.

      That seemed to fix that problem. Good on her for knocking on the door but two interruptions like that was killing the mood.

      The rest of the massage was very lacking, some sort of weird arm / hand massage that seemed to cramp neck up more than it helped. When I mentioned my stiff neck all she did was give me a pillow which just made it worse. No real attempt to massage the area with any sort of skill.

      I paid for combo of three techniques plus hot stone. What I got was for the first 30 minutes a lame regular massage and the rest was hot stone. Seriously she used hot stone for the rest of the session including the HJ at the end.

      But that isn’t the worst of it. The worst is that the air conditioning was way too cold. I mean it was freezing. When I was done my teeth were chattering uncontrollably I felt hypothermic and this was with a heavy towel covering most of my body for the whole massage. I told her four or five times I was cold but all she said was that it was central air conditioning, implying that she couldn’t adjust the heat for our specific room. I tried to tell her that I understood but if expat me was freezing then everyone else had to be cold too so turn up the air conditioning for the whole building! It didn’t phase her and by the end I just wanted out of there. I was so cold that I thought maybe it was me and not the air conditioning and that I might be getting sick or something but once I got out of the spa and onto the street I started to warm up and I’ve been feeling fine since so it was definitely the air conditioning. UNBELIVABLY COLD!

      The HJ was a bit lame too and I’m pretty sure she used a small stone. Despite it being smooth and covered in oil it still had a weird slightly abrasive feel. Definately not to my liking.

      I wish I had her number to post but I dropped the ball on getting that info.

      My first experience with Delta at the Galaxy was much better and only because of my first good experience will I go back to Delta. But definitely not Wijaya where the air conditioning is set to freak freezing!

    131. Does anyone know if the bill that you get has your girls number on it?
      i.e. Room V03/VI,F39

    132. Thanks Planning to go tomm(4/9/2012) at 4pm to Delta Galxy

    133. First of all thanks to this blog/ website....
      Went yesterday to Delta Spa (Harmoni) had an awesome time.
      Junior room was 515000 for 2.15 hrs + 100 000 tip
      HJ + Body wash mad me feel i was in heaven...

    134. Yest (4th sep) at 3.30pm

    135. The answer to my own question, "how to know your girls number." It is printed on every reciept.

      For example:
      Room V03/VI,F39

      F39 is the girls number.

    136. I went to Delta Spa Pondak Indah this weekend. I was very impressed with the overall experience and would recommend this Spa over all the others I’ve seen so far. However, the massage itself was not the best quality.

      This is the nicest of the three Delta Spas in the Jakarta Selatan area.

      Front Desk, first impression:
      All the girls at the front reception spoke reasonable English. A definite plus!

      They had a menu of prices available and were happy to show it. However a few notations:
      1) Ion Ozon & Facial prices were not listed. Ion Ozon is 100,000. Facials are 200,000
      2) Only half the menu was in English. The other half was Indonesian. They should have translated the whole menu for us bule expats.

      I asked to see the facilities first before deciding on whether to stay and they happily gave me a bracelet and sent me on my way.

      Change rooms: Clean and organized. There was even the option to leave your shoes to be shinned up while you were enjoying the facilities. Plus!

      Showers: Seemed tidy enough but out of three shower stalls that I tried only one had hot water.

      Saunas, Pools and Gym:

      Overall impression was good. A nice bar where they could make you any kind of specialty drink. 4 flat screen TVs, all of them working with clear pictures.

      Best gym setup that I’ve seen so far.

      Universal Gym, benches, free weights, two tread mills and two elliptical machines.

      Outdoor swimming pool and patio was a nice touch.

      Whirl pool was warm but not hot. The jets were not turned on.

      Steam Room was a good temp and had some sort of floral basket of fresh cut flowers, limes and other aroma enhancing foliage all this was set overtop the steam.

      Dry Sauna was nice and had optional water to throw on the rocks. There was also a TV in the sauna behind protected plexi glass but no sound could be heard.

