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Nong Khai Nightlife: Where to Party and Drink?

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →

Even if you live in Thailand, you may not be familiar with Nong Khai. This town of 50,000 inhabitants is near the border with Laos, and it is often a stopover for people heading to Vientiane by land.

This is exactly the reason I was there, for only 1 night. Naturally, I tried to find out if there was any nightlife.

The city gets very quiet in the evening and you'll barely hear any noise apart from dogs barking and motorbikes. Even finding street food after 10PM can be challenging.

Some areas are more busy though, with restaurants, bars, live music and even nightclubs.
Below are my top recommendations for drinking and partying in Nong Khai:

Along The Mekong River: Mostly Thais
There is a nice promenade along the Mekong River called Rim Kong Alley. It is approximately 3 kilometers long from the temple Wat Hai Sok up to the Phra That Lanong (a replica temple).

Along the way, you have at least 100 restaurants, among which more than 50% specialize in hotpot/BBQ (don't ask me why). At some point, you will see local pubs and karaokes, sometimes with live music.

In particular, young people will hang out in a few cafés located at the intersection of Soi Yot Kaeo 3 and Rim Kong Alley. The venues there are modern and really packed until 1AM. You can eat, drink, watch sports and enjoy some Thai live music.

Among those venues, you have A-GainSanamsook and ร้านเต่าหนองคาย (sorry I couldn't find the English translation). You may meet some pretty Thai girls there, most likely young students.

Wat Hai Sok: For Expats and Tourists
Just one street behind Rim Kong Alley, in Soi Rim Kong 1 (100 meters from Wat Hai Sok), there are a few bars and restaurants owned by foreigners (usually married with Thai girls).

As there are many guest houses around, they get reasonably crowded at night with a mix of expats and tourists.

It is very basic but friendly. The popular venues are next to each other: Jimmy's 1, Anchor Bar, Warm Up and Noi & Brendan.

Soi Nipatat: For Expats and Tourists Looking for Bargirls
My hotel was on this street which is about 300 meters from the Mekong. It can be considered the red-light district of Nong Khai as you have around 5-6 beer bars with prostitutes. There are also normal restaurants without girls (I ate in the French-owned Mai and they serve good food).

As in Soi Rim Kong 1, it seems that every bar is owned by a retired foreigner who married a Thai woman. Each one proudly displays his nationality outside the bar. You have an Italian (Oasi), a Swiss (Muscha & Lee), an American (DJ's Bar), an English (Candy Bar), an Australian, a Kiwi, etc...

From what I understood, new places open and close quite often since most customers in Nong Khai are only interested to get the cheapest beer they can. Many of those businesses don't make a profit and they are just little toys to keep the wives busy.

As you can expect, the girls are not exactly the prettiest you'll meet in Thailand, but who knows you might get lucky.

Prices in those bars are about 70THB for a beer and 120THB for a Thai dish. The closing hours are flexible and change every night depending on the customers. In general, only a few places will be open after 1AM.

Elsewhere: Thai Clubs and Bars
You can find nightclubs elsewhere in the city that will stay open until 3AM. They are typical of those you may have already visited in Thailand: A beer pub with a live band singing in Thai. Between breaks,  he is replaced by a DJ who mixes loud EDM/Top 40 remixes.

They are normally free to enter, and then inside it will cost you around 70 THB for a beer and 600-800THB for a whisky bottle.

The best one is probably Yellow Bus (near the riverside). It opened in 2016 and it attracts a crowd of young Thai people.

Another option is Sam Ran, not too far from Soi Nipatat. It is busy every night with clients older than in Yellow Bus. There are some freelance prostitutes as well.
Sam Ran Pub and Restaurant
Finally, you can go to Lam Kong Brewery but it is more traditional. I'm actually not sure of the name as there is no English sign in front of it (I used an automatic translation after finding the place on Google map).

Finally, there is a friendly Thai bar on Soi Hai Sok called Chilly's. No girls there but very friendly atmosphere.

You can see the exact location of all these places on my Nong Khai nightlife map below.

Where to Stay in Nong Khai Near the Nightlife?
For party purposes, I recommend you to stay in Soi Nipatat even though it is not exactly by the Mekong River. My hotel offered great value for money (13$ per night for a double room with AC) and it was just 5 meters from the bars. You can check it on Agoda: Nong Khai City Hotel. A slightly more expensive option in the same street is the White Inn (18$ per night).

If you want to stay by the Mekong river, the Mut Mee Garden Guest House has excellent ratings and it costs only 11$ per night.

For something a bit more upmarket, the brand-new Amanta is the best hotel near Nong Khai nightlife. Its price is still reasonable (40$ per night).

Meeting Normal Thai Girls
There aren't that many places to meet Thai girls in Nong Khai. The best option would be to go to one of the bars on the Mekong promenade (like A-Gain or Sanamsook).

Alternatively, you can check before your trip if there are any profiles on the popular dating sites ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid. It is free to register and to browse profiles.

Nong Khai Nightlife Map

Pattaya Nightlife - Nightclubs, Bars, Gogos, Hotels 2017

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
2 hours from Bangkok, the resort town of Pattaya boasts one of the naughtiest and craziest nightlife in the world.

There are literally thousands of entertainment venues in the city, mostly beer bars, gogo bars, massage parlors and nightclubs. And they all have one thing in common: Prostitution.

The whole town is just one massive red-light district spanning over 10 kilometers where most of the human beings you'll meet are either paying for sex or making money from sex.

I say "most" because there is a cleaner side to Pattaya as well. Blending with sex tourists and hookers, some families and couples come to enjoy a normal holiday by the beach, seemingly unbothered by the surroundings. This is not the side of Pattaya I will write about here.

I only went to Pattaya for a total of 4 night, meaning I only scratched the surface of its nightlife. The idea of the article below is not to be as complete as possible, but simply to give you a quick summary of the best areas for party, the most famous gogo bars, the best nightclubs and the recommended places to stay.

Quick Tips About Pattaya Nightlife
Walking Street at night
Opening and closing hours
Beer bars / live music cafés are generally open in the afternoon at 1PM and close around 1AM.
Gogo bars usually stay open from 6PM until 2AM or 3AM.
Nightclubs will open between 10PM and 3AM or 4AM.

→ Note: If you are not familiar with the term "beer bars", all you need to know is that they are small, kind-of-shitty bars with a few seats, a TV and a pool table. They usually have 6 to 10 hostesses who sell sex, companionship and beers. Pattaya has thousands of them and they are the most popular joints among older expats on a budget (because the cost of prostitutes and bar fines is half what it is in gogo bars).

Average prices
Local beer: From 60THB in beer bars to 80THB in gogo bars and nightclubs
Entrance fee for clubs: Free for Walking Street clubs unless there is a special event - 200THB to 400THB with one or two drinks for Thai discos.

Meeting "normal" girls
If you are thinking about meeting a normal girl or finding a girlfriend in Pattaya, you should cancel your trip and go somewhere else.

Tourist clubs on Walking Street will have at least 95% of working girls, maybe slightly less in venues like Insomnia, 808 and Lucifer (see below). If you want to score with a non-professional, you'll need both some luck and some skills.

To make things easier, you can visit a local Thai disco such as Differ, Noir or Hollywood. Those places are known to have a lower proportion of prostitutes and not as many foreigners. If you speak a few words of Thai and dress sharp, you should at least be able to get a few phone numbers.

In my opinion, the most simple way to meet a Thai girls is to use online dating sites. ThaiFriendly or ThaiCupid are the two most popular in Thailand and they always have several thousands of girls online at anytime. Many among them are looking to marry a foreigner and they won't mind if you live outside Thailand. It's a great way to make a few contacts before landing.

