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Sagitarius Hotel, Lounge and Spa (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Sagitarius, also called Sagita, is an upscale men's spa and lounge located in the city center of Jakarta. It is one street behind All Seasons Thamrin , just 5 minutes away from the BNI Sudirman train station and less than 10 minutes walking distance from Grand Indonesia. Opened in June 2018, it is also home to a "hotel" and a rooftop called Arrow. It is one of the rare massage parlors with "plus plus" (sexual services) that are easily accessible from the Central Business District and I guess it will be popular quickly. This only other one I can think of is Fortune , near Le Méridien Hotel . It is typical of other similar venues in Jakarta: On the 2nd floor, you have the spa lounge, which is quite large and can accommodate some events occasionally (DJs, sexy dancer shows, live music etc). Next are the facilities, sauna, steam, cold and hot pool. The overall atmosphere is dark but soothing as you feel like being in a bubble isolated from the re

Cherry Spa, Bar & KTV (Grand Wijaya)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Cherry is a spa, bar and karaoke located in the Grand Wijaya complex, an area with several other naughty massage parlours and karaokes such as Fortune , D'Heaven and Delta . It is popular with Japanese/Korean expats and it is walking distance from the budget hotel Amaris Panglima Polim 2 and the 4-star property The 101 Sedayu .

Grand Velvet Spa (Gandaria)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Grand Velvet is a spa/massage parlour that you can see on Jalan Arteri Pondok Indah just before arriving to Gandaria mall.  There are no "special" services included in the price of the room, but the girls usually agree to provide handjobs, blowjobs and sex. For this reason, it was raided by the police in May (but surprisingly it reopened just a few days later). You can choose between 3 types of room: Standard (no toilet, Rp230,000/90 minutes), Deluxe (with shower, Rp280,000/90 minutes) and VIP (with bathtub, Rp310,000/90 minutes). If you want an extra, you will have to negotiate with the girl. In general, she will ask Rp100,000 for a handjob, Rp200,000 for a blowjob and Rp300,000 for sex.

VINS Lounge, Spa and Karaoke (Pondok Indah)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
VINS Lounge, Spa and Karaoke is a new "naughty" venue in Pondok Indah. It will officially open after Ramadan in July 2016. It features a lounge with live music and DJ every day. They also promise sexy dancer shows but I don't know yet if the girls will be naked like in Kota. What is for sure is that both the karaoke and the spas are naughty, with plenty of lady companions and therapists.

Pesona Sehat Massage Parlour (Wijaya Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Pesona Sehat is a massage parlour in South Jakarta where it is possible to have sex, depending on the girls. I was quoted the following prices which are quite high: Handjob = Rp500,000, Blowjob = Rp600,000, Full Sex = Rp1,000,000. On top of that, you must pay an additional Rp185,000 for the room.

Anggrek Spa (Massage Plus) - South Jakarta

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Anggrek Spa is part of the same group with the Orchid Spas in Alam Sutera, Gading Serpong and BSD . It is a fully equipped massage parlour located behind ITC Fatmawati in South Jakarta. It is one of the closest spas for expats living in Kemang or South Jakarta. You will find a sauna, a jacuzzi and a lounge (on the first floor) where you can choose the therapist before getting your massage. Girls in Anggrek Spa usually provide guests with full sexual services for a tip varying from Rp400,000 to Rp500,000. You must still pay for the room on top of that. Prices for the room are as follow: Deluxe room without shower: Rp215,000 for 75 minutes VIP room with TV and shower: Rp265,000 for 75 minutes Super VIP room with TV and bathtub: Rp295,000 for 75 minutes

Mars Spa (Grand Indonesia + Pondok Indah)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Mars Spa is a massage parlour for male only. It is cheap and relatively clean, with services similar services to  Delta Spa or MyPlace . It is a recommended for those looking for a massage near Sudirman or Thamrin area. It is a cheaper alternative to  Fortune Spa . Mars is build on 4 floors. On the first floor, you have small spa facilities like jacuzzi and sauna. On the second floor, there is a lounge with about 20 girls. Half of them are "plus plus" therapists while the other ones are prostitutes. Above are rooms. The price for 90 minutes massage in a standard room is 190,000rp, in deluxe room 250,000rp and in the VIP room 280,000. You must add a tip for the girl at the end. If you want to sleep with one of the prostitute, you must take the all inclusive package for Rp700,000. The basic rooms only have a curtain so you can hear people having sex next to you. About once a month, they have special party in their lounge. I visited when they had naked girls dancin

D'Heaven Hotel And Spa

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Opened in 2012, D'Heaven Spa is a mid-range male bordello disguised as a massage parlour. There are two location in Jakarta in Kelapa Gading and a recently opened branch in Grand Wijaya (South Jakarta). It is a popular spa with Indonesians looking for value for money treatments and relief. Considering the crackdown on online prostitution currently happening in Jakarta, I was surprised that the management of D'Heaven is advertising the sexual services of its spa everywhere on the internet. It is not hiding that the massage is always naked, that the client can get "petik mangga" (play with balls) and that with the proper "tip", you can get more than just a massage. According to the information provided on Kaskus forum for instance (in Indonesian), a HJ will require a 100,000rp tip, a BJ will require a 200,000rp tip and FJ will cost you an additional 300,000rp tip. This is just for the tip paid directly to the girl. You also have to pay