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Grand Manhattan Hotel Bar (Hotel Borobudur)

By The Jakarta Team →
The bar in the Hotel Borobudur. It's mostly a place with Indonesian people. The live band will play a mix of international and local songs everyday from Monday to Saturday night. I find it a bit dark but I love the retro decoration (i don't think they did it on purpose though), much nicer than a lot of more modern places in Jakarta. "Has a good live band on Friday evening and a very friendly atmosphere, mix of chinese, hotel customers, prostitutes, Indonesians and expats. Sometimes empty, sometimes full. Bar as surprising as unpredictable". Review from SZ. Grand Manhattan Club Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

Grand Odiseus Spa Fitness Massage

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Grand Odiseus is a company owning various spas et fitness clubs in Jakarta. Massages are all traditional (no plus plus) and the quality is slightly lower than that of Jakarta's best spas like Taman Sari/Four Seasons. A little something is missing to make them perfect in my opinion. Anyway, you shall pay around 250 to 300 thousand rupiah for a 90 minutes massage + access to the facilities, which is always money well-spent in my opinion. If you want a good massage in a relaxing atmosphere, without to much fuss, this is the place to go. Similar to Odiseus, you have Martha Tilaar Spa as well. I'm not a member of the Grand Odiseus Fitness centers, but from what I could see from outside, they have what seems to be expensive machines + some free weights. The one located in Nikko Hotel has the reputation of being a gay hangout. Lots of different locations spread in Jakarta: The Spa The Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta Jln. Prapatan 44 - 48, Jakarta 10110 Phone : 021 - 23518672E-mail : odi

KSC 17 (Kelinci & Scorpion Karaoke and Dangdut) (Jalan Garuda 17, near Golden Boutique Hotel, Jakarta Pusat)

By The Jakarta Team →
Maybe one of the worst places I've been to in Jakarta and in my entire life. It is hard to believe a place can be so bad! All the above photos were taken when the club was still open. We were the only customers, but the band was there, plus the waiters, plus some prostitutes, plus the DJ. The karaoke VIP rooms are just amazing, with one small TV and no seats but a concrete floor with a pole for striptease in the middle. You definitely have to check the pictures we took when we were there. Just click on the link to our french blog. It is dirty, gloomy and so cheap! My dear friend SZ, who loves this kind of dirty night spot wrote the following about KSC 17: "A wonderfull low-class dangdut-disco-karaoke. The place is under renovation but it is still opened during the maintenance. Enjoy a warm Anker while listening to bad dangdut in an enormous empty room with no aircon." SZ.

My Place Massage Spa Jakarta

By The Jakarta Team →
My Place is a chain of spas similar to Delta Spas . The facilities are clean and the service is excellent. It is reserved for men and most of the time, the girl will provide you with an extra service (massage plus plus). My Place is a great venue to relax for a few hours, and it is not limited to the massage only: You also have a bar, a restaurant, gym facilities, a sauna, jacuzzi, a cold/hot swimming pool and a large screen TV. The treatments provided are: Shiatsu (Japanese technique using finger and palm on particular areas of the body), Reflexology (feet massage.. not as bad as it sounds...), Herbal massage (relaxing massage with herbal oil), Hot stones, Body scrub (to exfoliate the skin) and traditional massage. If you need more information, check their website: My Place Spa The locations of My Place spa and massage in Jakarta are:

Pondok Laguna (Batu Tulis, Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Pondok Laguna was one of my worst dining experiences in Jakarta. I may have been unlucky, but from what I've seen, I can only recommend you to avoid it. It was a big disappointment because Pondok Laguna is actually extremely popular with Indonesians, some of whom consider it as one of the best Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta. Most of the time, it is hard to get a table even though there is enough room for at least 200 persons. The place looks touristy, with a giant fish sculpture towering above it on the outside, and a Balinese-like atmosphere inside. Most of the restaurant is in the open-air, and on each side there is a fountain with tropical plants. The main room does not allow for an intimate or cozy meal. It is extremely noisy, with people entering and leaving all the time. On top of that you have that annoying Balinese music, which reminds me of the worst venues in Kuta. Most tables can accommodate 20 to 30 people so you might also sit next to random customers.

Puri Sehat Massage Parlour

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Puri Sehat is a small massage parlour located near Gunung Sahari, and 10 minutes from Pasar Baru and Mangga Dua. Rather cheap but I read a few complaints about the cleanliness and service. I would say that unless you leave very nearby, go to Delta Spa or My Place instead. Service plus plus provided but negociation needed. Puri Sehat Spa and Massage

Taj Mahal (Indian Restaurant Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Taj Mahal is the most authentic Indian restaurant I've been to in Jakarta so far. I found it while I was walking around in Pasar Baru, one of the two areas in Jakarta with strong Indian communities (the second one is Sunter). After visiting a Sikh temple, I asked the guards what was the best Indian restaurant around, and they drove me straight to Taj Mahal. From outside, it is very easy to miss because it is not bigger than a warung. The inside looks old, with some Indian decoration, but nothing fancy. It was 3 in the afternoon when I entered, and apart from me, there was a Pakistani and an Indian. They were quite surprised to see a westerner so it was not long before we started to chat.

Velvet Bar, Lounge and Live music (Bar of the Jakarta's Hotel Red Top)

By The Jakarta Team →
Velvet means purple Velvet is the bar located in the Red Top hotel. It has live music during the week and DJs on week-ends. Clients are mostly Indonesians staying in the hotel. Some prostitutes working there. Plays International and local standards on request. Not a bar I would go back to as it is too quiet.