I also tried Tinder and Badoo but it didn't work well as most profiles are either prostitutes or ladyboys.

Travel insurance:
Must-have - To know about the cost of a proper insurance for your trip, you can make a quick quotation here: WorldNomads.

Best hotels near the nightlife in Pattaya
Wave Pattaya (180$/night): Recent beachfront property considered one of the best in Pattaya. Best location possible.
Baraquda by Sofitel (140$/night): Central, great swimming pool but starting to age.

Blue Ocean Suite Pattaya (80$/night): Next to Central Festival Mall, 5 minutes from Walking Street and Soi LK. Best value for money.

Metro Apartment Pattaya (25$/night - next to a bar in Soi LK) or Nemos Guesthouse and Massage (25$/night - above a massage parlour in Soi Diana)

Love Inns
Naughty hotels (Love Inns) are girl-friendly hotels, often with short-time rates, that feature some sort of kinky features (mirrors, porn movies, see-through shower rooms, circle bed, discreet entrance). A famous one is Full Love InnPenthouse Hotel is another interesting property with thematic rooms (ideal for bachelor parties).

Best time to visit Pattaya
→ December to January: Cool weather, dry season, but more crowded and expensive.
→ June to September: Rainy every day in late afternoon, fewer tourists, cheaper and with a favorable girls/guys ratio.
→February, March, April, October, November: Very hot weather, occasional storms, quiet during weekdays.

Pattaya Nightlife Areas

There is some kind of nightlife everywhere in Pattaya. Wherever your position, you'll never be more than a few meters away from a bar.

Some areas have an even higher concentration of venues:

Walking Street
Walking Street during the day
This is the most famous and busiest nightlife street in Pattaya. It is about 500 meters long and filled with gogo bars, beer gardens, ping pong shows, live music pubs and nightclubs. On average, those venues are classier and more expensive than elsewhere in the city.

If you are a tourist, it's a fun walk and you'll even see some families and couples who are there just out of curiosity. You can enter any bar to have a look and leave it if you don't like. In general the staff won't mind.

Two things you should be careful with: Ping pong shows and Russian cabaret. Both will charge you inflated prices and I would advise to avoid them.

There are a few side streets off Walking Street that have more naughty gogo bars: Soi Diamond, Soi 15, Soi BJ or Soi Happy. As you progress towards Soi 16, you'll notice that the bars cater to a more Arab and Indian crowd.

The most famous venues in or near Walking Street are the following:

Baccara A Gogo
It is similar to Baccara Bangkok, with even prettier girls. Some are topless, some wear a bikini. Expats will tell you it is a tourist trap because the girls are only looking for ladies drink, but then it is the nicest tourist trap you'll ever fall into.

The same group also owns Peppermint Gogo and Happy A Gogo (the latter is the oldest gogo bar in Pattaya). Both are recommended as well.

Windmill A Gogo
If you are looking for the trashiest bar in Walking Street, look no further than Windmill. Built on two floors, it is a "hands on" bar meaning you are allowed to touch the girls as long as you buy them ladies drinks. Their ladies are rather average looking but they'll compensate by going completely wild. On the podium, they'll perform lesbians and sex shows. Within the bar, they'll let customers do pretty much anything in front of everyone. I was quite surprised with the scenes I saw, especially considering I had read a few days before the story of a Farang being arrested for performing oral sex on a bargirl. If the police came to Windmill on any nights they could round up a few more guys...

The owner of Windmill is also behind Sugarbaby A Gogo.

Insomnia Nightclub
Currently the best nightclub in Walking Street. Lots of young people and many gogo girls who come after work. Come early to secure a table as it gets really crowded after 1AM. EDM music.

Below Insomnia is I-Bar which is part of the same group. It is semi-open and slightly less crowded.

More information: Insomnia Pattaya.

My second favorite nightclub on Walking Street. It was renovated and reopened in December 2016. Great design and atmosphere but rather small (not more than 200-pax capacity). There is a large circular bar in the middle and a small dancefloor. Young and beautiful crowd.

Marine Nightclub
Hardcore music in a huge room with older Western clients and prostitutes. Pool tables in the back. Lots of ladyboys.

The Pier
Narrow nightclub on 2 floors next to Galaxy (Russian club). They have very pretty dancers but it isn't so busy. I saw more Thais customers than foreigners. EDM/hip hop music. You can smoke shisha.

More information: The Pier Pattaya

808 Nightclub
Hip hop and Rn'B nightclub. So packed you can barely move or dance. It has less prostitutes than elsewhere on Walking street. Many blacks and Arabs.

More information: 808 Pattaya

This nightclub is at the end of Walking Street and more popular with Russians. 2 areas (hip hop and EDM). Strangely, Indians are not allowed yet they can be seen everywhere inside. Same owner as Mixx Bangkok (see my list 30 Best Nightclubs in Bangkok).

Soi LK Metro
Gogo bar in Soi LK Metro
This is a newer nightlife area, less touristy compared to Walking Street. You'll find around 15 gogo bars and some guest-friendly, short-time hotels. This is where the more hardcore sex tourists and long-term residents of Pattaya will hang-out. Most visitors are Europeans, Americans and Australians.

Many of the gogo bars aren't really different from one another. The most famous is probably Champagne, the first ever gogo to have opened on Soi LK.

Another famous spot is Devil's Den, the Pattaya equivalent to Eden Club in Bangkok. This is a brothel with older, yet particularly naughty girls known for their open-mindedness towards anal sex and threesome.

Other Streets
Soi 6 during the day
Soi 6, Soi 7, Soi 8 and Soi 13/1, Soi 13/2
Those streets are filled with mostly beer bars and massage parlors.

The customers are generally older Westerners who've retired to Pattaya. I find this scene extremely boring but if you are a sex tourist on a budget you should probably hit one of these streets. You can get a short time for just 1,000THB (compared with 2,000-3,000THB in gogo bars).

60% of the girls are not attractive, 20% are just OK, 10% are hot and the rest are ladyboys. There are often short-time rooms very nearby (sometimes directly above the beer bars like in Soi 6).

Jomtien is a more relaxed beach town about 15 minutes by taxi from South Pattaya. A friend had recommended I should take a look, but I hated it. It is more of a cemetery for old Westerners than a fun party zone. On average, the customers in the beer bars are at least 65 and the girls are not that young either. If you feel that this could be your scene, you'll find most venues on Jomtien Soi 3 and Soi 5.

Gay Nightlife
Pattaya is rumored to have the largest gay nightlife in Asia. The gay bars and clubs are conveniently located in a red-light district 5 minutes away from Walking Street. Soi 13/4 (or Boyzone) is the busiest and most colorful. Alternatively, you can try Soi Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/4) and to a lesser extent Soi Pattayaland 2 (Soi 13/2 or Soi Post Office). 

Thai Discos
Thai discos are located a bit further away from the main tourist areas. They cater to a local crowd, but they are gaining popularity among foreigners who want to meet normal Thai girls.

My advice would be to bring a date from ThaiFriendly or ThaiCupid with you. They usually love these places because they can hear some live music (in Thai). You can buy a bottle for around 50-60$ and share it with her (most likely she'll bring friends along).

Some of the most famous Thai discos in Pattaya are:

A legendary nightclub with a mixed crowd Thai/foreigners (among which many Asians). 400THB entry with 2 drinks. Quite a lot of prostitutes.

Upmarket EDM club in North Pattaya. 200THB entry for foreigners with a free beer. Many girls from Bangkok on holiday in Pattaya.

Next to Hollywood, this is a live music club with Thai songs. Fun atmosphere, laid-back crowd, less stylish compared to Noir (which belongs to the same group).

