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Surabaya Nightlife: Best Nightclubs, Bars and Spas

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
I have always enjoyed Surabaya nightlife even though the options for nightclubs and bars are limited and somewhat provincial.

3 million people live there, making it the second largest city in Indonesia. Compared to Jakarta, it still feels laid-back and unsophisticated. The streets are rather clean, you can walk on the sidewalks and the traffic is not horrible. There are several modern malls, but none of them as chic as Plaza Indonesia or even Grand Indonesia.

Few expats live in Surabaya and even fewer tourists visit it. As a result, you may get more attention than usual from the people. If you are a single guy, it is nice to see girls smiling at you in the streets or in the malls. On Tinder and other dating apps, expect to become quite popular.

Meeting a normal girl is fairly easy in certain clubs and bars like Desperados, Jimmy's, Eclectic or Colors Pub. In other venues, you may have either a lot of "lady companions" or just younger girls who are partying in groups.

I've written dozens of reviews about Surabaya already, you can read them here: Surabaya Nightclubs, Surabaya Bars, Surabaya Spas and Massage Parlours and Surabaya Live Music.

Hotels Near Surabaya Nightlife
Surabaya is a huge city without an obvious city center. The most interest nightlife venues are near Tunjungan Plaza (Jalan Basuki Rahmat) or near Surabaya Town Square (Jalan MayJen Sungkono). I created a map of all venues that you can see here: Surabaya Nightlife Map (also visible at the bottom of this article).

My hotel recommendations to enjoy Surabaya nightlife are the following:

Luxury and 5-star hotels:
JW Marriott and Shangri La both have expat bars within their walls, respectively Jimmy's and Desperados. Shangri La is the most expensive and nicest one.

The Sheraton is located within the new Tunjungan Plaza Mall extension, walking distance from the famous Coyote Top 10 Club.

Hotel Ciputra World is also within a luxury mall and it is brand new. The location is not as central but you have a few bars and clubs around like Capital Lounge and M1.

Hotel Majapahit is often considered the best hotel in Surabaya. It is near Tunjungan Plaza and it is perfect for a romantic weekend.

4-star hotels
TS Suites is located within the Surabaya Town Square. It is the best 4-star hotel in the city.

Aria Centra is a brand new hotel near Tunjungan Plaza. You still can get great opening prices (under 50$).

Midtown Hotel and Swiss Belinn Tunjungan are both walking distance from Tunjungan Plaza. They offer the best compromise between comfort and price.

If your budget is under 25$ per night, you can try Favehotel MexCitihub Sudirman and Citihub Tunjungan.

Hotels with spas inside
The 4-star Rich Palace Hotel (where Veneno Club is located) has a men's spa.

Complete review: 12 Hotels Near Surabaya Nightclubs and Bars.

Best Nightclubs in Surabaya
Most nightclubs in Surabaya are targeting a local crowd. The most popular are male-oriented, with lady companions or GROs available. People usually stay around a table and order bottles of alcohol. If people dance, it is between friends and not on the dancefloor.

Top 10 Coyote Bar and Karaoke
Part of the Top 10 Group (also behind 360 and Station), this small club is one of the most happening in Surabaya. Easy to access in Plaza Tunjungan, it features DJs and sexy dancers all night long (including girls from Thailand). No nude striptease, at best they'll wear a bikini. Most of the crowd is Indochinese, Singaporean and Malaysian.

It is the most expensive venue in Surabaya with a first drink charge of Rp200,000 on most nights.

Read a full review here: Coyote (Ten Club and Karaoke)

Located just above Eclectic Bar in Surabaya Town Square (Sutos), Foreplay is a popular nightclub with a young student crowd. Contrary to other venues in the city, there are no prostitutes or escorts.

It has events every night of the week and it is recommended on Mondays (Campus Night), Wednesdays (Ladies Night) and on weekends.

Read a full review here: Foreplay Surabaya

M-One Nightclub
M-One (or M1) is a more recent addition to Surabaya nightlife. It has an older crowd compared with Foreplay, but the concept is similar. The music is EDM or hip-hop depending on the night.

Read my full review: M-One Surabaya

Club 360
Owned by the same group behind Coyote, Club 360 is a large, round-shaped nightclub located in Royal Plaza Mall. It is part of a complex featuring a sexy spa (Celsius) and a karaoke. Club 360 is not so busy during the week unless there is a special event. Most girls inside are either escorts (lady companions) or part of a larger groups of friends (thus difficult to approach).

