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D'Marco Café (Martabak)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
D'Marco Café is located on Jalan Sabang, 5 minutes walking from the backpacker street Jalan Jaksa . It is a simple place to hangout, with minimalist design and cheap prices. Opened on May 2012, it is becoming a popular hangout spot as the three owners are quite active to promote their restaurant and to organize events. The concept of specializing in Martabak , the Indonesian streetfood favourite (a sort of thick pancake) is also helping. It's a little more expensive than eating it in the street, but still very reasonable as the prices range from Rp10,000 to Rp26,000.

Ali Baba Steak & Iga Bakar

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Self-proclaimed "the best value steak in Jakarta", Ali Baba is indeed a cheap, but clean restaurant. At the time of my visit, the prices were Rp38,000 for a New-Zealand tenderloin, and Rp75,000 for Australian tenderloin. It should be noted that the NZ steak tasted pretty much the same as a local one. If you want to eat something decent for western standards, you have to choose the Australian beef. Ali Baba is all new, with some vintage decoration. It doesn't look high class, but it is far better than competitor Abuba Steak in terms of design. Regarding taste, if you choose the imported meat, I think  it also tastes similar. But for those who know it, I would rate Suis Butcher in Bandung a bit higher.

Absolute Café and Pool Bar (Jalan Jaksa)

By The Jakarta Team →
Absolute is one of the only bar in Jaksa with air-con. Lots of English teachers and journalists, and also some girls from Jaksa. Free pool table, darts, cheap beer, Premier League Soccer games on screen and always quite crowded by the same group of people. Nice.

Ali’s Bar (Jalan Jaksa)

By The Jakarta Team →
Bar of the african community, especially Nigerians, in Jakarta but some bule go there also. It is quite cheap, like most places in Jalan Jaksa. Address: Ali's Bar Jl. Jaksa No. 25

Ampera (Sundanese restaurants)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Ampera is the largest chain of Sundanese food restaurants in Indonesia, with so many branches that it would be hard to list them all. I tried the one in Jalan Agus Salim (Sabang), near Sarinah.

Baku Dapa Live Music (Reader's Post)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Last Saturday, despite it being Hallowe'en, Jaksa mid-evening was quieter than usual, so we repaired round the corner, to a place called Baku Dapa, which means ‘handshake’ in the Manado language. Manado is up on Sulawesi island, and I’ve not been there, but the bar was fine, excellent live music, old songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s, both local and Western, and beer at Rp.36.00 a bottle. It runs till 3am, and when we moved on at 1 o'clock, people were still arriving, mostly respectable Indonesians, but a few Arabs, though I was the only Western patron. It didn't seem to be a pick-up bar, though waitresses/hostesses will happily sit and dance with customers - once you've got to know them, it is no doubt up to you and your hostess if the friendship deepens!

Bakudapa Cafe & Resto (Paula), Near Jalan Jaksa

By The Jakarta Team →
Bakudapa Café & Resto is a live music spot featuring local artists playing old Indonesian favourites.. After you enter the door, the mamasan (indonesian pimp) will sit you with one of the girl hostesses, to whom you are invited to pay a drink and do some chit-chat. Very empty, and very sad music so it makes the whole experience very depressing... The only patrons are indonesian men in their forties... Worth to grab a beer if you don't know this kind of place. It is very close from the backpacker street Jalan Jaksa, less than 5 minutes by foot.

Betawi Café and Restaurant (Jalan Jaksa street)

By The Jakarta Team →
Cafe popular with both expats and Indonesians. On Saturday nights, good live band, rock or reggae. It was used as a setting during the shooting of the sinetron Jalan Jaksa. It's quite cheap and basic, and you can eat something there too. Contact details: Betawi Café Jalan Jaksa No. 18a Open until 2am approximately.