An old disco with a variety of shows from coyote dancers to live music.

A brand-new luxury nightclub, I tried to visit it but it was closed. I'm not sure about the current status.

Indian/Arab Clubs
There are some nightclubs in Pattaya specifically targeting Indians and Middle-easterners. The only one I went to was Tony's on Walking Street (entrance fee 250THB with one drink). Inside, there was a very high proportion of guys (I remember that not even one girl was dancing) and a few average-looking prostitutes. The sound level was deafening and it took me three days to recover my hearing.

There are more venues that I didn't try such as Lima Lima and Nashaa. They have Bollywood/Arab music and sometimes belly dancers.

Chiang Mai Nightlife: Best Bars and Nightclubs (2017)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
I only spent 6 days in Chiang Mai but it was enough to get a quick overview of the city's nightlife. I managed to visit all the most famous bars and nightclubs, a task which is not so difficult considering there aren't more than 20 interesting venues.

I didn't really enjoy the party scene there. Chiang Mai is the 4th largest city in Thailand but it is provincial and conservative. The thing I hated the most was the curfew on bars at 1AM. Even on a Saturday night you'll struggle to find a decent club open after 2AM. For a tourist and university town, that's really a shame.

Also, most nightclubs have live music instead of a DJ. This means the customers will rarely be dancing, but instead they'll stand around tables or sit in sofas watching the show. If you are going out alone, this isn't the best configuration to meet other people.

Finally, generally speaking foreigners and Thais don't mix. If you go to a tourist bar or club, the crowd will be almost 100% foreign and inversely if you go to a Thai nightclub, the crowd will be almost 100% Thai. There are not some many places in-between (except those with bar girls). That's very different from the situation in Jakarta.

Nightlife Areas in Chiang Mia
Chiang Mai Nightlife Areas
There are 3 main nightlife areas in Chiang Mai, each catering to a different crowd:

→ Nimmanhemin (or Nimmanheminda) Road - also shortened Nimman:
This the posh area of Chiang Mai and it attracts mostly young Thai students. You'll also occasionally see a few foreigners, usually under 30, who are long term residents in Chiang Mai. From the Old City, it takes about 10-15 minutes to reach using a taxi.

Almost all the nightlife in Nimman is located just south of the upmarket mall Maya. More specifically, the highest concentration of bars, restaurants, live music clubs and coffee shops is in the Soi 7 and soi 9. In 2017, the most crowded places are Mirror Café (a beer garden/sports bar with pool tables and a live music room), LISM, LVMC (Living Machine Chiang Mai), Rush Bar and Wanz Café.

These venues are quite similar to each other. They have Thai music (often from a live band), a Thai crowd, sports on flat screen TVs and a hipster design. They are generally inexpensive, with local beers costing between 60 and 80THB.

Outside from Soi 7 and 9, Nimman also has larger nightclubs with more professional live bands. They will normally have a 200THB entrance fee and the drink menu will be more expensive (a beer will cost up to 100THB for instance). You can go there later in the night as they close around 1AM. 3 are spread around a huge parking lot at the end of Soi 6, namely Infinity (the more upmarket), Loft (not to be confused with the gay club Loft Hero) and TaWanDang (it has working girls). You can also try Warm Up just a few blocks away.

→ Old City (and particularly Boon Yoo Market)
The nightlife within the old city is scattered in various locations but the best area is definitely in Boon Yoo Market (also called Soi Reggae). This is where all the backpackers and all the international students gather to party every night. You will be surprised by the number of foreign girls too. There are only a few Thais who are interested to meet foreigners (including some freelance prostitutes).

Zoe in Yellow is easily the most busy bar/club in Boon Yoo Market (and maybe in Chiang Mai). It is split in two venues including a pub and a semi outdoor beer garden. It has pop/electronic music that will get the drunk patrons dancing by 10PM. It is so full that the crowd spills to the streets and to the adjacent bars (like Roots Rock Reggae). It closes at 1AM.

In the old city, another busy place is the North Gate Jazz Coop. It is a semi-opened small bar on two floors with live Jazz/Reggae/Soul/Blues music every night. I went there a few times as I was staying nearby. It was always full with a mix of more mature expats and tourists. A local beer costs 80THB.

Finally, on Chaiyapoom Road, north of Tha Phae Gate (East Gate), there are some naughty venues with freelance prostitutes. The most popular, Spicy nightclub (same group as Spicy Bangkok) is a proper disco (with a DJ). It can be fun but it closes at 1AM. On the other side of the road, 500 meters in the south, Mandalay is a Thai-style live music club that closes at 2AM (200THB entrance). You can also try the gogo bar Spotlight.

If you are looking for an after-hour venue, there are two in the Old City:
- Living Room (closes at 6AM) is a billiard lounge hidden in Sithiwongse road, behind Miami Hotel. It has no sign at the entrance.
Jack Wan is even more hidden and it does not have a sign as well. You'll find it 100 meters from Spicy, near Mad Cow Burger (closes at 5AM/6AM).

→  Loi Kroh Road
This area is within walking distance from the Old City and from the night market. There are no nightclubs there except the new Safe House (click to read my review).

If you walk around, you'll find plenty of beer bars that all look alike. The best area is within the Loi Kroh boxing stadium where you have around 40 of them. Each has about 8-10 hostesses that will try to grab you and force you to sit down as you walk by. They can accompany you for drinking, for playing pool or for sleeping if you pay (15$ bar fine + 30-50$ for the girl).

There are also more normal live music bars that don't have prostitutes. Among them I liked Interbar even though the band was awful. They all close at 1AM but depending on the number of customers, they may stay open an hour more with the curtains closed.

→  Other Areas
I've seen other bars on other parts of Chiang Mai but they often seem to be catering to locals only (they only have Thai signs).

If you feel like exploring, you may want to check the Santhitham student neighborhood where more bars can be found (including Differ Club). Another club I wasn't able to try but that seems interesting is Take It.

Chiang Mai Nightlife Map
This is a map I created to help me when I was going around the city. Each color represent a type of venue (click here to full details).

Hotels Near the Nightlife
Nobody comes to Chiang Mai specifically for the nightlife. I imagine you want to find a hotel near the tourist attractions first, and if possible close from the bars/nightclubs.

The best area for that is anywhere near the Tha Phae Gate. It is walking distance to the Old City and walking distance to the Night Market. Also, it is near an important road with fast access to Nimman or to the airport.

These are my recommendations (I appreciate if you book from Agoda as I receive a small commission out of your booking - no additional cost for you):

Amora Tapae (60$): The best location in Chiang Mai. A bit old but good value or money.
Duangtawan (60$): It has the nightclub Safe House inside. Walking distance from the beer bars.

Thapae Loft Hotel (65$): A brand new hotel near the Sunday market. 
P21 Hotel (40$): Modern and comfortable hotel. Good WIFI.

Thapae Happy House (30$): Excellent value for money for this clean and new property

Meeting Girls in Chiang Mai
Compared with Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket or Samui, it is relatively more easy to meet girls, foreign or local, in Chiang Mai.

I think the main reason for that is that there are less male tourists and much more female tourists than elsewhere in Thailand.

The bars and nightclubs I would recommend for meeting girls are Zoe in Yellow, Mandalay, Warm Up, TaWanDang, Spicy, Safe House and The North Gate Jazz Coop. Some of them have a high proportion of working girls.

In local clubs like Infinity (and those I listed in Nimman Soi 7/9), girls will be a bit harder to approach. If you are not living in Chiang Mai they may lose interest quickly.

Online dating is a more easy way to find someone. Tinder does not work very well apart with foreign girls. Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly are much better options and they have the largest database of users in Thailand. The girls there are looking for serious relationships so you should start chatting with them a few weeks before your trip.