      There was a fridge with a glass door in front of the sauna. In the fridge were cold face towels, a definite nice touch. Plus!

      Only notable down side of the pool area was that all 4 TVs were tuned to different TV shows. With the volume turned up on each it was very annoying. It would be nice if they were all tuned to the same channel or even better whatever movie is playing up stairs on the big screen. That way you can follow along down stairs or at least know when a new show was starting so you can go upstairs to watch.

    137. CONT
      Second floor was the lounge. Massage rooms were also on this floor.

      Again first impressions were very good. The furniture was in very good shape with plenty of seating options: Tables with very comfy sitting chairs, couches, and reflexology chairs as well which were available to just sit in even if you weren’t getting a massage.

      The big screen was of good quality and the sound seemed decent as well.

      I decided to order food and drinks: The menu was good and the prices were reasonable. The food was tasty and I have to recommend the Aneka Bakar (toasted bread with cheese, chocolate, strawberry jam, peanut, srikayan jam and banana) 35,000

      I wanted to try getting a facial, Ion Ozon and Reflexology on top of my regular massage. But I was told the person that does the facial and reflexology was not available. A definite disappointment but I did get the Ion Ozon treatment.

      ION Ozon: This is basically a superhot steamer. Your whole body is placed inside the device. Only your head is left outside. It was so hot that I almost broke down a couple of times and told the attendant to let me out! I thought I might pass out from the extreme heat or actually burn my body from the stream. But I toughed through it and when I came out I was as limp a wet noodle. I could have easily fallen asleep if I was given a bed to lay down in. I would strongly recommend that you work out the timing so that your regular massage room is ready as soon as you are done the Ion Ozon. I didn’t do this and I ended up waiting a fairly long time to get my regular massage in the meantime my body started to cool down.

      I also wanted to note that the lady that takes your order was the same one to gave me the Ion Ozon treatment, this combined with not being able to get reflexology or facial indicated to me that maybe they were very short staffed at the time.

      Ok the full on massage:
      I had a nice, slim girl who spoke almost no English. She was warm and friendly and tried to teach me a bit of bahasa which I give her credit for. Her foot massage was good, she did more than just walk on my back she used her toes to apply distinct pressure to different points etc. However the rest of the massage was so so. The HJ was awkward she started to get me excited while I was on my stomach and got me hard but then when she asked me to roll over she spent several minutes asking me if I want a HJ. By the time I figured out what she was asking I went soft. I think she was also trying to negotiate a tip which just isn’t cool. This should be a straight forward, point ask if I want penis massage, yes / no then get to it. after I told her yes she left the room for several minutes came back and got to work. The HJ itself wasn’t that great she used that silly hand cream and it wears off really fast. She seemed to lack any other sort of HJ skills and over all it wasn’t great. Then after making me cum she disappeared again for several minutes to wash her hands. She came back and finished off with a head massage that wasn’t all that great either. I made a point of starting my watch timer and she called it quits 10 minutes early which wasn’t cool either.
      I did give her a tip but it was mostly for her friendly manner and had little to do with her skills.

      Again the walking on my back was good but the rest really needs improvement.

      When I was done I paid my bill and asked for the door man to flag me a taxi. This is the first spa that I’ve been to that actually got me a taxi. I sat in the reception area in a comfy chair and waited for the cab.

      Over all I gave the experience an 7 out of 10. It would have been much hirer but they lost a single point for not having staff available to provide all services i.e. facial and reflexology and they lost 2 full points for a so so massage.

      I’m going back and I’m hoping to find a different massage therapist who will do a better job. With the right girl this place cold be a 9 or even 10 out of 10.

