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Taiwan Nightlife: 12 Best Nightclubs in Taipei (2018)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Taipei nightlife is considered by many expats as one of the best in all Asia. It is a combination of the best things the region has to offer: Modern venues, reasonable prices, friendly people and approachable girls. The number of nightclubs is limited though. Many are only open 3 nights a week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesdays are actually getting more and quieter, even with lower entrance fees. There are surprisingly few Westerners in Taipei and as a result, you will get more attention from normal girls compared to Singapore or even Bangkok (not to the level of Jakarta though). Where to Party in Taipei + Hotels A particularity of Taipei's nightlife is that almost all the interesting bars and nightclubs are located in the central area, near the Taipei 101 Tower . Two nearby complexes have several clubs: ATT4FUN and NEO19 . If you are lazy to read my article, you could actually just go there, enter one of these buildings and start partying in a random cl