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Muse Pub, KTV and Beer House (Samarinda)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Muse Entertainment Center is a huge complex on several floors with a club, a 22-room karaoke and a rooftop bar/restaurant (recently renamed Beer House). It is next to Mitra Pub, another nightlife venue, and 100 meters from Samarinda Central Plaza. This is the best area for choosing a hotel in the city as you have two of its best options within 300 meters. Aston is the best choice but more expensive (50$/night). Swiss Belhotel is just 3 minutes away by foot and it costs less than 40$/night.

The club/lounge in Muse is small and the stage takes almost a third of the space. To give additonal space, there is a mezzanine as well but it seems only busy on weekends. Live bands play daily and you always have some kind of entertainment between breaks (DJ, sexy dancers, models). Once in a while, they throw a big event. The last one was when they welcomed the performance of the American singer Dawin (behind the song "Dessert) in May 2016.

Don't expect to meet many normal girls. What local people do usually is that they ask for lady companions to come at there table and in exchange they buy drinks/bottles (about 1,5M for premium alcohol, Rp900,000 for regular one). There is not entrance fee and the prices inside are slightly lower compared to Deja Vu (Rp100,000 for a cocktail).

If clubbing is not your thing, you can check their Beer House, which is more chilled and less expensive. The crowd is more diverse, including students and even some girls wearing jilbab. You can grab something to eat as well.
Model posing in Beer House Samarinda
Muse Entertainment Center
Nightclub, Karaoke, Rooftop Restaurant and BeerHouse
Jalan Mulawarman No.15, Samarinda
Phone number: +62 (0) 541) 7033573 Ext 7033574

Twitter: Samarinda Muse

Deja Vu Kitchen, Bar & KTV - Samarinda (Kalimantan)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Deja Vu is the most famous nightclub in Samarinda and probably one of the most happening. It is located in the city center, near from other nightlife spots such as Crowners or D'Lux (which both belong to the same group). Two good guest-friendly hotels nearby are the Horison (Rp400,000±) and the Aston (Rp600,000±, only 5 minutes by cab). The Swiss Belhotel is slightly further (Rp400,000±) but it's a good option as well.

Deja Vu consists of a main hall, a karaoke and a restaurant. The main hall is rather big, with a total capacity of at least 400 people. It has a high ceiling, a large stage for live bands or DJs and a mezzanine. Famous Indonesian singers often perform there.

Even though it is not always crowded during the week (it's open everyday), they do try to entertain guests with a daily live band, sexy dancers, models, DJs and staff performances (juggling, dancing). On weekends, it is often packed and they may have special events (it is not necessarily a good thing as it is often bands singing in Indonesian).

There are a lot of lady companions, many of whom are very pretty. They will follow you in the karaoke room or at your table, but less likely to your hotel room (unless you're ready to spend a lot of money). On Friday and Saturday, there are normal girls in the crowd but less during weekdays (except on Wednesday maybe).

The First Drink Charge (FDC) is Rp100,000 (free for ladies). Drinks and bottles are more expensive than elsewhere in Samarinda.

DejaVu Nightclub and Karaoke
Jalan Panglima Batur, Samarinda, East Kalimantan (Borneo)
Phone number: +62 (0) 541 747 442

Instagram: DejaVu
Twitter: DejaVuSamarinda

Crowners Pub & KTV - Samarinda Nightlife

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Crowners Pub & KTV is a nightclub in Samarinda (Borneo). It is located inside a big, easy-to-recognize, grey and red building on Jalan Tuanku Imam Bonjol. It is not far from the Horison Hotel (guest-friendly, recommended) and from its sister club Deja Vu.

The standards of Crowners are surprisingly decent for a mid-sized Indonesian town (not that surprising actually when you know that Samarinda is the capital of one of the richest provinces in the country). 

It looks rather modern and it should be sophisticated enough to please foreign guests. The sound and the lighting is good, and the live band is entertaining. They also have a resident DJ and sexy dancers.

It has an intimate atmosphere, perfect for a night out with a group of friends but not really suitable if you come by yourself. Single visitor may be interested by the company of lady escorts who get commissions on each drinks/bottles served. Though they are not prostitutes, it seems that some are willing to come at your hotel for Rp4,000,000.

Crowners is open every day:
Monday: 50% discount on karaoke rooms
Tuesday: Buy 2 premium alcohol bottles and get 1 free
Wednesday: Buy 2 bottles and get 1 free (it works on all spirits)
Thursday: The band plays Indonesian songs only
Friday: 25% discount for members
Saturday: Themed event with guest DJs/Bands
Sunday: DJ only, 50% off on the KTV

For the latest events and information about entrance fee, check the following:
Facebook: Crowners

Crowners Pub & Karaoke Samarinda
Jalan Tuanku Imam Bonjol No. 16, Samarinda, East Kalimantan
Phone number: +62 (0) 5412 02 342

Celcius Nightclub (Samarinda - Kalimantan)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Celcius Club, Lounge & KTV is an upmarket nightclub in Samarinda, just behind the airport. There are no decent hotels in the immediate proximity so I advise you to stay instead either in Aston, in Horison or in Swiss Belhotel (which are all near from venues like Deja Vu, D'Lux or Crowners).

Celcius is located inside an impressive building and the inside is rather luxurious. It has the best atmosphere of any clubs in Samarinda with beautiful LED displays both on the walls and on the ceiling ("raining light" effect).

Every night, it has a live band (Top 40, rock, pop, oldies, Indonesian songs), a DJ (commercial house and party anthems), sexy models and sexy pole dancers. The latest can be considered lady companions and you should be able to invite them at your table or in the karaoke if you ask the GRO (and pay for it).

In terms of special events, I feel that it is lacking compared to Deja Vu. They may have famous artists once or twice a month, but not that regularly. I also believe that it is not as crowded in general and that it does not have as many girls.

Free entrance for girl, Rp100,000 FDC for men.

Celcius Pub, Lounge & Karaoke
Jalan Gatot Subroto No.20A, Samarinda, Borneo (East Kalimantan)
Phone number: +62 (0) 541 743430

Instagram: Celcius Samarinda

Mitra Club & Karaoke (Samarinda - Borneo)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Mitra is a mid-size club & karaoke which is located in a building right next to the more upscale Muse. It is within walking distance (5 minutes) from the hotels Aston and Swiss Belhotel that are both under 50$ per night. 

Its concept is basically the same as Muse, but it targets a more "local" and less sophisticated crowd. The bands will play a lot more Indonesian songs for instance and the DJs will mix hardcore "funky house". There are some girls as well, most of which are lady companions, but again not as pretty as the ones in the club next door.

The advantage is that it is a bit cheaper and that you are most likely to become an attraction if you visit it. I'm not sure about their weekly program, but on Saturdays at least they have sexy dancers.

Mitra Pub & KTV
Jalan Mulawarman No.17, Samarinda, East Kalimantan

Phone number: +62 (0) 812 53 22 49 20