    138. Went To Delta at Kuningan city today for the first time. Was there in one hour back . Arrived there at 9 pm checked the menu changed to bathrobe and shorts and then went to upstairs.At updstairs i was give not shown the menu and was asked to go for 2 hour session if I want full body massage . which will cost me 540K . Guys they are here to ripp your pockets off. But a long wait I was laid into a small standard room. A girl in small uniform . She was good in massage. gave me a hot stone massage. This is not a brothel. But I got handjob . It was the best i have got .May be the most innovative handjob. Will recommend every one if you cann afford. Total Damage 540K for massage and room charges + 100K tips

    139. Hi, I am in Jakarta and would like to know that which is the best one if I compare - Pondok Indah branch of Delta with
      second branch- Delta Spa Dharmawangsa/Kebayoran Baru
      Grand Wijaya Center,
 Blok F.17-18, 79-81
      Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
      Phone: +62-21 7279 7183
      Fax: +62-21 7279 7184

      1)Is there any price difference between the delta branches??
      2) What abt the girls - where would be the best class with best service :), I prefer Big B and slim body.
      Service - Means entire entertainment (Topless, HJ or FJ) Please suggest which one to visit and what would be the price-- My budget is 500,000 max---would it be enough?
      3) What is the best time to visit- I think weekdays are much better as less number of guests - so better options available??? TIME - 2 to 4 PM ..??

      Other tips - If u wanna add- Most welcome!!
      I appreciate your comments!!

    140. Continue........
      Also, If any other better option is there in the Pondok Indah area on in the near by area then please suggest...I am open to other places as well with better services!!!!

    141. In the Pondok Indah area the best Delta is Phondak Inda Delta. However no FJ available only HJ. For FJ you may want to try the Fortune Spa on fatmawati near Delta Wijaya.

    142. Thanks a lot for your input!!

    143. Hello

      Can you tell me what is the best branch

    144. This is my first trip to Jakarta and looking forward to trying out Delta. I'll be staying very near the Grand Hyatt. I'm having a little trouble figuring out which Delta is closest to me.

      Would it be the one in Harmoni?

      Since this is my first time to Jakarta, I'm assuming the therapist would not consider removing her top. Sorry if that sounds a little forward but from reading the informative posts, I assume she would not.

      WOuld anyone have a recommendation for anything in Bogor?

      Thanks so much

    145. Has anybody successfully gotten a masseuse for an outcall? Or just for dinner?

    146. Hi guys...Interesting to read all the comment. Some time luck plays important rolls i guest.

      Went to Delta spa today at Kelapa Gading. First when to the reception and greet with a friendly smile. Next to the locker room to change to short and proceed to take hot pool and sauna, not bad with clean environment. Then i was lead to the first floor and sit at the lounge with big screen TV playing western movie. Soon i was approached by a pretty lady in black (uniform i guess) and explain about the service that they offered. Because i am from M'sia i just took the full service that they offer and want to experience to the fullest . Anyway i mentioned
      that i want small beautiful lady and soft massage.

      Next she hold my arm and escort me to the 2nd floor and was lead to a room with a beautiful and slim girl waiting. WoWwww, that a good start for me i guess.. then she ask me strip my pant naked and lye face down with a hole just enough for my face..i joke with her that how nice if they provide movie screen rather than looking at plain floor tiles which she laugh...hihihi. Then she start to put a towel on my back and start to step on me..OMG luckily i choose a small slim girl or else i will be a pancake. After that she start to massage me with oil (baby oil i guess) and can feel that she's good at what she is doing. After an hour she start to used hot stone to rub all aver my body, which i feel i have just been BBQ..hahah. then proceed with more massage on my stomach and a bit here and there on my dick..i am a bit dissapointed at first i though is that all...oh boy was i so wrong.

      Next she put I am not sure what but candle i think to my ears which she says in good for relaxing..Then she ask me to put both my thigh in between her leg and start to my DICK...wowww that it, i think this is the showdown..hahaha. She gently massage with oil which i try to control but since she look sweet i start to concentrate on her. She notice it and ask me why i look at her like that which i answer is a waste not to look at her while HJ me. i ask her gently can i touch her leg and she says yes sheeply... i start to caress her leg and it make me more horny and i finish it with ween 15 min..

