1001 Night Club CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team

Update December 2009: 1001 is currently closed and replaced By Illigals. There is a new Hotel 1001 instead of K7 where you have the club Colosseum.

Classy, huge "one-stop entertainment nightclub", but not so crowded. It's located just next to Stadium, it is the building you can see from the street with a big red lighting. The music is Techno Kota, except in the lounge where they have prostitutes from all over the globe. That’s why they call it an International Executive Club I guess, because we’ve not seen many foreigner there.

You have everything you need to party here, as long as you pay: Drugs, sexy girls, spa, karaoke, massage center, a "mandarin" singing hall, and maybe more... It is one of the nightclubs depicted in the book "Jakarta Undercover", a famous book about nightlife in Jakarta, probably the one with the "sashimi sex" scenes.
Contact details:
1001 Jakarta
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 108
Hayam Wuruk Plaza
Lt 4, Jakarta 11180

Phone number

8 comments to '' 1001 Night Club CLOSED "

  1. Is it still open??? When i went there almost a year ago, the '1001' sign outside the building was brightly lit, even on Sundays, when the place closed.

    But in my last few visits to Jakarta these last few months, the building looks like its been vacated and there are no people walking in or out from the building. Might as well just drop in to Stadium next door.


  2. still open???
    i think it's closed now

  3. It is closed, and a new nightclub called ILLIGALS is now there.. same concept, but all new.. quiet as of today though..

  4. sepi....boss...gak rame....

  5. One Thousand and One seems still open. I have friends recently visited the 9th floor and saw some actions there.

  6. Akan ada kembali. Di lokasi baru di dekat fatahillah. (ex K7)

  7. the spa is located in 3bth flower ( push the button '3b' in elevator) . the facility is the best good one in jakarta. (very very cozy ) / Price ( only sauna and pool -->190k, /sauna,pool,and 90min massage -> 450k, /sauna,pool,and loving -->850k(local lady), 1250k (china lady) . after loving , write tip price on tip paper ( lady give you the tip paper) and then pay all thing on counter.