More information: Club 360 Surabaya

Penthouse Club and KTC
Penthouse is similar to 360 and Coyote. There are quite many girls but almost all of them are working as lady companions in the huge 56-room karaoke.

If you are ready to pay for company, it is a fun place. The club is quite busy any day of the week with all kinds of events: Guest DJs (usually sexy FDJs, sexy dancers, fashion shows, live bands, etc). Check their website: Penthouse International Business Club.

Veneno Nightclub
This is a new, small club located in the basement of the Rich Palace Hotel. It is not really busy until now.

See my review: Veneno Nightclub

Local Nightclubs
There are also several very local nightclubs that I don't think you would enjoy as a foreigner. If you are curious and looking for seedy spots with prostitutes and drugs, you may want to go to Kowloon, LCC, Station and Club Deluxe.

Best Bars and Live Music Venues in Surabaya
Jimmy's is the bar of the JW Marriott Hotel (which used to be Vertical Six). It has live bands every night, with a DJ mixing during breaks. There may be a few working girls, but most of the crowd is normal.

Read a full review: Jimmy's Surabaya

Colors Pub
This bar is similar to Jimmy's: It features live bands, DJs or special shows every night. It is not as crowded as it used to be. Decent pub food available.

Read my article about it: Colors Surabaya

Eclectic Bar
Eclectic Bar is almost always busy, probably because of its location in the entrance of the popular Surabaya Town Square mall. If you need to have a drink during the week, this would be my first recommendation as you can be sure you won't be alone. Near Eclectic are several other bars and cafés like RUI lounge, Stonehead and Tiga Tuan.

More information: Eclectic Bar

Desperados is the sports bar of the Shangri La Hotel. This is where you'll find the highest concentration of expats and foreigners in the city, mostly guys above 40. Some girls go there to find a boyfriend (and others to find money). Live music every evening.

Full review: Desperados Shangri La

Part of the Society Complex on Jalan Sumatra (walking distance from Colors Pub), this is the hipster bar of Surabaya. It is the kind of bar you wouldn't be surprised to find in SCBD or Senopati in Jakarta.

I went there twice and had two very different experiences. The first time was during the week and it was completely empty. The second time was during an event and it was packed with upper class Indonesians.

My advice would be to check their Instagram for events before going there. There is also a restaurant and a coffee shop.

Best Spas and Massage Parlours in Surabaya
If you are looking for the best spas in the city, please read my individual reviews here: Spas and Massage Parlours in Surabaya.

Surabaya Nightlife Map
To get a better idea of where are the nightclubs, bars, KTVs and spas in Surabaya, you can look at the map below:

Kowloon Nightclub Surabaya (C-Bar)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Kowloon International Palace is a one-stop entertainment complex in Surabaya. It features C-bar (live music), Kowloon (nightclub) and a Chinese restaurant. They also do weddings and concerts in their function hall.

It is located on the 5th floor of the mid-class mall Plaza Surabaya. The first time I went there, the taxi dropped me off at the lobby, but there is no lift so I had to walk through the parking to get there. Make sure you get dropped on the 5th floor.

The nightclub is a typical Indonesian disco with drugs and prostitution easily available. Within 5 minutes I was there, I was offered ecstasy by the waiters and 2 girls came to my table asking me if I needed company. It is in the shape of a large rectangle, half the size of a football field, with barely any decoration. It is dark and the only thing you can see is the DJ on his podium and the giant TV screens.

The music was loud "happy" techno which can be quite boring if you are not at least drunk. The best part of my visit was the sexy dancers show that lasted about 15 minutes. The girls were really hot and the whole time I was wondering if they would do a striptease (they didn't and kept their bras on).
If I had come earlier, I could have enjoyed live music in C-Bar. Entrance fee was Rp30,000 with 1 free pack of LA cigarettes. The cheapest beer inside was a whopping Rp70,000.

Overall: If you want to take drugs and party hard until 7am, this is one of the best venues for it in Surabaya (the other one is Station Top 10).

Kowloon Palace
Plaza Surabaya 5th Floor
Jalan Pemuda No. 31-37, (near Genteng train station), Surabaya, East Java
Phone number: +62 (0) 31 531 5300

Instagram: Kowloon Palace
Facebook: Kowloon

12 Hotels Near Surabaya Nightclubs and Bars

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Surabaya nightlife is centered around a few areas:

The most strategic one is Tunjungan Plaza, where you have nightclubs like Coyote, Station Top 10, Colours Pub and Kowloon. You can see a full list of nearby properties here: Hotels Near Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya.

