Asmoro Live Dangdut and Bar (Jl Blora) - CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team
The most famous dangdut bar in Jakarta and probably the best. Interesting if you want to experience something different in Jakarta. A bit dodgy and not so dangerous, just a few hundred meters from Plaza Indonesia. The clients are mostly middle-aged male Indonesians, but there are many girls too who are obviously working as lady companions. It is quite friendly, but people look at you a bit strangely since not many foreigners come here.

For those who don't know dangdut, you can check on YouTube some songs like Kucing Garong, SMS Bang, or Jablai. 

Contact details
Asmoro Café
Jl. Blora No. 17
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
Indonesia 10310

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5 comments to '' Asmoro Live Dangdut and Bar (Jl Blora) - CLOSED "

  1. As this blog said, it's a nice place for enjoying dangdut.

    Many of the tunes were clasical dangdut, no distorted guitar, keyboard automatic arranger accompanying nor typical western style drum beat. I can relax with them though the sound from PA was loud and distorted.

    I found a bonang set (but only three pcs) and traditional style gendang except another dangdut style one on the stage, and I requested sunda tunes. They played two songs including famous Sorban Palid in pop sunda style. They seemed not to be used to play those tunes, but not bad.

  2. I was here & I like it.
    Free entry, nice singers & friendly bar girls and ofcourse with some bottles of anker beer.

  3. Would love to try it some day!

  4. The music is awesome, but MAN is it smokey!