Udon Thani Nightlife - Best Nightclubs and Bars 2017

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Udon Thani is located in the North of Thailand (Isaan Region), near the border with Laos. Even though it is the 4th most populous city in the country (150,000 people), it is very laid-back and provincial.

I was there for 5 days as a stopover before heading to Laos and I was not really expecting there would be any nightlife.

As it turns out, I was wrong. You can find bars and nightclubs that are open and busy every night, but for that you'll need to go outside of the tourist areas.

This short review will guide through the best venues I went to during my stay. If you think I forgot one, please leave me a note in the comment section below.

Best Hotels Near Udon Thani Nightlife
Hotels in Udon Thani are really cheap, even during high season. I was staying in the Centara, a 4-star property with a perfect location next to a large mall, and I was paying only 45$! You can click here to check the current price: Centara Hotel - Udon Thani.

If you want to be close from the red-light district, an excellent hotel is The Pannarai (4-star, 42$/night). You'll be only 20 meters from the first beer bars. A cheaper option nearby is the Prajaktra (20$/night).

You can check Agoda for more option, just remember to stay close from the Central Plaza Mall.

Nightlife Areas in Udon Thani
Party in Rhythm Club
The nightlife for foreigners in Udon Thani is very easy to find. Basically, you have two adjacent streets with a total of around 30 bars (some with ladies, some normal).

Note that the expats in Udon Thani are quite old on average and that they sleep early! You should go out before 10PM otherwise all bars will be empty. In fact many are already closed by midnight.

The first street you can try is Soi Samphan Thamit, just behind Central Plaza Mall. Most bars there are not very sophisticated and they only have the basics for you to enjoy a beer. A few bargirls will keep you company if you need. They aren't the prettiest girls you'll meet in Thailand but a few are cute.

The most popular places as of January 2017 were Sports Bar (the most crowded), Vikings Corner Bar, Zaaps, Tiffy, the Meeting Point, the Irish Clock (an Irish pub and hotel), Fun Bar (it had the prettiest girls) and Shadow. I also saw a bar/massage parlor with ladyboys. You can just go there directly, walk around for a few minutes and sit in the bar you like the most.

There is also a tiny beer bar complex called Day & Night, just next to the Pannarai Hotel.
The second street is Soi Prajak Sillapacom, at the end of Soi Samphan Thamit. The bars are a little bit nicer there, especially Sisters (but unfortunately it does not get so busy).

The main attraction in Prajak Sillapacom is a beer bar complex called Nutty Park, which is similar to Day and Night. You'll see quite a lot of old guys, especially in the restaurant/pub the Good Corner (it seems to be a hub for the expat community). You also have bar-girls/prostitutes but they are not too pushy.

Thai Nightclubs, Bars and Cafés
The bars mentioned above are just OK for a few beers (or to find a girl if that's your goal), but they are not really happening. By the time of your second day in Udon Thani you'll certainly be bored.

Thais nightclubs are a much better option. They have the advantage of staying open later (maximum 2AM) and to have a younger crowd (including some normal Thai girls).

My most recommended venues are the following:

Rhythm (in Napalai Hotel)
Rhythm was my favorite club even though it is located more than 4 kilometers from the city center (100-120THB with a tuk-tuk). It is made of one large room, quite modern, with a live stage where bands play Thai rock/pop. I went there on a Sunday and it was full, with many girls in their 20s. When the band is not playing, the DJs mix EDM songs.

Free entrance on weekdays (200THB on weekends if there is an event). Close at 2AM.

Full review: Rhythm Udon Thani or Facebook: Rhythm.

Phoenix is also a fun nightclub and it is walking distance from Central Plaza. It is the newest and hippest in the city, but smaller than Rhythm. They have great sound/lighting, an intimate atmosphere, an upmarket crowd and excellent rock bands. Some of the hottest girls I've seen in Udon Thani were customers of Phoenix (or prostitutes, I'm not 100% sure).

Free entrance every day of the week. Close at 2AM.

Full review: Phoenix Udon Thani or Facebook: Phoenix

Yellow Bird (in Charoen Hotel)
Located in Charoen Hotel, a 10-minute walk from Central Plaza. It is also a very popular nightclub but it is more old-style compared to the ones listed above. The bands will sometimes play Thai folk songs and the customers are over 30 years old. During breaks though, you'll get some loud EDM and sexy dancers. The best night is on Wednesday (ladies night).

Free entrance every day of the week. Close at 2AM.
Tawan Daeng
Tawan Daeng is an institution in Udon Thani. It is located 2 minutes from the tourist area of Soi Samphan Thamit (behind Central Plaza) and for this reason you'll see plenty of foreigners inside. They have live bands (playing folk/country songs from Isaan region) and also some more random shows (comedians, dancing, etc). You can go their early for dinner and try some Isaan food.

Website: Tawan Daeng Udon Thani

Kongsiam Café
This laid-back, cool café is located next to Phoenix Club. They have live music every night, with bands who sing in English or in Thai (mostly covers of famous songs). The design and set-up is really original. It is my most recommended venue for a date with a Thai girl.

Facebook: Kongsiam Udon Thani

Twenty Up (20UP)
20UP opened on January 10th, 2017 and it was already busy when I visited. It is a Thai-style beer garden with a whole bunch of sexy hostesses and live acoustic music. Young crowd. Open until 1AM.

It is just in front of Grand Naga Hotel & KTV where apparently you can can get a massage plus plus.

Facebook: 20UP Udon Thani

Bar'ista Brasserie
In front of UD Town Mall and the train station, this is a popular restaurant with an indoor and an outdoor area. It gets full almost every night with upper-class locals. They have Thai music, usually pop and mellow songs.

Facebook: Bar'ista Brasserie Udon Thani

Meeting Normal Thai Girls in Udon Thani
It is much easier to meet normal girls in Udon Thani compared with Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya or Chiang Mai.

The best way is to make a profile on online dating sites like ThaiFriendly or ThaiCupid. Both have thousands of girls who are eager to meet with foreigners. Ideally you can chat with them a few weeks before arriving in Thailand to build up the excitement. If you have a decent profile pic, you can get non-stop dates from morning to midnight.

Tinder works well also, but there are less profiles and most of the girls will not be interested to chat if you are not living in Udon Thani.

Meeting girls in nightclubs is also possible, especially in Phoenix, Yellow Bird and Rhythm. It will require more effort and a bit of luck though.

In the daytime, you can hang out and meet Thai girls either in UD Town shopping center (most recommended) or in Central Plaza Mall.

You can also read: Khon Kaen Nightlife.

Udon Nightlife Map

Patong Nightlife (Phuket) - Best Bars and Nightclubs 2017

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Phuket is one of the most renowned nightlife destinations in Thailand. It has a frenetic party scene, yet most of its bars and nightclubs are concentrated in the 1-km long street of Bangla (or Walking Street) in the beach town of Patong.

Nightlife in Patong is rather male-oriented with your typical a-gogo dancers, bar fines, freelance prostitutes, naughty massage parlors and ladyboys. It is a (paid) sex paradise that acts like a magnet for single males from all over the World. While Russians are the main nationality, you also have hordes of Northern Europeans (UK, Germany, Scandinavia), Asians, Australians, Americans, Indians and Arabs. There are also thousands of foreigners who retired in Phuket or started their own businesses (restaurants, bars, tours, etc).

But Patong also attracts "normal" tourists, including families, couples and backpackers. They come mostly for the beach, but you can see them walking on Bangla street at night. They are just curious and not particularly interested in the sex trade. They might have a few wild night outs during their stay though for the sake of being on holidays. They make Patong nightlife a lot less creepy than it could be and I thank them for that.

