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Executive Club (EC) Karaoke - Semarang

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
EC (Executive Club) is a chain of karaoke from the Varuna Group with locations in Semarang, Yogyakarta, Bali (Denpasar), Pekalongan and Cilacap.

In each of these cities, it is considered high-end with some of the prettiest LCs (Lady Companions) in town.

I visited the branch in Semarang, which is a bit hard to find on the last floor of Java Mall. You have to access it from the parking area (no lift at night).
You have a small lounge with live music or DJ and 11 karaoke rooms. The largest one, the Penthouse, can welcome up to 25 people. It is modern, clean and the staff is very pleasing. It is popular with Korean and Japanese guests. If you ask for a girl who is willing to be booked out (BO), you can take her home or to your hotel (with a generous tip of course, usually at least Rp500,000).

Live music is from Monday to Saturday between 10pm and 1am. On Saturday they sometimes have sexy dancers.

Opening Hours:
Every day from 7pm to 3am.

Executive Club, Karaoke & Bar
Java Mall Parking P7
Jalan MT Haryono No 992-995, Semarang

Phone number: 024 8410 215 or 024 8410 216

Facebook: EC Semarang
Twitter: EC Karaoke

Semarang Nightlife: Best Bars, Clubs, Karaokes and Spas

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Semarang is the 5th largest city in Indonesia with almost 2 millions inhabitants. Yet, its nightlife is not very developed apart from a few male-oriented bars, clubs, karaokes and spas.

As a friend from Semarang told me, the problem is that most young people fall into one of these categories:
- They are single but they still live with parents
- They are conservative or not interested with clubbing
- They married young and already have kids
- They left Semarang for Jakarta, Surabaya or Bali
- They cannot afford partying

In the end, the few people you see in clubs are Indo-Chinese men/local businessmen/government employees (all of them with their escorts/LCs), some Indonesians on business trips or traveling, very few expats and occasionally, students.

This does not mean that you cannot have fun, especially on weekends as you still have a few good venues for party. Foreigners are very rare so you can expect to be treated like royalty.

In this small guide I will give you a few tips to make sure you enjoy the best of Semarang nightlife.

Girl-Friendly Hotels near the Nightclubs:
Hotels are cheap in Semarang. Even the best one in the city, the Crowne Plaza is around 60$-70$ a night. 

I recommend you to book one of these hotels because they are close from the tourist attractions and near the best nightclubs. They are also girl-friendly and they are used to welcoming foreigners.

Crown Plaza Semarang: This is my most recommend hotel as it is within one of the best malls in Semarang (Paragon Mall).
Novotel Semarang: Second most recommended, with a live music bar inside (and some prostitutes as well)

The best nightclub in Semarang, Babyface (and Relique Spa) is not in the city center but near the airport. The only decent hotel nearby is Fovere.

Meeting Girls in Semarang
Meeting normal girls in nightclubs in Semarang is not a great idea. Very few single girls are out partying: They are generally accompanying their boyfriends or some guys paying for their drinks.

You can assume that 80% of girls who are alone in a nightclub are working there as lady companions or GROs (which does not mean they are prostitutes). Their job is to make you spend more money and they will get a commission based on how many drinks you buy. They will generally give their phone numbers quite easily, and if you are friendly enough it shouldn't be too difficult to get them to have a drink with you the next day. They are often fun to hang out with and good companions. They are usually expecting either a relationship, some kind of gifts, or just the excitement of being treated nice dinners/drinks. Just make sure the one you are talking to is single.

If you are not shy, meeting girls in Semarang during the day is not difficult, but it is likely that they will be quite conservative and unwilling to go further than having a cup of coffee. 

As usual in small cities, your best bet is to use dating apps and website like Tinder, Badoo or Skout. I made a list here for your reference: Best Dating Apps in Indonesia.

Happening Bars and Lounges in Semarang
If you are looking for a relaxed venue to have a few drinks in Semarang, I would advise one of the bars/lounges/restaurants below. Most of them are located in the Southern hills, with good views on the city. Click on the link for full review:

The most modern bar in Semarang. Good crowd but a bit pricey.

