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Kabuki Executive Club and Karaoke (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Kabuki is an executive club and karaoke located in Lokasari, near Jalan Mangga Besar (West Jakarta). It replaces Newton , which was a similar yet less fancy venue. It is part of the Alexis Group, which currently owns 1001, Club 36, Zen Club, Emporium and Colosseum. They lost their flagship property, Alexis, in 2018 after it was shut down by the new governor. You might actually notice that the main lounge in Kabuki looks similar to 4Play, the club that was on the first floor of Alexis. I was not able to take any photos inside Kabuki because the security put a sticker on my phone's camera. They seem to take privacy very seriously, probably to avoid having the same trouble as they had with Alexis. What happens inside is not outrageous, though. The lounge itself is medium sized, with 3 podiums in the middle, and VIP areas on the side. You have sexy dancers, but they are wearing clothes and do not perform stripteases. They can be taken to the rooms upstairs, for IDR2

Newtown Executive Club (Lokasari)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Newtown is a new luxury "Executive Club" with a lounge and a karaoke. It is located in the red-light district of Lokasari, just next to Mille's . At the moment it is still quiet and the customers are almost all locals. There are many hostesses and girls companions hanging out in the lounge, where you have naked girl striptease in the evening.

Siera or Pujasera Nightclub (Mangga Besar)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Jakarta nightlife still surprises me... The latest unexpected find was Siera which I had heard of before but never had the chance to visit... People also call it Pujasera, but I was unable to understand which name was the proper one... Siera is located on Jalan Mangga Besar, about 1 kilometer East of Jalan Hayam Wuruk. It is not too difficult to find but you should be attentive not to miss it. It looks like a Roman temple, with a colourful lighting. You have to pay about Rp20,000 to get in, and for this price you will get a small bottle of water. Inside is really crowded, until morning. The club is like a long corridor, maybe a 100 meters deep, with at least 500 people, maybe a 1000. If you were on the dancefloor at the end of the corridor and suddenly there was a fire, you'll have no chance to escape. It is very likely that 90% of the customers have taken drugs, and I would imagine that all girls in this place are working. As the price and facilities are quite cheap,

Cherry Massage Parlour & Spa

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Cherry Spa is located in Lokasari, in one of Jakarta's red light district (other areas in Jakarta include Ancol, Little Tokyo  and Kalijodo. They have a spa with sauna and steam room. Prices for massages are cheap. All girls do plus plus (handjob or sex). Some are quite pretty.

Dreams Night Club and Massage Parlour (Alamat: Mangga Besar)

By The Jakarta Team →
Update 2015: If you are looking for Dream Ultralounge in Plaza Indonesia, the review is here: Dream Jakarta . Another crazy Techno Kota place in Kota. Empty. I cannot think of any reason to go there. We were probably the only foreigners to set foot in the club since its creation. Who the hell can actually party and have fun in this horrible place?? All you can see is zombies on ecstasy and mamasan taking your hand to match you with one of the desperate working girls.. It's really gloomy... If you want to listen to Techno Kota, you can go to Crown Disco, Millenium or Raja Mas, it's much better (though it's hard to escape the prostitution/sex scene in Kota's nighlife)...

Haze Karaoke (Lokasari Plaza, North Jakarta)

By The Jakarta Team →
The only Karaoke open 24/7 in Kota and Lokasari. It sucks, the sound system is a disaster and they will try to overcharge you. But still, it is a good address to know if you want to find a place to crash after all discos are closed on Monday morning. Haze Karaoke Jl. Mangga Besar Raya Complex Lokasari

Mille's Executive Club - Lokasari (CLOSED)

By The Jakarta Team →
Mille's at 3AM on Sunday afternoon... Almost always open, there are two rooms. One huge with Techno Kota and one smaller, more intimate, with very good house music. Most people go there after stadium so it reallys starts early in the morning. The second most popular Kota club after Stadium night club I think among foreigners. There is also a karaoke upstairs. Mille's is one of my favourite place to party in Jakarta. Beware, I have a special taste for dark, weird clubs. Mille's is also famous for its 24/7 karaoke that most people use for drug and prostitution orgies. The lady companions there are particularly young, some look almost underage. They are usually from Sukabumi, Bandung or Indramayu. During the week, Mille's may have special events like live music or sexy dancers. Update October 2016: Ahok is trying to close Mille's but it seems the club is still open. Please leave a comment if you can confirm! Contact details Mille's Jakarta Loka

New Unicorn (Karaoke, Lounge, Restaurant)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
New Unicorn is a karaoke (KTV), music lounge and restaurant located in Lokasari, 150 meters from Lokasari Plaza. I still have to try it,  but I suppose it is a girlie spot, judging from its location and its outside look. Please comment if you can. Opening hours: Everyday, from 2pm to 3pm for the karaoke, from 8pm to 3am for live music and lounge. New Unicorn Jl. Mangga Besar Raya no 81, Kompleks Lokasari (Next to KFC) North Jakarta