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Léon Restaurant and Goldstein Bar (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Léon Restaurant and its speakeasy bar Goldstein are both located in the same building on Jalan Wijaya in South Jakarta (previously occupied by Nine Muses). As of 2017, they are among the trendiest nightlife venues in the capital, attracting the local elite, celebrities, models, etc. One advice if you go: Dress well and be prepared to be surrounded by hoards of beautiful people. One reason it is so popular is because this is where the Anies-Sandiaga team celebrated their victory over Ahok-Djarot in the 2017 Gubernatorial Election. They threw a free-flow alcohol party that was mocked on social media, considering Anies had won the race by playing the devout Muslim card.

Camden Bar (Cikini and Gandaria)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
I had been to Camden bar in Bandung , but never to their two branches in Jakarta. I corrected this mistake last weekend by visiting both Camden Gandaria and Camden Cikini in one evening. Both bars are very popular, almost any day of the week with a clientele of Indonesians in their early 20s. Cikini's crowd is more upper-class (including a few foreigners - backpackers and interns) while in Gandaria you have mostly young students. Typically, they will buy a beer tower (IDR250,000) and share it at a table with some snacks.

Taco Local (Panglima Polim)

By Nyoman →
Taco Local is a tiny Mexican joint located in Senopati. They just reopened after being closed for a few months for renovation: Actually they used to be even smaller than that... They extended the restaurant to the bicycle shop just next to them (that is why you will find some old bikes hanging from the ceiling). In a nutshell, the food is cheap, delicious, worth every penny and the staff is friendly. What more can you expect ? In Taco Local, until recently, you had to get your food yourself at the counter because they did not have any staff for the service. Then the place became more and more popular and just now they are turning into a more proper restaurant. For what I ordered on the picture, I paid less than 100 000 Rp with a beverage!

Yeyo (Senopati) CLOSED

By Nyoman →
  Yeyo Lobby & Eatery is a trendy restaurant in Senopati, located just above Colette & Lola. During the day, it is a bit sleepy and not so happening. On the weekend nights, it turns into a great place to have a drink and to dance as well. They often have good DJs and the restaurant quickly becomes a dance floor around 11pm. Overall: Yeyo is one of my favorite places in this area. Good crowd and good music on weekends. It is not the best for eating though. There used to be a terrace on the second floor, but it closed unfortunaly, making Yeyo quite smokey when there is a party. I hope they open it again... 

Junkyard (Senopati)

By Nyoman →
I ended up at Junkyard on a Saturday night with a couple of friends. There was a really good crowd of party people and everybody was dancing. That's why I liked this place at first sight. The people there are clearly upmarket, but not too much the business type. It is rather students, artists or people working in media, advertising, fashion, etc... Junkyard is a located in Blok S in Senopati. It is a Café/Bar very active in organizing cool events and different types of parties. Their music is quite good and the DJ is usually playing Hip Hop, Jazz, Dubstep. Senopati is very busy with joints like this, either quite fancy or more laid back like this one. It is a good option if you don't want go to a very fancy place where girls are all wearing high heels. The design is minimalist at most... there is just concrete and a few art display which apparently they recovered from actual trash (hence the name Junkyard): In particular, I really liked the "W

Three Buns Burgers and Cocktails (Jakarta & Singapore)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Three Buns is the current trendy place in Jakarta (in May 2014). It was opened by the group behind Potato Head. The owners should write a marketing book and give it to McDonald's. They could call it: "How to sell fast-food 3 times its normal price?". Three Buns is actually a very pretty and original place, with friendly staff and a unique concept. Unfortunately, because it is expensive, it didn't work for me. It has no aircon, very limited service, no comfortable place to sit and a not so many options in the menu. Yet their cheapest burger costs over 100,000rp net.  The overall design is great and it is the best thing about Three Buns. It plays on a hipster trend with a raw, back-to-basics setting. There is good music and it is made so that everyone can see each other. When it is full, it must have a great atmosphere. I also think that they could organize events as the restaurants is shaped like an arena. Now with the things I didn't like:

Fitzroy (Senopati)

By Nyoman →
Fitzroy is a bar located in Senopati, just right after Le Quartier restaurant, on Jalan Gunawarman. It is a chilling place with a young crowd (22-35 years old), mostly Indonesians following the hipster/bohemian trend. I went there for a drink on a weekday and it was full. Fitzroy opened at the end of 2013 and it is starting to be popular in the area. The manager told me the 4 Indonesian owners used to live in Melbourne and they wanted to create the kind of venue they could hangout inside for hours, here in Jakarta. Well the place is indeed cozy with some laid-back sitting areas and a homey decoration. The cocktails are good and not too pricey (around 95 000 Rp for a Mojito). I also tried the food, which is a bit better than the food you would usually find in a bar... Overall: I recommend Fitzroy for enjoying cocktails and also for the food. The bar is located on the 3rd floor of the building and you can take the elevator to get in (the outside sign is quite small act

Luc Bar & Grill (Senopati)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Luc is a Bar and Grill located near Jalan Gunawarman, in Senopati area. It was rather busy when I was there, with a crowd of Indonesian executives in their 30s/40s. I only tried a drink so I will just make a brief comment: Luc is well-designed, but it is not really original. It resembles quite many other popular cafés in Jakarta like  Loewy  and  Union . The food is rather expensive, especially the steaks. The waiters were friendly, as often in Indonesia. Overall : Luc is an enjoyable neighborhood restaurant, where I would go again if I was living in the Senopati area. It is not special enough though to be a must-go venue in this city. Luc Bar and Grill