My most recent trip to Patong was in December 2016. During 3 nights straight, I went to every nightclubs and bars I could find until they were all closed. This review is a summary of my findings. Please leave a comment below if you need more information.

Best Hotels Near Patong Nightlife
Hookers don't seem to bother families in Patong
If you are in Patong for party, I advise you to stay within walking distance from Bangla Road. By doing so, you will avoid the tuk-tuk mafias (charging ridiculous prices even for a 100-meter ride) and even better, you will avoid the temptation of driving back home while drunk. It is also better to be surrounded by like-minded people and not families/couples.

HotelsCombined has created a great list of hotels located within a short distance from Bangla Road. Among them, the following are considered girl-friendly:

4-star and 5 star Hotels:
Sleep with Me (4-star): It is 200 meters from the nightlife and 100 meters from the mall JungCeylon. Price starting at 80$ on Agoda (check for better rates on HotelsCombined). Rated 8.5/10

Swisshotel Resort (4-star): This is where I was staying. It is in the same building as Hard Rock Café and Hooters Patong. The price was 75$ during high season but you can get a cheaper deal on Rated 8.1/10.

Millenium Resort (5-star): The closest 5-star from Patong Beach. It is inside Jungceylon Mall. The first bars and clubs of Bangla street are just across the street. Prices starting at 85$ on Agoda (or compare on Rated 8.3/10.

Kee Hotel is a family resort but it is connected to the infamous gogo bar strip of Soi Sea Dragon.

3-Star Hotels:
Yorkshire is a popular choice among regulars of Patong. It is both girl-friendly and a 200-m walk from nightclubs. Their basic room is comfortable and costs 50$ per night (compare prices now: HotelsCombined). Rated 8.2/10.

Summer Breeze is another favorite: 1-minute walk from the nightlife and quite cheap (less than 35$ per night if you book here). Rated 8.3/10.

Hostel/Backpacker (Not girl-friendly)
Just one floor above the nightclub Illuzion, there is a hostel called Kool Backpacker. They have dormitories for less than 10$ and all the guests there are party-people. Rated 8.1/10.

Note: Even the girl-friendly hotels in Patong may ask you for a "joiner" fee (around 300THB) if you bring someone who wasn't part of your initial booking.

Meeting Girls in Phuket/Patong
You shouldn't be too naive about the kind of girls you'll meet in Patong. As it turns out, even Western girls may end up being eastern European prostitutes.

If you are OK with paying for sex, then you won't need to make a lot of effort to be happy (but you should know that prices are higher than in Bangkok or Pattaya).

If you are not into prostitution, your best chance is to connect to popular dating websites like Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. You can create an account a few weeks before arriving to make sure you already have some contacts on your first day.

Forget about Tinder. It is 20% lady boys, 30% prostitutes, 30% average looking, 10% Russian girls who don't reply messages.

Nightlife Areas in Patong
map phuket nightlife patong
Patong - Bangla Street Nightlife Map

90% of Patong nightlife is within Bangla and the adjacent small streets (called Soi).

Bangla Street Nightlife
Forbidden to non-authorized cars and motorbikes, it is lined up with cheap restaurants, bars, huge nightclub complexes and strip clubs. You can also find ATMs, money changers, convenience stores, banks, souvenir shops, fast foods and pharmacies.

Touts and girls will approach you ever few meters with various offers. Most often, they'll try to sell you a ping pong show or an all-you-can-drink promotion. For the latter, the touts are often foreigners.

Adjacent Streets (Soi) from East to West:
→ Soi Vegas: The two dirtiest bars in Patong are on this street (Belvedere and Money City). You can also find some local food.
→  Soi Tiger (or Soi Crocodile): Thai food and a ladyboy cabaret bar (Cocktail and Dreams).
→  Soi Viking: You have a very crowded Scandinavian bar (Grabbarna Grus) and a massage parlor.
→  Soi Sea Dragon: The highest concentration of gogo bars (Suzie Wong I & II, Harem, Lover Club, Upstairs, Exotica, No. 1)
→  Soi Freedom (ex-Soi Eric): A fun and crowded street full of beer bars and prostitutes.
→  Soi Gonzo: Nothing special, the alley leads to the nightclub White Rooms

Elsewhere in Patong:
→ OTOP market's bars: This market is located about 100 meters across from the Swisshotel Resort (10 minutes walk from Bangla Street). There are bout 20 tiny beer bars which all seem to be foreign-owned (especially by Australians and Germans). They are very laid-back and popular with expat residents to watch sports. You can get beer from 60-70THB.
Fat Mama's Beer Bar in OTOP
→  Paradise Complex (Soi Paradise): This is where most of Patong's gay nightlife is located. In this area, a recommended hotel is the foreign-owned, gay-friendly Connect Guesthouse.

Best Nightclubs in Patong
Party in Illuzion Nightclub Phuket
I wrote a detailed review about it called 9 Best Nightclubs in Patong. If you don't have time to read it, below is a quick summary.

Nightclubs in Patong are almost all free except White Room (200THB entrance). They are easy to get into as there are no queues and no dress code. If you are a small group, you should consider purchasing a bottle of alcohol as it will give you access to a table (minimum price 3,500 THB/100$).

All the nightclubs below run the same open bar promo: All-you-can-drink for 800THB from 10pm to 1am (the recently-opened Ecstasy has a deal for 599THB until 3AM but it won't last long I guess).

DJs will usually alternate between commercial EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Hip-Hop, Rn'B and Top 40. The only places where I listened to more original playlists were in the VIP rooms of Illuzion and Seduction.

The most recommended nightclubs in Patong are the following:

→  Illuzion is my favorite party place in Patong. Ranked 93rd best nightclub in the world by DJ Mag, it is brand-new and modern, with a huge stage where sexy dancers, acrobats, DJs and singers perform all night long. You have less prostitutes than elsewhere and most of the customers are young Westerners. It closes at 4AM but a smaller VIP club with tech house music stays open until 6AM.

Seduction is a huge nightlife complex with a beer garden, a regular club, a VIP club (Blow), a hip-hop bottle club and a rooftop restaurant. The regular club normally gets full every night with a mixed crowd a bit younger and lower-class than Illuzion. The VIP club has great music but it is happening only for special events.

Tiger Nightclub is also a multi-story complex, perhaps the most famous on Bangla street due to its enormous tigers statues above the entrance. On the ground floor, there are dozens of cheap beer bars with each a staff of bargirls and gogo dancers. On the second floor, there is the largest disco in Patong. It looks weird but it can be fun, especially if you party from the podium. It attracts less Westerners and more Indians/Arabs/Asians. Almost all girls in Tiger are prostitutes.

→ Stars Phuket is a Russian strip club until 4AM, but after that it becomes one of two after-hour clubs in Patong. It is quite small (100 pax capacity), but you can also hang out in the next-door Pool Club. The music is hip hop and Rn'B.

Tai Pan is an old nightclub popular with long-term Phuket residents. It is just one low-ceiling room with plenty of tables and dancing poles. There is always a show on stage: Dancers, live bands, DJs. At least 90% of the girls are prostitutes.

Some other nightclubs you may be interested to try in Patong are White Room (similar to Seduction), Hollywood and Ecstasy. You can read a complete review about them here: 9 Best Nightclubs in Patong.