      Then again with some spicy deep in a bath tub and she end up showering and scrubing me like a baby.. At the end i tip her with 100k and worth every cent and i enjoy it.

      Total damage for 2hrs 650k including coffee and coke.+++100k tips.. I think it worth and cheap compare to my country which charge you RM 150 with a worse blow job and a stupid massage..

      Surely will return again on friday before i leave home...Thank Jakarta for having such a nice place to relax..Highly recommended.

    147. What was the girl no.?

    148. IS there any plance in jakarta where they provide prostata massage by women for men?

    149. how about delta cengkareng? anyone can tell me?

    150. Can anybody tell me what are the benefits of becoming a member? The receptionist couldn't explain it to me in english.

    151. I just happened to snap a photo of the massage menu the last time I was there it has the membership details on it. They say:

      Member Gold 4.999.999/year (valid all outlet)
      Member Silver 2.999.999/year (valid only in the register)
      -Disc 25% for treatment, food and beverage and free of charge if using the facilities only.
      -Disc 10% for Member Partners.

      Now I typed that out exactly as it appears on the menu. So you can see it's a bit confusing. But I did ask a few questions at the time and this is my understanding.

      Gold is for all the Delta Spas
      Silver is for one Spa only so pick wisely.
      25% discount for you for everything. And the facilities are free of charge (normally a Rp. 150,000 charge per visit).
      10% discount for any of your friends that you bring along

      Like any membership you have to go often before it pays off.

      If you normally spend Rp 650,000 a visit 25% of that is Rp 162,500 plus the facilities are free so another rp 150,000 well so about Rp. 300,000 per visit if you don't eat much and don't drink.

      So you would have to go to the same spa at least once a month to break even on the silver membership. and almost twice a month to any of the delta spas to break even on the gold membership.

      I like to go but I'm not sure I like the idea of being tied to one spa or even a chain for that matter. And not at that price.

      I think they would be better off to lower the price of membership and keep the free facilities. If the price was more reasonable I would get the membership for the free facilities and go more often just to have lunch or a sauna and you know 9 times out of 10 the customer will stick around for a massage even when he didn't plan on it. So they make more money that way.

    152. Oh I'm going to Papua next week. Any suggestions for a good place to go for a Delta Spa like experience in or around Jayapura?

    153. Thanks for the info Jakarta Surfer. Very helpful.

    154. Went to Havana spa and lounge. Its a brothel. Went for a massage, got for an hour and a half. The massage was bad, then she went straight to the pricing. 300 for hj, 400 for bbbj, 500 for fj. Girl was not very attractive, so I declined. If you looking for a good massage, stick with Delta.

    155. Which delta spa is that? Kelapa gading?

    156. Went to Darmawangsa spa last weekend. The massage was quite good. The happy ending? Amazing. The girl really knew how to do it. The Best HJ that I've ever experienced. But the girl spoke no English, but she was very nice. Will go there again anytime soon!

      1. How much was the cost for the darmawangsa spa?

    157. Nearest Delta Spa branch to Novotel Mangga dua?

    158. can do a fj also at delta wijaya, most of the therapist are indramayu girls

    159. i stay in aston-internationaal pluim is there any delta spa in that area


    160. Hello zam.

      you got a address for me?


    161. Hi Andre,

      It is located very close to Lotte Mall in Kemang.

      Komplex Golden Plaza
      Jln. Fatimawati
      Blok H 3-8


    162. Hi, I am from outside Jakarta. Where is the nearest delta spa to Pantai Indah Kapuk, Pluit and ITC Mangga dua ?

    163. according to one therapist, if they break the rules and provide extra services (and get caught) their heads get shaved and they get fired. and they can't leave the building unless they have permission and that is only for 3 hours. If they wish to quit before their super long contract is done, it costs 40 million.
      but from experience, if you are handsome enough and provide conversation the therapists don't mind giving extra stimulus during the plus part.

