Jakarta Nightlife Blogs and Websites:

By The Jakarta Team

We invite you to check the following websites and blogs for more information about nightlife in Jakarta:

blogm.jakartablokm.com is a blog made by the creator of the website jakartablokm.com: He describes nightlife in Blok M almost exclusively in an humourous way. Some photos there. Not updated since 2009.

jakartabar.com features reviews posted by readers about bars and clubs in Jakarta.. A good listing but it lacks photos and updates.

indonesiaclubbing.com is also a good community website for clubbing in Jakarta, up-to-date, but it is a professional website so don't expect fair and honest reviews of the bars and events it promotes. It is actually advertising the events of a few clubs, namely Stadium, X2, Blowfish and Dragonfly, and tends to forget the diversity of Jakarta nightlife. I found out recently that they bought fans on facebook to make their site look more popular, so I sent them an email to tell them how it annoyed me. They are still doing it so I wouldn't trust their overall stats, even though they claim to be the "the #1 nighlife and clubbing site in Indonesia".

For information about expats venues, I like to look at the listing of bycel.com: Indonesian Jakarta Pubs Clubs bars night food café, but it is poor on North Jakarta nightlife and it has not been updated in quite a while now. Updated April 2011: The site is down.

If you speak Indonesian, you can go on the forum kaskus in the section about Nightlife in Jakarta (Kaskus Nightlife and Events). Many bars and clubs have their own topic.

Another listing is the one made by "what's new jakarta", that you can take a look at here: Bars, Lounge & Clubs Guide. They rarely went to the places they describe and you can see that what they do is copy/paste promotional stuff (actually they took some material from this blog also), and if they went there, they don't have a very fair opinion (just look at their sponsors...). It is also targeted more specifically to American, Australian and British expats living in Jakarta. The pages about events are interesting though.

Jakarta Java Kini has a very complete directory, with a sign indicating how expensive the place sare. It is very basic but can be useful. It's here: Bars & Clubs In Jakarta. They have a reviews of the most famous bars and restaurants, but they lack objectivity.

A newcomer is jakartaspot.com "events and promo guide", which has a listing + a good selection of events. In Bahasa Indonesia.

There used to be a Time Out Jakarta magazine and website but it closed down in 2010. The same thing happened with The Beat Jakarta. It is now focusing only on Bali nightlife.

In the end, the best source of information about nightlife in Jakarta has to be our website Jakarta100bars: 450++ night spots are listed here with complete reviews and pictures, all that by amateurs who have been living in Jakarta for 3 to 7 years. And no advertisement at all except for google ads. But we still think we can make this a lot better if you help us by sending us your photos, your updated reports, your comments at our private email: jakartateam at gmail.com. Don't hesitate to email us as well for any information you might need about Jakarta nightlife and we will be happy to help you.

6 comments to '' Jakarta Nightlife Blogs and Websites: "

  1. Just like to say thanks for all the useful info on your web site. I have been living and working in Jakarta for almost two years and your detailed lists of clubs and bars helped me see places that would have otherwise been a total mystery.
    I rather like the Pit Stop night club next to Sari Pan Pacific hotel. The bands start playing at 9pm and are usually very good, also the drinks are not too expensive. One word of caution is that about a year ago a friend of mine was on his own in there one evening and unknowingly had his drink spiked by a quite well spoken/well dressed mid 20's young indonesian lady. He had all his credit cards /cash /phone /wrist watch and passport stolen - he was declared drunk by the Pit Stop staff and taken back to his hotel by Taxi with the young lady where he slept for 48 hours. The young lady was remembered by the Pit Stop staff but never seen again. Although covered by the credit card company insurance my friend had a credit bill for $10,000. When he reported the theft to the police (immediately after he woke up) they said that this type of crime was increasing around that area. Be warned - have a buddy with you when going out in that part of Jakarta.
    I found the places on Jalan Jaksa to be good fun and value for money - but you didn't mention Pappa's Cafe ? The beer is cheap and they have quite good Indian food as well as Indonesian. They're open lunch times and have an open area at the front. Unfortunately, the kitchen at the back does look rather dirty and the service can be slow also the beer is warm and comes with 'es batu'
    Top Gun in Block M is good after 9pm but I did have some problem with Taxi driver's who didn't know where it was. Luckily I did have the address and a GPS on my cellphone to locate it (Nokia N95) There's plenty of friendly company on Friday's and weekends.

    I have also seen most of the places in Lokasari Plaza just off Mangga Besar. The beer is not so cheap as Jalan Jaksa but "people" are very friendly and easy to talk to - but you do need some basic Indonesian to chat.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Pappa Cafe should really be on this blog indeed... I will add it very soon..

  3. Why is King Cross in Kelapa Gading not on your list mate??

  4. King Cross? Never heard of it... send us a report!

  5. In two week is my first trip to Jakarta and I can't thank you enough guys for all your help! this site is amazing and please let me know how can I support your page! merci boucoup!

  6. Hi Ginstic, thanks for your comment! To support us, the best way is to put links from your website to ours or to comment on the places you've been. Some readers sent us their party reports too... What we want is to promote Jakarta nightlife so everything that help is welcome! Cheers, St.