Another option is to stay near Surabaya Town Square (Sutos) This mall is about 10 minutes away from Tunjungan Plaza by taxi. Inside, there are several nice bars, and particularly Eclectic Pub, one of the most happening in the city. There is also a nightclub called Foreplay popular with students. The Sutos area is more suitable if you are a younger traveler. You can see a full list of nearby properties here: Hotels Near Surabaya Town Square Surabaya.

As I mentioned in my full review Surabaya nightlife, the most recommended hotels near nightclubs in Surabaya are the following:

Budget Hotels (Less than 30$)
Walking distance from Tunjungan Plaza Mall (2 minutes away)

5 minutes taxi ride to Tunjungan Plaza

In front of Tunjungan Plaza

Mid-range Hotels (30$ to 60$)
Walking distance  (2 minutes) from Tunjungan Plaza.

4-Star Hotels (60$ to 100$)
Inside Sutos, 1 minute from Foreplay nightclub and Eclectic.

Walking distance to Tunjungan Plaza

5-Star Hotels (more than 100$)
JW Marriott and Shangri La are the two most popular 5-star hotels in Surabaya because they both have an expat bar inside. JW Marriott has Jimmy's and Shangri-La has Desperados. Jimmy's is more happening but the Shangri-La is a nicer and more expensive hotel. There are always a few prostitutes looking for clients in those bars.

JW Marriott is a 5-minute taxi ride from Tunjungan Plaza and Shangri-La is 5 minutes away from Surabaya Town Square.

Sheraton Tunjungan Plaza, as you could guess, is inside the mall of the same name and a few meters away from Coyote Top 10 Club.

Hotel Ciputra World is near Capital Lounge and M1 nightclub, but far from the rest of Surabaya nightlife.

Naughty Sex Hotels
Inside the 4-star Rich Palace Hotel, there is a men's spa with plus plus services sometimes available.

Note that all the hotels mentioned above are girl-friendly, meaning you are allowed to bring a last minute guest to your room.

Jimmy's (Marriott Hotel Surabaya)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →

Jimmy's is the bar/nightclub that replaces Vertical Six in Marriott Hotel in Surabaya. It is more of a live music venue, similar with Colors Pub.

I've never seen it completely packed but still, it is one of the most happening bars in town. You can expect to have between 50 and 100 pax every night, a mix of local residents, travelers and expats. There were quite a few girls as well who did not seem to be prostitutes. A few of them were drinking alone at the bar which is a bit suspicious though.

They have daily live music, Top 40 hits played by an Indonesian band. At least once a week they will have a special event: Guest DJ (usually from Jakarta), famous singer, sexy models/dancers, etc.

Overall: A fun bar/club to visit while you are in Surabaya. Nothing incredible but the atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful. My top recommendation if you are a foreigner (Desperados is more old and sleepy).

Jimmy's Pub
Marriott Hotel Surabaya
Jalan Embong Malang 85-89
Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia 60261

Instagram: Jimmy's Lounge

Opening Hours:
From Tuesday to Sunday from 10pm to 3am

Eclectic Pub and Lounge (Surabaya)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Eclectic Pub and Lounge is a bar located in Surabaya Town Square mall (Sutos). It belongs to the owner of the mall, who also opened Eclectic Pub in Cilandak Town Square (Citos) and Seminyak Town Square.

Eclectic is one of the best nightlife venues in Surabaya because it is always crowded. In fact, when I'm in Surabaya I often start a night out in Sutos because I'm always sure to find somewhere happening. Eclectic is my number one choice, but you also have Tiga TuanThe Light Coffee (TLC), and Stonehead Café a few meters away. After midnight you can move to the nightclub Foreplay.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing incredible about Eclectic. The main reason to go there is because it is busy and cheap. You can get a cocktail/liquor for under Rp100,000 and a local beer for less than Rp50,0000. They also serve food, mostly pizzas, steaks and burgers but the taste is less than average.

They have a live band every night, playing mostly Top 40 songs. Tuesday is Rock night, Thursday DJ night and Friday retro night. The crowd is young, mixing executive, students and a few expats. It is also a decent pick-up place for girls, but most will only give you their numbers.

Eclectic Pub and Lounge
Eclectic Too Wine and Beer
Town Square Surabaya (Sutos)
Jalan Hayam Wuruk No 6 - Surabaya

Phone number: +62 (0) 31 9266 8599
Mobile: 08 3855 28 599 or 08 8803 20 3393

Twitter: Eclectic SBY
Website (currently down):

Open everyday from 4pm to midnight (later on weekends)

Photo credit: Second photo by Green Cinematic

Club 360 - Renaissance Royal (Surabaya)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Club 360 is part of the Renaissance Royal complex in Royal Plaza in Surabaya. It is next to the massage parlour Celsius and the KTV Rhythm. Everything belongs to the Top Ten Group, the owner of Coyote and Stasiun Disco.

