Jakarta Accommodation for expats (kos, apartment, house)

By The Jakarta Team

Is it easy to find a place to stay in Jakarta? How Much does it cost?
From my experience, I think Jakarta has many high-class and low-class accommodations, but it is lacking of places in the average price range. By average I mean a clean place, with air-con, security and hot water, not too luxurious, nor cheap, costing between US$300 and US$700.The cheapest option is to rent a room in a kos (shared-accommodation). The prices range from US$50 to US$400. For the cheapest, it will be very small and not in the center, but if you pay more, you can get some nice facilities including free wifi, hot water, air-conditioning (some addresses here: http://www.acicis.murdoch.edu.au/hi/docs/JPP/Kos_Descriptions.pdf or you could also look at the ad in the forum http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.org/). If you walk by, you will see quite often the sign “kos” written, especially in some areas like Casablanca (where many “young executive” kos can be found), Mangga Besar or around Jalan Jaksa. Ask around also, word can spread very fast in Indonesia when there is money about to be spent…If you are a party animal, I would not advise you to take a kos because most of the time, the owner will not allow you to have guests over and they will have tight rules about noise/alcohol.

In a little more expensive price range, you have some apartments targeted for the Indonesian middle-class, or for expats who do not have expat salaries (or those who pay their accommodation by themselves). The most famous complex is Taman Rasuna, which comprises something like 15 or more towers and where you find apartments for around US$600/month for a two-bedroom flat. Taman Rasuna is really ok I think, though you may find it impersonal and crowded. Its location is good though and the services provided rather excellent for this price range. There are some other options similar to Taman Rasuna, like the Residences Allson in Senen (official prices can be significantly reduced through negotiation), or in Kelapa Gading the Mediterania Apartment.If your housing is paid by your company, then you will have the chance to hit some of the nicer apartments, whose prices range from US$1000 to much, much more. They all offer a similar 5-star like service so it is preferable I think to choose yours in terms of location so as to avoid traffic.

Concerning houses, the prices start at USD1000 per month for a nice house in Kemang, in South Jakarta, where most expats with families live. There are some available also in Menteng but they are a little more expensive and smaller. I stayed most of my time in Indonesia in different houses in Menteng, and I enjoyed them much more than apartments because you have so much space (typically around 200m2) and you have a much closer contact with the city and its inhabitants than in high towers. But of course you have many more things to worry about, like the maid, the guards, the bills, etc. You will also see that you have much less privacy since everybody around you will be curious to know about your whereabouts and who you hangout with.

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  1. It is very easy to find accomodation in Jakarta. Just for your comparison, with USD 80 (IDR 800.000), you will only get a motel in SIngapore, but you will have 4 star hotel in Jakarta (with free good breakfast).

    One thing about Jakarta, it gives you choice. You can have a luxurious hotel (USD 100 and up), 3 stars hotel (start USD 40), and even the cheap hotel such as in jalan Jaksa (USD 20).

    You don't need to worry about hotel or accomodation in Jakarta.
    As soon as you arrived at the airport, there are counter for hotel voucher. Ussually they give you discount rate (up to 50%).
    One of the most famous hotel voucher agent is KAHA. They give you list of hotel/motel with picture and price, you pay, then the taxi driver will take you there. Very easy