Best Gogo Bars and Erotic Clubs
Girlie bars are everywhere in Patong and they make take several forms:

→ The cheapest are the ubiquitous beer bars that can be found every 20 meters (and especially in Soi Freedom or Soi Tiger). They can accommodate around 15-20 customers with a staff of 10 bar girls. You can sit down only for drinking beer (from 70THB), or ask for a girl's company. In that case, you should buy her lady drinks (200-240THB each) on which she gets a commission. To bring the girl back home with you, you must compensate the bar owner with a "bar fine" (short term - 1,000THB, long Term 2,000 THB), and then pay money directly to the girl (short term - 2,000 THB, long term 3,000 THB). That's a lot of efforts and money to end up with a prostitute!
Dirty Angel in Soi Tiger
Gogo bars are larger and more expensive. They have a podium with girls dancing in lingerie/bikini/uniforms, topless or naked (depending on the bar). Customers can seat all around and enjoy the show. Like in beer bars, you may ask a girl to join you. The prices for ladies drinks and bar fine are 25% higher.

Most of the famous Patong gogo bars are located in Soi Sea Dragon. The group Suzie Wong manages at least four gogo bars there (Suzie Wong I & II, Harem, Exotica) and another one on Bangla (Rock Hard). They are the best ones (hottest girls, great atmosphere, good music, first drink for 99THB).

You can also try the new Upstairs Gogo Bar (nude and topless girls, first beer 99THB then 200THB), No1 A GogoDiablo A Gogo and Club Lover.
Suzie Wong's Gogo Bar (without the girls)
Erotic clubs or Ping Pong Shows. Those clubs are a trashier version of gogo bars. They usually have older, less attractive girls who will do some kind of sexual performances. Most often, it involves inserting something in their pussies.

Honestly, it is pretty gross. With my own two eyes, I've seen a girl removing an actual frog from her vagina (and it wasn't a small one) then trowing it on a customer. The staff looked depressed and tourists were rather uncomfortable. The bar is called Money Night and you'll be asked to buy a 900-THB beer to enter (I paid 300THB after negotiating).

Another sex joint is Belvedere Luxury Club (next to Money Night on Soi Vegas). This place also charges 900THB for a beer but I wasn't able to negotiate the price down. They told me that the reason they were so expensive was because they were the only place in Patong with live sex performance on stage. As I didn't want to pay, they only let me inside for a few minutes. All I saw was a half-empty room with a mix of Russian and Thai hookers.

Note: Many tourists get scammed in ping pong shows. They get inside because they are promised a 99THB beer, but they ignore that it only applies to the first drink. After that, they get charged between between 500THB and 1,000THB per drink.
Sensual milk bath in Belvedere Club
→  There are a few Russian strip joints in Patong. More luxurious than Thai ones, they also cost more and have a bad reputation for scamming customers. I tried Moulin Rouge where I paid 330THB for a beer. It was rather quiet with just 2 Russian girls dancing, one of whom was topless. You can also go to L'Amour Club and Stars.
Best Bars and Live Music Pubs
Live Music in Patong
The number of pubs with live music on Bangla street is impressive. The most famous ones are crowded every night and they have great bands (Thai or Filipino). They are cheaper than nightclubs (around 120THB for a beer) and they have a more diverse crowd (more women, more couples).

The only thing I don't like about them is that the songs played are pretty much always the same: Adele, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, etc. After 3 nights out it gets boring.

The recommended venues are in this order: New York Bar (in front of Illuzion nightclub), Tao (belongs to Suzie Wong Group), Red Hot, Molly Malone's Irish Pub, Hard Rock Cafe (expensive), Rock City (classic rock), Heroes, Monsoon and Smiley. You can hear the bands from outside actually so just walk around and pick the one you like.

Best Bars on Bangla
Something that surprised me about Patong nightlife (compared to Bali nightlife for instance) is the lack of sophisticated bars. There are luxury beach clubs and lounges elsewhere on the island, but not many in Patong.

If you are looking for a nicer setup, you can go to the Patong Beach Club, about 300 meters from Bangla Road. They have a more upmarket Russian and Asian clientele, plus a few expats. It does not get so crowded though unless they have an event. It is just above Wine Connection an expensive wine shop and restaurant part of a Singaporean chain.

I also liked the new restaurant/lounge Cocoon. The upper floor has a laid-back setting overlooking Walking Street with Russian dancers and foreign DJs mixing chill/deep house tunes.

If you are Scandinavian, and more particularly Swedish, you will probably end up in Grabbarna Grus. I have always seen it packed with young, somewhat chubby blond girls and guys.
Grabbarna Grus Swedish Bar
More Tips About Patong Nightlife
Best time to enjoy Patong nightlife
All the information you've just read mostly applies to the high season which runs from December to February (with a peak during the Christmas holidays and Chinese New Year). More tourists choose to visit the island during this period because the weather is always sunny, the sea is quiet and the water is clear blue.

The rest of the year, and particularly in July or August, you will have considerably less people visiting Phuket. In Patong, the occupancy during the low season may not even reach 50%.

While you will get cheaper deals on hotels, you can't expect that all bars and nightclubs will be crowded.

Travel Insurance
One foreigner dies every three days in Phuket. The most frequent causes of death are drunk driving, drowning and strangely, suicide. There are thousands of non-lethal accidents every month and the worst ones may end up costing you a lot of money (a medical evacuation from Phuket to Australia = 100,000$). Other common problems like dog bites, malaria, dengue fever, food poisoning, flu, etc... can be treated in Thailand but you will get charged a highly inflated tourist price.

Before or during your trip, you should subscribe to a comprehensive travel insurance online, for instance on World Nomads (recommended by Lonely Planet). It costs a few dollars per day and it can save you a lot of trouble if something happens to you.

If you have any additional questions about Patong (Phuket) nightlife, do not hesitate to leave a message below. I'm also interested to know about your favorite bars and nightclubs if I missed them.

Phuket Nightlife: 9 Best Nightclubs in Patong 2017

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
I just spent a few days days in Patong beach writing a detailed Phuket nightlife guide.

This smaller article is a ranking of the 9 best nightclubs in Patong. All of them are located along Bangla street (also referred to as Walking Street), which makes club-hopping very easy and fun. If you start early and finish late, you can do all of them in one night easily (and you'll still have time for a few gogo bars and live music pubs).

At the end of the review, I give more general advice about clubbing in Patong: Prices, dress code, safety, where to meet girls, the best hotels near the nightlife, etc...

Top Nightclubs in Patong

Illuzion is without any doubts the best nightclub in Phuket at the moment. It beats the other ones in every category: Music, ambiance, design, events and crowd.

It was ranked 93 on DJ Mag's Top 100 Nightclubs in the World 2016 (the only Thai nightclub on the list).

Music and shows: 8 resident DJs, including 4 international ones, playing commercial EDM, Rn'B and Old School. The playlists are not very original unless there is a guest DJ. Their "secret VIP room" in the back has more underground/tech house music.

To complement the DJs, Russian sexy dancers and acrobats perform every night from the elevated stage. You also have foreign singers (hip-hop performer on Fridays for instance).

Design and Facilities: 5,000m2, Ibiza-style mega-club with 10 bars and countless VIP and VVIP areas. Fantastic lighting and special effects (pyro, lasers, a 100m2 HD LCD display, etc).

Ambiance and Crowd: Mostly foreigners (expats and tourists) with much less prostitutes than elsewhere. The club is the busiest in Patong, every night of the week. Even though clubbers are segregated between "normal", VIP, VVIP and VVVIP, it is so packed that you'll still manage to mix with (almost) everyone.

Illuzion has a weekly schedule that includes:
Tuesday: Master D (Hip Hop - R'nB)
Wednesday: DJ Kraiz (EDM)
Friday: Live Hip Hop and Swag Party

They may welcome a more famous DJ on Saturdays (once every month) such as Sven Vath, Danny Avila, Tom Swoon, Kura or Nakadia.