The club is not always very crowded. Most often, you only have a few groups of guys drinking with lady companions from the karaoke. If you come without a girl, you may have a GRO (Guest Relation Officer) coming to chat with you. Don't expect to find a normal girl in 360°, only a few are available.

The busiest nights are Wednesdays (Ladies night), Thursdays (360° Versity Event) and Saturdays (Special DJ or live band). The first drink charge is usually around Rp100,000. A bottle should get you a high table (the cheapest costs around Rp800,000). The music is EDM, trance and progressive.

It is rather big, with a circular shape, but people stay together so you don't really meet anyone there. I prefer M-One or Foreplay. The only advantage of 360 is that you have sexy lady companions and sexy dancers.

Club 360 Surabaya
Royal Plaza, Jalan Ahmad Yani

Phone number: +62 8 12 17 46 0001

Instagram: Club 360
Twitter: 360_club

Colors Pub (Surabaya)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Colors Pub is one of the most famous bars/clubs in Surabaya. Centrally located on Jalan Surabaya (next to the Society Complex), it is part of the same group behind Eclectic and Our Bar.

It is mostly a live music venue with a large performance stage and tables all around it. They are opened every day of the week, with the current schedule:

Live music with all night happy hours

Live rock music

Ladies Night. Live band and DJ playing Rn'B, Hip Hop, Funk, Disco and Retro songs. Free entry for ladies.

Fashion show with a different theme every week: sexy workers, sexy sport outfits, etc (see photo above). Free cocktail for women wearing heels.

Dance culture with a DJ after 10pm playing electronic music (techno, progressive, underground, etc)

Live music and Top 40

University/Campus night. Get 50% off with your student ID.

I think Colors is not as happening as it used to be. The last few times I went there, it was not so crowded (at least during the week). Still, it is worth having a look because the bands are generally among the best in Surabaya and the food (typical pub fare) is decent. If you are hoping to meet a girl, you'll always find a few of them eyeing for foreigners. A few of them are money-oriented so beware.

You have a First Drink Charge (FDC) but if you come before midnight you'll avoid it.

Colors Pub Surabaya
Jalan Sumatra 81, Surabaya, East Java
Phone number: +62 (0) 31 5030 562

To check their latest pics and events:
Twitter: ColorsPubSBY

20 Famous Prostitute Bars in Luxury Hotels in Asia

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
If you are familiar with 5-star hotels in Asia, you know that they are often the best places to find freelance prostitutes in a particular city. Many will have a bar or a nightclub where working girls can offer their services without any problems. They are even encouraged to do so in some venues with free entrance and free drinks. The tolerance of the hotel managers/owners for prostitution activities within their walls may seem surprising. It is actually very logical and it can be explained easily.

First, most of the clients in these hotels are male who are traveling alone, usually for business purposes. For them, the availability of (paid) sex is the main reason they will choose a brand over another. Any hotel with a happening pick-up bar is guaranteed a high-level of occupancy.

Second, many clients prefer staying in hotels that have in-house bars because it is a sign they will be girl-friendly. They will feel more comfortable bringing a girl back to their room: That's what other guests do and the staff is used to it. In the morning, the same people won't feel too ashamed going to breakfast with a girl half their age and wearing a mini-skirt from the day before.

Finally, those bars are money-making machines: They are packed every night, particularly during week days because that's when business people are traveling. They can charge pretty much any prices they want since the expenses can be claimed to the company. And they draw an important crowd from outside, interested to meet with hookers and willing to spend hundreds of dollars on alcoholic drinks.

The famous 5-star hotel chains are rather discreet about all this. They are probably afraid that too much publicity would draw the ire of some feminist groups. I'm doing a favor to the latter by listing below all the most famous prostitute bars and nightclubs in Asia that are located inside 5-star and luxury hotels. Note that this is not organized prostitution: All girls are freelancers who have no affiliation with the hotels. In some places, they make up for 95% of the total women crowd while in other they are a small minority.

I could not find much information for cities like Osaka, Tokyo, Taipei, Delhi and Mumbai. Please leave a comment below if there is a hotel bar you recommend there.

