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Cherry Spa, Bar & KTV (Grand Wijaya)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Cherry is a spa, bar and karaoke located in the Grand Wijaya complex, an area with several other naughty massage parlours and karaokes such as Fortune , D'Heaven and Delta . It is popular with Japanese/Korean expats and it is walking distance from the budget hotel Amaris Panglima Polim 2 and the 4-star property The 101 Sedayu .

Octagon Karaoke (Blok M)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Octagon is an executive karaoke in South Jakarta (Blok M). Executive means it caters to male clients looking for lady companions, unlike family karaokes.  It is a modern KTV, one of the nicest in the area, and it is popular with Japanese, Korean and Indonesian guests. They have about 20 ladies, called Octagon girls, who are not prostitutes but hostesses. What you can do with them varies: Some will only give their phone numbers, others might follow you to your hotel after working hours. They have 4 types of rooms: Deluxe room for 3 to 5 persons Suite room for up to 9 persons Royal karaoke room for up to 12 people VIP room for up to 25 people The cheapest package start at Rp1,000,000 minimum spend for 3 people. VIP package for 15 people is available with a minimum spend of Rp3,000,000.

Su International Business Club and Karaoke (Senayan)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
  Su is one of the largest karaokes in South Jakarta. It is located in STC Senayan on the 5th floor (the now-closed  Hyu Karaoke  was on the 7th floor). It targets mostly Korean customers. It is clean and modern, but not as luxurious as other karaokes like Paragon . The main attraction here are the 150 girls that can accompany you in your room while you sing. In particular, if you ask for 2 or more LCs (Lady Companion), you can request them to wear a kimono or sexy lingerie. They won't have any bras then. Depending on how much you tip the girls or how drunk they are, you may do some kissing and groping. Some girls may be willing to go home with you after they finish their work but it's not automatic. Most are looking for a boyfriend or at least a sugar daddy.

Karaokes and KTVs in Jakarta (Complete Guide)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Karaoke and KTV bars in Jakarta are used for a multitude of purposes. Singing is one of them, but it is definitely not the only reason. Most commonly, they are used for prostitution, drugs, private parties, striptease and sometimes orgies. As a foreigner, it took me several years to understand what was truly going on behind those doors. It is only after discussing with girls, clients and club owners, that I finally realized what karaokes were for and why Indonesians are so crazy about them.

Little Tokyo (Japanese Karaoke in Jakarta) - Jalan Melawai

By The Jakarta Team →
Little Tokyo is not the name of a bar, it is the name of an area of south Jakarta with a lot of Japanese massage parlours, karaoke and other sleazy sex places. It is not limited to the south, but 90% of this places can be easily found in Jalan Melawai VI and VIII. The opening hours are not very late, from 6pm to 1 or 2 am.

Level 5 Karaoke (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Level 5 (also spelled Level V) is one of the most popular luxury karaokes in North Jakarta along with Crown, Illigals, Alexis and Paragon. Located in  Whiz Prime Hotel , it is next to Nuage and it belongs to the Stadium Group (Malioboro, King Cross, Nebula, Exodus, Sumo).

F1 Executive Club / GP Lounge

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Small nightclub and karaoke in Pecenongan (North Jakarta) with a Formula 1 theme. They have live music or DJs, usually with progressive house. You can request a lady companion while you drink. There is no entrance fee and it's free to sit at a table. If you want a VIP sofa you must spend a minimum of 7,5M. They also have sexy dancers (topless) occasionally. Overall : It's a middle class venue for Indonesians so you can expect cheaper prices and average standards. The crowd is underground, including many clubbers on drugs. They organize Sunday parties in the afternoon from 1pm to 8pm. Similar to Mille's in Lokasari.

Grand Paragon Karaoke, Hotel, Mall, Club (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Update 2 January 2017: There was a fire in Paragon Hotel and it is closed at the moment. The Grand Paragon is a complex located on Jalan Gadjah Mada, opposite to Illigals . It is mostly famous for having one of Jakarta's most popular naughty luxury karaokes. It is similar with Malioboro , Sun City or Alexis .

B'Fashion Hotel, Spa, Karaoke & Oppai Club

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
B'Fashion  Spa is a popular massage parlour with plus-plus and even plus-plus-plus, located behind Mall Taman Anggrek. It offers similar services as Orchardz spa . On three floors, you will find an executive club (Oppai, with sexy dancers and striptease), a spa and a karaoke. It is actually also a real hotel with actual guests. The Taman Anggrek area (Grogol) is not the best but if you are looking for a guest-friendly hotel in Jakarta, then you cannot do much better. It is also within reasonable distance from both the airport and the city center.