Free entrance
800THB for free flow alcohol from 10PM until 1AM (avoid it - it is better to go to Illuzion after 2AM)
Table/bottle service available with minimum purchase of 5,000THB

Contact Them:
Instagram: Illuzion Patong
Facebook: Illuzion Phuket

☝ Insiders Tip:
Illuzion closes at 4am, but the party continues for 2 more hours in a smaller club behind the stage. The door policy is stricter so you only have a VIP crowd, including many expats and some of the most beautiful girls I've seen in Patong (not sure if they were freelancers or normal girls). The music is also nicer, more underground. I paid 310THB for a Rum Coke there.

The best nightclub in Patong before Illuzion opened, Seduction is a huge complex with at least 5 separate areas. They are always crowded and happening, having recently welcomed DJs like Skrillex, Calvin Harris and (soon) Diplo. It reminds me of SkyGarden in Bali (though not as fun).

Ground Floor
Outside the main building, on the left, the Seduction Beer Garden can be avoided as there isn't anything special about it.

Second Floor:
The main club is on the 2nd floor with a free entrance all night long. It is a large rectangle room with a VIP zone behind the DJ and tables occupying most of the dance floor. The DJs play your usual commercial songs (Hip Hop, EDM, Top 40). It is full every night of the week with a younger and lower-end crowd compared to Illuzion. Many Europeans, Americans, Russians, Arabs and Indians. There is also a fair share of prostitutes (let's say 60%), including Russians (I presume as I saw a hot blond girl mingling with an old Chinese guy). Like elsewhere, beers costs 200-250THB and there is a 800-THB free flow promo from 10pm until 1am. You can get a table as long as you purchase one bottle of spirits (minimum 3,500THB). A bottle of Black Label costs 3,900THB.

You cannot smoke inside but it is allowed on their balcony (with a view on Walking Street). It's the best place to meet girls actually.

Third Floor:
On the 3rd floor, there is a VIP club called Blow. It is a relatively small space with a low ceiling and a window overlooking the main disco. You normally have a dress code to enter but I saw several guys wearing only shorts. I didn't pay anything to get in, which is surprising for a VIP club.

It was not very crowded but I liked the music (deep house) and the ambiance. It seems to be popular with expats and residents of Phuket. Recent events include performances by DJs Sebastien Leger, Chocolate Puma, Dillon Francis, A-Trak or James Zabiela. You can check their upcoming schedule of events on their Facebook page: Blow VIP.

Fourth Floor
On the 4th floor is VIBZ by Seduction. It is a bottle club with hip-hop and Rn'B music. You don't really have a dance floor but instead around 20 white sofas with low tables. I only had a peek for a few minutes then left as it wasn't really crowded. More information: VIBZ by Seduction.

Fifth Floor
Finally, there is also a rooftop restaurant called Higher that I did not visit.

☝ Insiders Tip:
I met two girls inside who were drinking for free after they were given a bracelet by the manager downstairs. Obviously it only works if you are really hot.

Contact them:
Facebook: Seduction Disco
Instagram: Seduction Nightclub Bangla Patong

Tiger Night Club
This is also a mega complex, built on three floors. It is the most peculiar building on Bangla Street and the easiest to recognize with its 3 massive tigers statues in a fake jungle backdrop. It is a good alternative to Seduction and Illuzion if you are looking for a more "Thai" nightlife experience.
On the first floor, there are around 40 small beer bars that are each owned by different individuals (sometimes by foreigners). Each of them has its own name (the most famous are Pussy's Penitentiary and Pink Paradise). They start to get crowded early in the afternoon until close. They look similar to those you can find elsewhere in Patong: A circular bar, a few stools, TV screens, a 1,000THB bell (to give free drinks to every one) and a handful of bargirls entertaining customers. 1 or 2 girls will do sexy dancing or pole dancing. It is quite noisy and messy, but it is certainly fun. The prices are low: 100-120THB for a local beer.
On the second floor, you have the actual Tiger Disco. There are signs saying it is the "biggest nightclub in the world". It's probably not true, but it is still a huge and for sure the biggest in Phuket.

Most of the space is occupied by tables and high chairs, with a large podium in the middle, some private VIP areas on the side, and a VVIP zone behind the DJ. You also have two more quiet rooms where you can play pool.

The crowd is mixed and quite representative of Patong:
- Arabs and Russians are renting most VIP rooms and stay by themselves (with hookers) on the edges.
- Europeans, Australians and Americans are wild on the podium.
- All around, in darker corners, Thai bar girls are actively making eye contacts with anyone possessing a heartbeat.

While prostitutes make up at least 80% of the girl's population in Tiger, there are still plenty of opportunities with foreign girls. They seem less stuck up than in Illuzion and Seduction.

The music is commercial EDM and hip hop with some Arab songs from time to time. When I visited, they had two pairs of Russian sexy dancers next to the DJ. I found that staring at the Tiger statue with laser eyes just behind them was even more captivating though!
Free entrance. The prices on the second floor are on par with other nightclubs (200THB for a beer).

Contact them:
Facebook: Tiger Club Patong

Stars (After Hour Nightclub in Patong)
As I was walking aimlessly on Bangla street at 5AM, I noticed there were many people entering this nightclub on the basement of Illuzion. I went to have a look and discovered it is the current go-to after-hour spot in Patong.

From late afternoon until 4AM, Stars is a cabaret show featuring Russian strippers. After that, it becomes a late-night hip hop club. It is small but it looks quite fancy with velvet sofas and tapestries. 

It is actually part of a pool lounge that also stays open late (called Tazmania). It was surprisingly very busy and there were plenty of pretty girls (many of whom where accompanying foreigners). A Russian girl was pole dancing frenetically but I imagine she was an employee.

You can only fit 20 people on the dance floor and I didn't see a bar so it's best to book a table. If not, you can still order from the pool bar and it's rather affordable (250THB for a Whisky Coke, 100THB for a beer).

Contact them: 
Facebook: Stars Phuket

White Room
This club has a similar setup to the second floor of Seduction: A big rectangle room with 600-pax capacity, lots of tables and a VIP area in the back. It is the only club in Patong where I paid an entrance fee (200THB). Before 1AM, they also have a free flow for 800THB. It was crowded with tourists and only around 20% of Thai prostitutes. The music was a mix of hip-hop/EDM/Top 40.

Contact them:
Facebook: White Room

Cocoon Club
Located next to Seduction, Cocoon is a small bar-lounge built on two floors. It was opened just a few months ago and it is already one of the popular venues among young expats and long-term residents of Phuket. A reason for that is their focus on alternative electronic music (Deep House, Deep Tech, Lounge).

The main action is on the open-air second floor. It features a large central bar and sofas on the side. You can go there around 11pm for some pre-clubbing drinks. They have dancers and acrobats to keep you entertained.

Contact them:
Facebook: Cocoon Club Phuket

Tai Pan Disco
One of Patong nightlife's oldest venues, Tai Pan is more suitable for guys who are looking for prostitutes. There is one main room packed with young gogo dancers, strippers and freelancers. In contrast, most customers are old Western guys. That might explain why they are so cheerful and laid-back.

The music, mostly top 40 remixes, is much louder than elsewhere (to the point that my ears were hurting). A beer costs 180THB with a free shooter if you come early enough (the security guard will give you a coupon). Open bar until 1AM for 800THB. The club closes at 4.30AM.

Contact them:
Facebook: TaiPan

Ecstasy is a brand new boutique nightclub that does not have a large crowd yet. The only people inside looked desperate as if they had been smuggled by force from the street.

