K43 Bar (Ex Hangover, Ex SF Lounge)

By The Jakarta Team

Update 2015: SF has been replaced by Hangover Bar.
Update November 2016: Hangover has been replaced by K43 bar.

Second Floor used to be a high school bar, really cheap and an all-time favourite of Kemang's nightlife.

In August 2009, Second Floor changed location, and from the small, non pretentious place it used to be, it became "Jakarta’s newest, smartest, and hippest place to be seen".

Again, in 2010, Second Floor changed name and location, to become SF Club. SG Club is similar to many other Kemang's nightclubs, with many events, commercial music, average prices and college students. It is usually busy, especially starting on Thursdays.
Opening hours:
From 6pm to 3am during the week, and until 4 am on weekends (Friday and Saturday nights). 2nd floor is closed on Sundays.

Contact details:
Second Floor Jakarta
Jln. Kemang Raya No. 43A

Email: riodejaneiro at yahoo.com or juneprano@live.com
Phone: 62 21 7182555 or 62 21 7182666
Facebook: SF Club facebook fan group.

Photo credit: SF Club facebook fan page

5 comments to '' K43 Bar (Ex Hangover, Ex SF Lounge) "

  1. I find your blog very helpful, but please include the fees and drink's price if can.

  2. do they ask for id?

  3. If you are under 18 years old they will probably ask..

  4. Yeah 2nd floor is a nice one but too small dont u think?

  5. you must be 25 above if you are a guy and 23 above if you are girl. they will check you id if you look like under 25 for a guy or 23 for a girl.but if you look like likeyou arent a teenager. they wont check your id. iam 20 years old, tall, have a beard and they let me in :p