Upmarket restaurant and lounge with a great view on Semarang.

The favourite hang-out spot for students and younger expats. Good choice of beers.

The most famous expat bar in Semarang. Old-style and relaxed.

This bar is great for cocktails. It is within the old town in a Dutch heritage building. Popular with tourists.

Best Nightclubs in Semarang
Nightclubs in Semarang always work with a similar concept: They are small lounges with live music at the beginning of the evening, and then a DJ afterwards. You rarely have a dancefloor, only people drinking and dancing around tables.

There are only 3 good ones in the city in my opinion:

The busiest nightclub in Semarang at the moment. It is always full on weekends and they have the most interesting events including sexy dancers, live bands and DJs. It is owned by the Varuna Group. Most customers are Indochinese.

The main issue with Babyface is that it is located a bit far from the city center, in the North. E-Plaza on the contrary is walking distance from any hotels on Simpang Lima. It is similar with Babyface but not as crowded. They have good bands every night and many pretty GROs.

Liquid Club is more down-to-earth and with a younger crowd, many of whom are students. If you are under 25 that's probably where you should go. They often have sexy dancers on weekends.

I also liked the nightclub X-Point but it is located in a dirty area and it has an underground feel that you may not feel comfortable with.

Prostitution in Semarang: Karaoke and Spas
There are plenty of traditional bordellos, "panti pijat', salons, karaokes and spas in Semarang. Actually, most of the nightlife in the city is prostitution-oriented: 90% of party-goers are male paying for sex or some kind of entertainment from girls.

The prices for "full service" in the luxury spas in Semarang is usually from Rp300,000 to Rp500,000. This is a tip you have to pay to the girl on top of the price of the room (between Rp250,000 and Rp350,000). 

The best massage parlours plus plus in Semarang are Emporium, Relique, Live, Eleven, Home or Elysium. I'm not sure if the last two are still open.

For karaokes, you can check BabyfaceKyuKyu, EC Karaoke, Eleven, 7KTV, Royal, Virgo, LiveX-Point and V5. In those places, not all girls are willing to be taken to a hotel. You should ask for a girl who is willing to be booked out if that is your intention. The price is between Rp500,000 and Rp1,000,000 for the whole night.

More and more of the prostitution in Semarang happens online on twitter, facebook, instagram, wechat and badoo. Girls advertise their services for BO (booking out) long-term or short term openly. The accounts of many girls are managed by pimps who take care of the transport, payment and safety. If the pictures are too good to be true, then you can assume they are fake.

E-Plaza Club, Karaoke, Resto (Semarang)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Entertainment Plaza or E-Plaza or EP is one of the best venues for nightlife in Semarang. It is modern and exclusive, similar to Babyface and Liquid.

E-Plaza is a one-stop entertainment complex with several outlets: a live music lounge/nightclub, a karaoke called 7KTV, a cinema and a restaurant. It is conveniently located on Simpang Lima, in the city center, and all taxis will know how to take you there. Beware the entrance is a bit dodgy.
Entrance of E-Plaza and 7 KTV
I only visited the lounge, which can be accessed with a first drink charge of Rp100,000. The lounge is medium-sized (200 pax capacity) and it was not so crowded when I arrived around 11pm. People started coming after midnight. The band was playing covers of famous songs, nothing really surprising. Good lighting and sound system though. 
There is almost no dance floor. Guests usually drink in groups on a table or a sofa. Men who come alone are approached by hostesses / GROs who can keep them company for the whole evening. They will get a commission on drinks + a tip from the customer. There was about 10 of them all around, most quite pretty.

Very few girls come to E-Plaza alone so apart from the GROs, your chances of finding a girl are slim.

The DJs usually play EDM, sometimes hip hop. On weekends it is not rare to get a "famous" band or DJ from Jakarta with sexy dancers.