It is relatively small, with a 300-pax capacity and only 2 VIP corners. There is also a mezzanine but it was closed (probably because empty). It has a modern look, mainly due to its large LCD display behind the DJ. The dance floor area is well lit and slightly elevated, but the rest of the club is darker with a low ceiling.

To attract more people, they are having a really interesting open-bar promo at 599THB until 3AM. If you are both poor and an alcoholic, that's a deal you can't beat.

The DJs in Ecstasy play EDM/Rn'B, like almost everywhere else in Patong. You can buy a bottle of Red Label for 3,500THB, a bottle of Black Label for 4,000THB, a beer for 180THB and a standard glass of alcohol for 240THB.

Contact them:
Facebook: Ecstasy Patong

This club was called Hollywood a few years ago, then it changed its name to VIP room, and it's called Hollywood again since December 2016. You can access it by walking up some stairs covered in red carpet and bordered by two giant Oscar's statues.

They have live music from 9pm to 11pm, then a DJ until 3am and, finally, a Thai band until close. In between, foreign gogo dancers (female and male) will perform various shows. Monday is a hip-hop night.

It wasn't very crowded when I went there, especially compared to any of the venues above. A few tourists, some Thai groups and girls who seemed to be freelancers. The design and the setup of the club is decent though, especially the LED rain effect on the ceiling.

The prices are reasonable, around 100THB for a beer and 280THB for a cocktail.

Contact them:
Facebook: Hollywood Phuket

Meeting Girls in Patong Nightclubs
To summarize, I would say that there are four types of girls you might meet in a Patong club:

→ Thai working girls: Depending on the clubs, they make up from 95% to 20% of the women crowd in Patong. They are straight-forward: They are looking for a guy who will pay to have sex with them. You'll generally see them sitting down or standing in a corner with short skirts and high heels, trying to make high contact with guys who pass by. Some are bargirls trying to earn extra cash while other are 100% freelance prostitutes.

→ Thai party girls & professional girlfriends: These girls, usually more pretty than average, live a good life having multiple boyfriends and sugar daddies. They have charming and fun personalities, ideal for spending a good night out. They often sleep around, sometimes asking money, sometimes not. For sure, they are your best bet for a free one night stand. They often sit at a table with a bottle of alcohol (courtesy of the boyfriend who thought he was paying for school) and you'll notice they call the waiters by their names.

→ The Thai tourist: Usually from Bangkok, she is on holiday with her friends. If there are guys in her group, she will be quite hard to approach. If she is with girls, it won't be difficult. She might be reluctant to go home with you because she does not want to leave her friends alone or to look bad in front of them. Get at least her number. This is the best type of girls if you are looking for a more serious relationship. Most often, they can be seen on Walking street stopping every 2 minutes to take selfies. Inside the clubs, they stay in quiet areas when they are sober, then after 2 drinks they loose control and hit the podium.

→ Western tourist girls: Most are within a group of guys or with their boyfriends. Some are alone but they will be chased by 50 other guys (if they are pretty). Russian and eastern European girls are a special sub-category: Cold as ice, the most pretty are either prostitutes or impossible to talk to. I did manage to meet several though after befriending a Russian guy.

Using Dating Sites to Meet Girls
Chatting with girls on dating sites and inviting them for a drink is an excellent strategy for scoring with non-prostitutes.

You should start chatting before you arrive in Patong by connecting to either one of the two most popular Thai dating websites: Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid. Thai Friendly has more girls in Thailand but it does not have an international database (especially Vietnamese and Filipino girls). Either way, you can sign up on both for free, see if there are girls you like, then upgrade to a 25$ paid membership to improve your success rate. You can cancel it after you leave Thailand.

Tinder and Badoo (which I normally recommend because they are free) do not work well at all in Phuket. There are just too many guys and not enough girls.

Girl-Friendly Hotels Near Patong Nightclubs
I slept in the 4-star Swisshotel Resort which is 300 meters from Bangla street and rated 8.1/10 on Agoda. I paid 75$ per night (you might find a cheaper price here) for their most basic room which I found a bit expensive. The upside is that it shares the same building with Hard Rock Café and Hooters. There is also a street full of cheap beer bars just in front of the hotel (most of them are owned by foreigners). It is a girl-friendly hotel, but you have many families and children.

If you plan on partying hard and getting naughty, I advise you to stay in other hotels with a more open-minded customer base (note that you may be asked to pay a joiner fee of about 300THB if a girl comes with you at night). I didn't stay in the following hotels but they are the most recommended in specialized forums:

Budget Guest-Friendly Hotel in Patong:
Summer Breeze (1 minute walk from the first clubs), rated 8.3/10 and 35$ per night (or find a cheaper rate here)

If you want to spend less than 10$ for a cheap place to stay, there are dormitories just above the nightclub Illuzion. The name of the guesthouse is Kool Backpacker (but beware, they are not girl-friendly).

Best 3-Star Girl-Friendly Hotel
Yorkshire (2 minutes from the nightclubs), rated 8.2/10 and 50$ per night on Agoda (a few dollars less on HotelsCombined).

Best 4-Star Girl-Friendly Hotel
Sleep with Me (4 minutes walk from the clubs, 2 minutes from Jungceylon Mall), rated 8.5 with prices starting at 80$ per night (compare rates here).

Best 5-Star Girl-Friendly Hotel
Millennium Resort is a great choice for high-end clubbers (though popular with families as well). It is within Jungceylon Mall and next to Walking street. Rated 8.3/10 with prices starting at 80$ on Agoda (or try to find cheaper prices here).

Choosing a hotel near the nightlife also allows you to avoid the tuk-tuk mafia (200THB minimum to go anywhere).

General Advice about Nightclubs in Patong
Dress Code
You can enter any nightclub in Patong wearing just sandals, short pants and a T-shirt. That said, it is not a bad idea to try to look better than other guys, especially if you want to meet non-prostitutes. Wearing a buttoned shirt can help you with that.

Every nightclub I've been to was free (except White Room = 200THB). I was surprised as I read on other websites about people being charged up to 300THB in most clubs. I was in Patong early December and maybe it wasn't high season yet. Please leave a comment if you had to pay.

The drinks usually cost around 200THB for a local beer, 250THB for spirits, 300THB for cocktails. A cheap bottle of Smirnoff, Absolut or Red Label cost around 3,500THB (100$).

If you are on a budget, you can get drunk outside the clubs for twice less. Margarita bar in front of Illuzion is one of the cheapest bars I've seen and the owner is friendly (though probably poisoning me with fake booze).

Many touts on the streets (sometimes foreigners) sell open-bar promotions. The new Ecstasy club has the cheapest and most interesting one (THB599 until 3AM). In other venues, it costs THB800 and runs from 10pm to 1AM.

According to the weird (but fascinating) website, at least 274 foreigners died in Thailand in 2016. Among them, 111 died in Phuket. I let you imagine how many additional non-lethal accidents there were.

Party-related deaths are unfortunately too common, from the drunk-driving accident to the fight with security guards.

To reduce the risks, you should follow these rules:
- Do not drink and drive (choose a hotel close from the nightclubs I suggested earlier).
- Do not ride a motorbike at night.
- Do not use drugs (it's much safer to do it in Europe, Australia or the US).
- Do not provoke Thais or get into fights with Thai people, especially those working for nightclubs (they are recruited among the local mafia).
- If you bring a girl back to your hotel, remember to keep all your valuables locked in your safe.
- Make sure you have a travel insurance that covers medical evacuation (WorldNomads for instance which is recommended by both Lonely Planet and Rough Guides).
- Once you leave Bangla Street, try not to behave as a drunkards and please keep your clothes on.

If I forgot a nightclub or if there is a new opening, please leave a message in the comment section below!