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Where to Party in Jakarta - Nightlife Areas + Hotels (2019)

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If you are wondering where you can party in Jakarta, this review will guide you through all the most famous nightlife areas in the city. You can also read 10 Best Nightclubs in Jakarta  and Where to Stay in Jakarta for more detailed information. I've circled in blue  two main areas: South Jakarta and North Jakarta. Each has its own characteristics: • South Jakarta is the most modern part of the city, with plenty of skyscrapers, luxury malls and upmarket houses. Naturally, this is where you will find the most high-end nightclubs and bars in Jakarta. Expats and rich Indonesians will normally party there.

Where to Stay in Jakarta - Best Areas for Tourists (2019)

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If you visit Jakarta as a tourist, you are probably wondering about the best areas to stay in the city . Due to the horrible traffic and the lack of public transportation, I advise you to choose your location carefully. 1 kilometer in Jakarta is like 10 kilometer in normal cities. Just going to the opposite side of a street by car can sometimes take up to 30 minutes! If you don't have time to read my entire review , the following paragraph is a short summary: The best place to stay in Jakarta, either you are a tourist or a businessman, is around Plaza Indonesia or Grand Indonesia, for instance:  Kempinski ,  Grand Hyatt ,  Pullman ,  Mandarin Oriental . It is an expensive area though so if you are on a budget, you can stay near Sarinah Mall instead. You'll find backpacker hostels ( Jalan Jaksa ), 2-star hotels ( Favehotel ), 3-star hotels ( Holiday Inn  or  Ibis Tamarin ) and 4-star hotels ( Morrissey , Four Points by Sheraton , AONE or  Akmani ). Need more address

Hotels With Massage Parlours in Jakarta

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Many of the Jakarta hotels listed on this review are hidden brothels with plus plus spas, karaoke and nightclubs inside. I also wrote about hotels with freelance prostitution bars and those located in red-light districts or walking distance from famous naughty nightlife spots (brothels, massage parlours, karaokes).

16 Cheap Girl-Friendly Hotels in Jakarta Under 40$/Night

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Girl-friendly hotels in Jakarta are not difficult to find. As I mentioned in my guides Choosing Your Hotel in Jakarta and Hotels With Massage Parlours in Jakarta , most of them will not bother you if you decide to bring a girl back to your room. However, it can be a bit more tricky in the budget hotel segment. Some of them are indeed family-run or they can be "syariah" hotels, meaning they do not accept couples without a marriage certificate. I thought that to avoid you any bad surprises, I could make this list of cheap hotels under 40$ a night where you can be sure to be able to welcome a last-minute guest. I selected hotels that are located near nightlife areas too, preferably walking distance or just a few minutes away from famous bars and nightclubs.

Guide to Choosing Your Hotel in Jakarta

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I am asked daily by readers for tips about choosing a hotel in Jakarta . This little guide should answer all the questions I've ever received such as: - What is the best area to stay in Jakarta? - Where can I find a cheap guesthouse for under 10$ per night? Is there a backpacker area in Jakarta? - What are the best budget hotels in Jakarta? Which hotel chain offers the best value for money ? - What is the best accommodation for less than 50$? - Which 5-star hotel should I choose? Which 5-star hotel is the closest from action ? Which 5-star hotel has the best bars and restaurants? - Can I bring girls to my hotel in Jakarta? What are the names of girl-friendly or guest-friendly hotels in Jakarta ? - Can I actually sleep in Alexis Hotel , Malioboro Hotel, Travel Hotel or Classic Hotel? - Is there a spa or massage parlour near my hotel? - Which hotel do you recommend near the airport ? - Which hotels are connected to popular malls?

11 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in Jakarta

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Have you ever wondered where celebrities, foreign dignitaries and rich entrepreneurs sleep whenever they stay in Jakarta? On this article, I listed the most expensive rooms and suites currently available in Jakarta. Most of them are generally not available on booking engines like Agoda  so I contacted each hotel directly to enquire about the rates. The prices may fluctuate throughout the year so I asked a few dates and calculated an average price. All prices are net (after tax and service charge ). Hotel Mulia Senayan - The Duke Suite - 15,730$ / Night

18 Best Apartments in Jakarta for Bachelor Parties

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If you come to Jakarta for partying as a group of friends, for instance for a bachelor party , it is a good idea to book an entire apartment instead of a normal hotel. First, you can make great savings by splitting the cost of your stay among a few friends. Second, staying in an apartments make it easier to organize a party at home before heading out. This can save you more money especially if you buy a few bottles of spirits at the airport before flying to Jakarta (1 bottle per person allowed). Even if you don't know anybody in the city yet, spend an hour on Tinder or any other popular dating sites  as soon as your plane lands. I guarantee that if you are friendly and not creepy, you can easily get a girl and her friends to join your party. The key word here is " not creepy ": Just be cool, don't expect anything else than a fun evening. You will see that the promise of free booze and pizza in a nice downtown apartment can make you very popular. 

How To Rent A Cheap Room in Jakarta (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

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Renting a cheap room in Jakarta has become much easier in the past few years, thanks to the internet. The following guide will give advice to anyone on a budget looking to stay in Jakarta from a few days until several months. You will learn: Where are the best-value areas in Jakarta near the offices, attractions and entertainment What are the options available for cheap stays in Jakarta How much does it cost to rent a room in Jakarta for a day, a week or a month What are the best low-cost apartments in Central Jakarta