For more information, pictures and a schedule of their special events, check the following:
Facebook: EP Semarang
Instagram: E-Plaza

E-Plaza Club and 7 KTV
Ruko Gajah Mada Plaza 2nd Floor Unit B29,
Simpang Lima, Semarang, Central Java

BB Pin: 7D57785D
Phone Number: 024 8452294

Opening Hours:
Every day from 10am to 3am

Live Spa and Karaoke (Semarang)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Live Spa is a massage parlour located in the North of Semarang. It is next to the disco X-Point, in a rather seedy area. If you are not comfortable going to local spots, it is best for you to avoid and to go to Relique instead (10 minutes away by car).

Girls in Live Spa are rather pretty and the prices are cheaper though. If you want sex, you can get full service for approximately Rp500,000 (including the room and the tip to the girl). For just a handjob, it should be around Rp300,000.

Live Spa and Karaoke (Semarang)
Jalan Telaga Mas Raya 1B - 8B
Phone number: 024-33055111

X Point Nightclub and Karaoke (Semarang)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
X Point is a nightclub and karaoke located in the North of Semarang, next to Live Spa. They have a small lounge with live music or DJ playing techno.  The girls are quite pretty (all of them are working there). It is dark and loud but friendly, especially if you are a foreigner as they are quite rare.

The outside area is a bit scary at night. Don't visit it if you are not used to exploring local nightclubs.

X-Point Nightclub and Karaoke Semarang
Ruko Telaga Mas A1-A6, Jalan Telaga Mas Raya, Semarang, Central Java
Phone number: 024 3584517

Opening Hours:
Every day from 7pm to 3am

Relique Spa (Semarang, Cilacap, Pekalongan)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →

Relique Spa is a small chain of massage parlours with currently three locations in Cilacap, Pekalongan and Semarang. It is owned by Varunia Group which is also behind, among others, EC Karaoke (Yogyakarta, Bali, Semarang) and Babyface Semarang.

Relique Spa is upmarket for those cities, but not yet to the standard of the best spas in Jakarta. In Cilacap and Pekalongan, it is the best spa available. In Semarang, it is tied with Emporium and Live.

The price for facilities + room + massage is between Rp250,000 and Rp350,000 for 90 minutes. You may then give the girl a tip depending on the service provided. In general, you should give as follow:

HJ between Rp50,000 and Rp100,000
BJ Rp200,000
Full sex between Rp300,000 and Rp500,000

They also have a package "all inclusive" for Rp550,000 - Rp650,000 (depending on discounts).

Relique Executive Spa - Cilacap
Hotel Dafam Cilacap
Jalan Dr. Wahidin Number 5-7 
Phone number: 0282 533775

Relique Executive Spa - Pekalongan
Hotel Marlin Pekalongan
Jalan Raya Wiradesa Number 25 
Phone number: 0285 4414327

Relique Executive Spa - Semarang (ex Fit and Fresh, ex Delta)
Next to Babyface
Jalan Raya Puri Anjasmoro Blok EI/8 
West Semarang
Phone number: 024 760 2520
HP: 08 78 20 07 76 90


Babyface Club and Karaoke (Semarang)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Babyface is one of the best nightclubs in Semarang at the moment (with E-Lounge and Liquid). It is in a complex that includes a karaoke and Relique Spa. The club has a capacity of approximately 200-300 pax and it will normally be full on weekends. They have live bands or DJs playing anything that gets people moving. Mostly you will hear EDM, hip-hop and remixes of Top 40 hits. They often have visiting DJs, bands, singers, models and sexy dancers from Jakarta.

The club has a large Chinese male crowd. They are sometimes with hot girls which may or may not be their girlfriends. I also saw a few foreigners in their 40s who were probably expats. There are many escorts and lady companions but very few normal girls so it might be difficult to pick up someone without paying.

I paid Rp100,000 to get in with a free beer included. There was a big sign in the entrance saying "Strict Dress Code Applies" but I saw people wearing shorts inside. They have a ladies night on Wednesday (free entrance for girls).