    164. guys i'm planning to stay in gajah mada area, is there any nearest delta spa there?

    165. number for delta harmoni is not accurate. inactive number.

    166. Is Delta harmoni open during banjir?

    167. You can go here to find all the Deltas, click on map to see them all on the map:

    168. HJ, FJ, BJ, ML --- all service in one places??? hmmm...i wish...let me know - koes

    169. Does anyone have experience with the spas near Pondok Labu/ Cilandak?

    170. is there any delta nearby jw marriott? Can I walk there or get the Taxi?

    171. I have been to MyPlace all the while when I am in Jakarta,but after reading this webpage,decided to give Delta a try this round,and just share my opinion between MyPlace and Delta,both in Kelapa Gading.
      I went to Delta Kelapa Gading today,well,the result is not as what I expected.Hot stone massage is a new experience,but HJ is kinda lousy,the girl just do it for the sake of doing,I am not really enjoy it!!maybe I am unlucky,get the wrong girl,she just work in Delta for few months only,haha!The environment and the massuer dressing is kinda dissapointed,the whirlpool area is too small,the service boy just standing there and looking at you while you are dipping to hot water/cold water,not so enjoy,well,thats my comment,and to pay Rp 515,000 for this,I think is not worth.
      I rather go back to MyPlace,the one opposite Delta,environment better,bigger,massuer dress better (very tight shirt),HJ also better.

    172. OK what the heck. I arrived in Jakarta today, hyped about a great massage and happy ending. Been readinng about Delta Spa for a long time. Asked my hotel, Pullman City Center, which was closest from the list I had printed out. He said Kebon Jeruk was closest. Went there, and I had read here to confirm the price for plus plus before getting with a girl. The hostess told me they do not offer this service here. Only plain maasage. I aksed in plainer english since I thought she mis-understood, just a happy ending. She said positively no. So I left with nothing.

      Is this a bad location or did I do something wrong?

      I came back to the hotel and discretely was talking to one of the workers, he could only come up with full service for $1,000,000 or a plain massage.

      Confused and disappointed.

      Any thoughts?

    173. Heard there's a Delta Spa in Surabaya...does anyone have any feedback about it? Same as the one's in Jakarta?

    174. Tried the Delta Spa in Surabaya. (on HR Muhamad road).

      Went there with 2 of my clients and was somewhat pleased with the service. Took the hot stone massage and was very satisfied. Total damage was around Rp.500,000 but I gave Rp.200,000 tips to the girl.

    175. Went to Delta kelapa Gading today at 13.30, intend to try shiatshu msg at Sumo, but carpark in front Sumo very quite, so make 1 round and parked in front delta gading, not bad a few cars parked there... i went in and the reception asked me wheather i want to use the facility or msg? So i told her i need shiatsu msg. She gave me a magnetic braceled with no. And told me to go up to 2nd level for massage order. The 2nd storey reception offer me mud treatment and shiatsu msg in suite msg room with bathtub that cost rp. 620.000 ( 2hr and 15mins suite msg room include lavender oil for msg and mud for treatment), and asked me which masseur therapist i prefer.. medium or hard? So i choose med. After waiting at the bar lounge area abt 10mins, the reception girl told me that the room ready and bring me to 3rd storey... i saw my therapist and she greet me... she asked me to take off all my clothing and change to their mud therapy underwear... 15-20 mins mud session... after that go to bathtub naked , rinse the mud frm my body... then continue with massage.. the therapist medium build, longhair, average look and call herself Ayu around 23yrs old from west java... her look 7.5/10 not bad, she also very polite when i tried to make conversation with her during my session, her shiatsu massage with lavender oil is very good more then i what i expected when first saw her... after massaging my head, shoulder, hand, then come to the end massage my balls and dick ... feels good... when my dick getting hard, she ask me to turn around and politely asked me if she need to proceed to continue msg my dick with handjob... i said up to you, if you can do it, i would be happy... and she gently HJ me and she done it one more time , as she saw my dick not down yet.... its a pleasure for me... after finish, she ask me to wait her awhile to prepare the bathtub with spice and herb... after that she showered and shampooing me and rub my back as well.. after i dress myself, i give her Rp150.000 tips, she said thank you and ask me to comeback again next time.... I will when i feel tired and need to relax.

