Bugil's Bar & Expat Jakarta hangout (CLOSED) (Taman Ria Senayan)

By The Jakarta Team
Very popular expat bar. Cute waitresses that usually end up marrying a customer if I believe the weekly newsletter that the owner, Bartele, used to send. Live music and good atmosphere... It's a good place to meet new people if you're are new in Jakarta. Some working girls from Blok M, but not a girlie bar... Girls here are looking for a boyfriend first, not immediate cash.

It closed down a few months ago unfortunately because the whole Taman Ria Senayan complex is under construction (It caused the Embassy Club to close as well)..

So where can you go now to meet expats in Jakarta if you're new? I would recommend you go to places like Cazbar, Aphrodite in Taman Rasuna, BB's (if you work in NGOs), B.A.T.S. in Shangri-La Hotel (if you're above 40 and no family), Red Square (if you're below 40 and no family). In all these bars, the crowd is mostly expats, and rather laid-back.
Update September 2009: Bugils is set to reopen in a new location, apparently in the Pacific Place Mall near the Potato Head and Capoccacia...

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5 comments to '' Bugil's Bar & Expat Jakarta hangout (CLOSED) (Taman Ria Senayan) "

  1. I heard that the Bugil's is going to re-open. Have you heard about it? Lucie

  2. What is the connection between BBs and the NGOs? It's just a low class, laid back reggae bar, going there doesn't make you a humanist... a drunk at most

  3. What does humanism have to do with NGOs?

    Im just saying that in BBs, there are many expats who work in NGOs/Government agencies...

  4. please note BuGils will NOT re-open in Pacific Place, although a new bar with some BuGils style aspects will open very close to PP middle of next year

  5. i love the girls because they are bugils, pls re open many pervert are waiting for u guys