Dating Asian Girls
I've always found it was a waste of money to pay for sex in Asia considering how easy it is to date girls. This has never been more true today thanks to the number of dating sites in the region.

If you are interested to meet Asian girls from any nationality, you can check It is part of the group and features over 2,5m members. There are thousands of women online at anytime, and you'll be surprised to match even with much younger beauties.

The sign up is free and fast. You can immediately start checking profiles and try to match with girls. I recommend you to upgrade to the premium membership though as it will allow you to send an unlimited number of messages. Probably the best 25$ you'll ever spend. To register and view the girls, you can click here: Asian Dating - Sign Up.

Intercontinental Hotel - Mixx Discotheque
This Bangkok nightclub is one of the most popular in the city. There are 2 dance floors, one with hip-hop and one with EDM. Very expensive but pretty escorts everywhere, among which many are Russian.

Grand Hyatt Erawan - Spasso (CLOSED)
You will find here classy escorts asking for 150$-200$ for sex. Clients are mostly white male above 40. Live band every night.

Climax is another famous freelance club but it is located in the basement of a mid-range hotel, Ambassador. More about Bangkok nightlife: 30 Best nightclubs in Bangkok.
Very crowded live music and DJ bar. It is unique to my knowledge in Asia for the number of prostitutes' nationalities. I would say you have girls from at least 20 countries on any given night. Most are Thai, Filipinas, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Chinese. Many African girls as well.

Cé La Vi on top of Marina Bay Sands has always some prostitutes too.

Two bars in Jakarta get most of the business crowd in the city. CJ's is more expensive and popular with an Arab, Chinese and Indian crowd while BATS is full of European, Australian and American executives. Both have dozens and dozens of working girls and live music every night of the week.

Shangri La Surabaya - Desperados
One of the few bars with foreigners in Surabaya, you'll find local live music, steaks and several friendly prostitutes. It is laid-back and fun, just like the rest of the city.

Kuala Lumpur
Hilton KL: Zeta Bar
Crowded with expats, this bar is the best place in KL for live music. You also have many women, most of them above 30 and a few prostitutes too (Indonesian). More information: Read my guide about Kuala Lumpur Nightlife.

Caravelle Hotel - Saigon-Saigon Bar
Owned by the Vietnamese government, this rooftop bar always has some money-oriented women, especially on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It is discreet though as you would expect in Vietnam.
You also generally have high-class Vietnamese escorts in the bars of the luxury hotel casinos such as Catwalk in New World Hotel Saigon. To access those places you must be a foreigner and bring your passport.

Previously called Palladium, this nightclub has a mixed crowd of both normal girls and prostitutes. It is not so crowded though except on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Though this is hardly the only hotel bar in Shanghai with escorts, it is a favorite because of the amazing view and sophisticated design. You also have a large tourist and expat women crowd.

One of the most famous pick-up bars in Beijing. Great for meeting pros and normal girls. Rooftop location with live music every night. Beware of lady boys.

W Guangzhou: Fei Ultralounge
This trendy club has a foreign cover band every night playing top 40 songs. They usually have some semi-pros looking for wealthy foreigners sitting at the bar.

Grand Hyatt Seoul - JJ Mahoney's Seoul
This club has existed for years and it is still very popular with foreigners. Though most girls are not professional, you can always find a few ladies asking between $300 and $500 for a night in your room.

The Venetian Macau - Bellini and MGM Macau - Lion's Bar
Both are similar: Expensive, inside 5-star hotels, next to the casinos, with good live bands and many tourists. 

Parkroyal Yangon by PanPacific - Club 5
This is probably the best place in all Myanmar to hook up with beautiful local girls. Their number is limited by the management to only 20 per night so it's better to go there early.

This popular nightclub is mostly crowded with Burmese but you have some expats and tourists as well. Gorgeous girls available for a cheap price.

Sedona Hotel - Ice Bar
This bar is similar to Club 5 but less crowded. It is popular with businessmen from neighboring Asian countries. Live music every night.

Phnom Penh
Naga World Hotel and Casino - Darlin' Darlin'
The most expensive nightclub in Phnom Penh, it is next to the casino and mostly crowded with Japanese guests. Girls are very pretty but pricey.

Hong Kong
LKF Hotel by Rhombus - Azure
Chic rooftop bar that also serves food. Quiet during the week, it is better to go after midnight.

A reader also mentioned the Peninsula Hotel HK with Felix au Peninsula Bar.

Do you think I forgot to mention a famous pick-up bar? Maybe I should add a few other cities? Please leave a comment below to help me complete this list!