Regarding the karaoke, there are 15 rooms with capacity from 6 people up to 15. 2 kinds of vouchers from Rp500,000 to Rp800,000 for LC (3 hours).

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 2pm to 3am

Babyface Nightclub & Karaoke Semarang
Jalan Puri Anjasmoro Blok E 1/8 (same building as Relique Spa (ex-Delta Semarang)

Phone number: 024 7073 7370 or 024 76636555 or 024 76635555 (karaoke)
BB Pin: 52A96740

For more information about facilities, prices and events:
Twitter: babyfaceclub

Email: or

Liquid Club (Semarang)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Liquid is one of the best nightclubs in Semarang. It is located in the city center, next to Happy Puppy karaoke and therefore quite easy to visit. Most of the crowd is masculine but you also have a few girls who seemed normal (they are accompanying other guys though). The music is EDM, hip hop or house, with special events almost weekly. Events are usually guest DJs from Jakarta, sexy dancers, live bands or singers.

On weekend, I paid a Rp75,000 entrance with a free pack of cigarettes. Free for women. It is packed on weekends but quiet the rest of the week.

Liquid Club and Bar (Semarang)
Thamrin Square 2nd Floor
Jalan MH Thamrin 5, Semarang

Phone number: 024 358 4202
Email: or
BB PIN: 21EF8148

Facebook: Liquid Indonesia
Website: Liquid

Opening Hours:
From Monday to Thursday from 10pm to 3am
Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 3.30am

Eleven Karaoke and Spa (Semarang)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Eleven is a spa and karaoke located 10 minutes from the Semarang airport and 15-20 minutes from the city center. It is next to Babyface club and Relique Spa, the most famous one-stop entertainment complex in the city.

Eleven Karaoke
One of the most luxurious karaoke in Semarang with Babyface, EC, E-Plaza, Royal and Zephyr. They have over 60 high-class lady companions that cost from Rp500,000 up to Rp1,200,000 for 3 hours of singing/drinking with you. You can stay in the lounge to meet one or ask directly to a GRO for what you are looking for.

They have 11 different rooms with the following capacity and prices:

Small (6-8 persons): Rp1,5M
Medium (10-15 persons): Rp2,5M
Deluxe (20-25 persons): Rp3M
Emerald President Suite (40-50 persons): Rp6M.

Opening Hours:
Every day from 2pm to 2am (3am on weekends)

Eleven Spa

This is a male spa with happy ending and erotic services. There are 3 types of rooms/treatments:

Deluxe - Rp230,000 for 60 minutes traditional massage/shiatsu + HJ
Superior - Rp290,000 (includes a jacuzzi) for 60 minutes traditional massage/shiatsu + HJ
Presidential - Rp450,000 for 90 minutes traditional/shiatsu massage with scrub, milk bath and 2 special sexy features: Dance Time = Private sexy dance in the jacuzzi and Heaven Queen: The girl will join you in the jacuzzi.

You have about 35 therapists to choose from.

The facilities are clean and luxurious, including a sauna and a whirlpool. You can use the facilities only for Rp100k. 

Eleven Karaoke and Spa
Jalan Puri Anjasmoro Blok DD1 53 - 54
Semarang City

Phone number: 02476431111

Royal Karaoke (Semarang)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Royal is a karaoke located in Semarang in the North of Poncol train station. It is a bit dodgy around this area but the karaoke itself is self and clean. It is also very affordable: Currently you can get a room with 2 bottles of Jack Daniels for Rp1,500,000.

Royal Karaoke Semarang
Jalan Sultan Hassanudin Rukan Permata Hijau Blok AA No. 1

Booking and enquiries:
024 3549589 or 0243561003 or 085742900361 or 085600222957
BB Pin: 5E3F7C43 or 303307D6
Email :

More information:
Twitter: Royal Semarang
Facebook: Royal Karaoke
Website: Royal Karaoke Semarang