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Golden Dragon - Lampung Nightlife

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Golden Dragon is a one stop entertainment center in Batam with a Chinese restaurant, a pub, a karaoke (KTV), a nightclub, a spa and a function hall for events. It is located near the seafront, about 2 kilometers from the city center (a nearby hotel is Aston).

Considering Lampung nightlife is limited to mostly dangdut caf├ęs, it is one of the most recommended venues in the city (the other one to try is Centerstage in Novotel Hotel).

The club is very quiet during the week, unless they have a special event (sometimes on Wednesdays). Typically, they will have a live band playing Indonesian love songs, then a DJ playing more aggressive electronic music. On the weekend, they like to bring a hot female DJ from Jakarta and sometimes a few sexy dancers. The entrance fee (first drink charge) is Rp50,000 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Rp100,000 on Wednesday and Friday, Rp150,000 on Saturday. Girls get in for free before midnight.

The karaoke is rather basic and a bit old-fashioned. They have escorts/lady companions if you need any (you probably will). Standard rooms start at Rp800,000 minimum spend and the presidential room costs at least Rp5,000,000.

The spa has a sauna, a steam room, and even though I didn't try it, I'm pretty sure extra services are provided.

Golden Dragon
Jalan Yos Sudarso 272
Bandar Lampung 35226, Sumatra

Phone number: +62 721 471 701
BB Pin: 7EF80BA1

Photos on Instagram: GD Disco
Facebook: Golden Dragon
Twitter: Golden Dragon

Center Stage Nightclub - Lampung Nightlife

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Center Stage is a popular nightclub located in Novotel Lampung. It is the best one in the city and the most recommended for Westerners (the second would be Golden Dragon). It is owned by the same group behind Centerstage in Palembang (see Top Nightclubs in Palembang).

Note that Center Stage is only open on Wednesday and Saturday. They have a pop/rock live band to start the evening, followed by a DJ playing party anthems. Their guest DJs are often girls that I've included in my rankings of Indonesia's Most Sexy FDJ. It is rather large, with a total capacity of 1,500 pax, but no real dance floor.

The crowd is quite young and overwhelmingly masculine. There are some hostesses from the karaoke, and a handful of normal girls, probably students.

Ladies night on Wednesday: Free entry for girls (Rp100,000 for guys with a drink). Entrance fee (FDC) on Saturday is Rp150,000.

Center Stage Lampung
Basement 2, Novotel Lampung
Jalan Gatot Subroto No.136, Bandar Lampung, Sumatra
(in the same building you have Ultra Spa, Grand Karaoke and Papillon KTV)

For events and pictures, check:

Phone number: 08 11 72 13 335 or 08 52 6000 3141
BB Pin: 228CD037 or 7CAA4CBC

Photos from 46unkphotoshape