    176. RC From Kemurnian (Glodok) near to Delta where? How about the service & price?

    177. From Glodok, possibly Harmoni would be your closest bet.

    178. Couple days ago I went to Galaxi Spa at Jl. Fatmawati. This place is also part of the Delta Group...interior was old and they tried to rip me off...Sauna had no TV and a broken sand clock. Steambath was okay but not more than that. Staff friendly but useless since they speak no ashtrays so had to ash in some kind of wet tissue...some new green tea bath which was not very awesome but seems to be good for you...didn't feel it but the idea is nice...the massage was not near what I asked for...I asked for a small girl but got a chubby one, the fast that she's below 1.65 doesn't make her small since they all are...had no good skill and the shiatsu wasn't great either...during the two sessions they called in a couple times and the girl just extended while I was still waiting and waiting till she would say turn the end I kind of had to tell her what to do since she wasn't really sure I think...back at the cashier I let them correct the two extra sessions....big dissapointment....also the karaoke ++ that they have is FREAKING expensive and the quality of girls is far below other venues in Jakarta where the whole package would cost half the price...nope, pretty sure I won't go here again...pity cause it is close to the house...

    179. Delta v is great. Good hotstone massage 2:15h for about 580.000 including happy end at great swimming pool and sauna.

    180. forgot to say, that this is the best hotstone massage I have found worldwide (compare to vietnam, thailand, peru, etc.)

    181. This girl Ayu who does shiatsu massage, which Delta at Kelapa Gading 1 or 2?

    182. Hi, I am in Senayan (century park), and I'd like a massage, ++ or maybe even a body massage. Any hints/tips, without having to cross the whole city? (I am on a tight schedule)

    183. any expats wanna go to pondok indah delta? new to jakarta here

    184. The dudes who went to these spa plus2 brothel look kinda shady, desperate, sick minded, as if no one wanted them so they have to jerk off in these shady place... So dark!

    185. I have just visited Delta on my first trip to Indonesia. At first i was skeptical however once i made peace with the fact that i was there only for relief(massage and penis) and not sex i enjoyed it alot more. The girl I had was little chubby, but super fun. Guys take it from me(I am 6 foot, well built and a model)I have had 100's of HJ from girls, ones that i have not paid for and none were as good as this, The massage was excellent too. I would have preferred a skinnier girl buy hey, who are we to judge. Honestly give it a go and dont be so hard on everything, know what you are going there for and just enjoy the ride. Price was 535K for 2 hours. one for the bucket list. P.S the one i went to was close to Grand Melia(google it)

    186. which is the closest delta spa to Pullman city hotel.

    187. What are the current rates for delta spa?

    188. Hey folks,

      Are places like Delta spa is affected in terms of their business operation during the fasting month period ?

    189. Only delta pondok indah and cengkareng open. I'm not sure if gatot subroto still opens during fasting month.

    190. Delta Pondok Indah is closed during fasting like all other Deltas. I checked, the Karaoke is open, but spa is closed.

      They say the one at Taman Palem is open but I haven't checked. an anyone confirm?

    191. what date do they open back up? Ive been to Delta Darma 3 times - fantastic every time - 99 is awesome.

    192. dear all please find delta website at
      and for information please call our outlet phone, or email to


    194. any info good service girl in delta surabaya???

    195. I went to Delta (puri group) Gatot Subroto yesterday (Nov. 10), it's a good place, but it cost me about 810,000 rp for 2h SPA with HJ. Not the cheap price that mentioned in this page. Mike