Cazbar is a long-standing expat hangout in Mega Kuningan. If you are a newcomer in the city, above your thirties, you may want to try going there to meet other people. It isn't as busy as it used to be, but there are many regulars who come for the laidback atmosphere, the friendly waitresses, and the decent pub food. Also quite many Indonesians among the customers.

Upstairs of Cazbar, there is a area dedicated to watching sports, with mainly (each time I go there), English Premier League + Rugby. The bar also have free wifi and some imported newspaper titles.

Live band on Friday (Blues) and Saturday (Acoustic).

Cazbar Jakarta
Mega Kuningan St. Lot 8-9 No. A9
Kuningan Timur Village, Setiabudi

Phone number: +62-21 576 4582
Instagram: Cazbar

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  1. Cazbar maybe say as no AYAM'S but their hostesses itself eyeing on you.... guess the AYAM'S IS JUST RIGHT THERE ... Most of them are AYAM

    1. Couldn't agree more and the waitresses are so rude to women customers.. They didn't even say thanks or greet us.. Oh my god.. Maybe because they think that we are their competitor to get the bule.. Don't worry,, i was just having coffee before a business meeting.

  2. Married with Indo GirlDecember 23, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    The waitresses in Cazbar are usually from low to medium class background, and many of them are probably interested in finding a foreign men to marry him. There is nothing wrong with that, most of them are sweet and hard-working, not at all the prostitute type. You should respect them.

  3. MWIG is right I guess, sure you notice the attention but that doesn't mean they're hookers. But the food I wouldn't recommend :)

  4. Here is a breakdown of this place. Great food, shitty atmosphere.

    The girls are very friendly and very far from pro's.

    The biggest problem this place has is the two or three dutch/british drunks that sit around and drink and mess around with the stereo all night long. They crank the music up to abominable levels and nobody can enjoy themselves. The manager offers "free beers" but the pint glasses are smaller than a goddamn medcine bottle.

    These waitresses are so preoccupied with being drunk and messing around, that you always end up walking to the bar to order stuff yourself, then they look at you like they are doing you a favour.

    Seriously I am getting fed up with this place, and the drunks that hang out there. They are next to 2 five star hotels, 3 luxiury residences, smack dab next to a major mall. Yet the place is always empty. Go figure.

    Really management - you guys need to smarten up, clean up, and maybe people will come back.

  5. Some of the comment r true mostly aren't we are really working hard in here working everyday until late in the morning, but we will try our best to do our job here so if there is one or two times we didn't do it properly here we ask for ur understanding as a guest who ever come down here

  6. the girls are the best part. Love them!

  7. Cazbar has the friendliest staff and manager and also some of the most sociable regular patrons. i don't understand most of the comments above - the writers are wrong and disrespectful of the staff. The atmosphere is good whenever its not quiet. Probably my favourite sports bar in Jakarta. Hope nothing changes.

  8. Thank you for all of the nice comments above except for Anonymous of June 29, 2012 1:06 AM. I think the fact that this person posted the comment at 1am in the morning speaks for itself. Cazbar has a bevvy of beauties ready to serve your every whim and a manager that listens to customers needs and complaints and acts on them to constantly to improve Cazbar atmosphere and service. Friday nights feature a fantastic band called Universe and customers come back time and again to see them perform. Saturdays sees the return of the amazing Sulle and Epi whose following grows and grows each week. During the week we cater for the after work crowd that need to chill before going home and complaints are very seldom made, so Mr Anonymous it it possible that the only real problem is you, especially when you refer to the size of the beer glasses which are standard in all bars across town. Maybe you are confused between a pint glass and a half pint glass. Any way you can count on having a great time at Cazbar and if you do have an issue ask for me and I will do my best to make your time at Cazbar the best it can be.
    The General Manager

  9. Brainwash + Universe = Perfect Friday Night !!!

  10. Went to this bar last night. It was a good place with nice irish ambiance. But, maybe since i was a girl who came with my Asian friend, the girls didnt pay attention on me at friends. Just stood in front of the entrance and ready for the expat customers only.

  11. This place has definitely cleaned up their act. Live music Tue-Sat, new menu with creative and interesting options, servers greeted us (ladies) very warmly with a smile and took our drink order right away. The new managers were on site and also very hospitable by introducing themselves and asking us to let them know if they need anything. My friend got a free birthday drink and the live music volume was actively managed so we could enjoy our conversation. Will definitely be back to Cazbar in the near future.

  12. Went here a few nights recently, not impressed. This is the kind of so-called "neighborhood bar" you find throughout Southeast Asia run by beer-fueled expats with no regard for interesting cocktails (I've seen better at LEON, that's not a high bar) or non top-40 music (DJournal has more contemporary piped music ffs). Not a respectable microbrew in sight, liquor selection more limited than KL duty-free. On top of that, the manager's chest-beating about dalliances with waitstaff and drunk patrons he "escorts home" gets tedious, pretty much cementing this as a boyzone by and for bule chasers. This location does not lack options. Go literally anywhere else.

  13. pertama2 mau highlight dulu klo pizza disini enak bgt. dan klo mau minum ada yg namanya Brainwash, eit tp hati2, klo lo gak biasa minum, jgn sekali2 minum ini. karna 2 gelas aja bisa lo bikin tepar, eh tp ada deh tmn gw 1 gelas aja udah bikin dia meracau LoL. terakhir gw minum 5 gelas, dan itu cukup bikin gw gak ngerasain apa2 pas ditampol org.
    Band nya asik2 disini, tp sayang kurang didukung sama sound system yg apik. Jadi kaya dengerin acara pensi aja gitu pas nonton & denger live music disini.