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Golden Palace and Jambi Nightlife (Sumatra)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Since there isn't much nightlife in Jambi, I thought I would write mostly about Golden Palace, its most famous nightclub, and just mention a few other options for the adventurous party-goers.

Golden Palace is the only proper clubbing option I found in Jambi, though I guess it is not very interesting for foreigners. It is your typical Indonesian live music venue, rectangle-shaped, with high tables on the dance floor and a mezzanine. The band finishes at midnight and it is then replaced by a DJ playing funky house techno.

If you are lucky, you might be in Jambi during a special event (check Golden Palace's social media accounts below). In that case, though the entrance fee may increase to Rp100,000, you will have a full house and possibly more Western music/sexy dancers.

Golden Palace Jambi
Jalan Dokter Sutomo No.58, Jambi, Sumatra
Phone number: +62 (0) 741 237 00

Instagram: Golden Palace Jambi
Twitter: Golden Palace Nightclub

Other Nightlife Spots and Recommended Hotels
If you need a good hotel in Jambi, there are two options that are recommend near the nightlife: Aston Jambi, which has a rooftop with live music called Sky Lounge, and the 4-star Swiss Bel Hotel.

If you want to stay very near from Golden Palace, the best option is to stay in Grand Malioboro Hotel, KTV and Spa. It is not the most modern hotel, but it is girl-friendly and it has male-oriented entertainment (karaoke, massage parlour). Just 100m from it, Novita Hotel, the ex-Novotel, is similar (but bigger) and it even has its own club called BabyRock on its 4th floor.

Another option is to stay in the newer part of town, around the mall Jambi Town Square (Jamtos). It is near from another nightclub called New Grand Club (inside Grand Hotel, which also has a spa plus plus called Octopuss). In the upcoming Jamtos FoodWalk, there will be a few hangout spots and places to drink alcohol like Nobar Live Music.

Café Hangout and Collega Café are two laid-back pubs with a student crowd. They sell beer and they have live bands/DJs occasionally.

New Grand Club, Hotel and Spa (Jambi)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
New Grand Club and Executive KTV is the second most popular nightclub in Jambi after Golden Palace. It is located inside the Grand Hotel which is girl-friendly and has the best massage parlour in the city (see Octopuss). The hotel itself does not have very good ratings on Agoda but it might do the trick if your plan is to party. It is also near from the popular shopping mall Jambi Town Square.

New Grand Club is not particularly original and resembles many nightclubs I visited in Indonesia. It is a basic square room with a mezzanine and a stage for live music. The latter has dancing poles for sexy dancers, and a large screen in the background. You only have a few light spots so the whole place is quite dark (which is a good thing as you can't see that it is starting to age).

It is not so crowded on average, but it really depends on the kind of events they have. They can get really full even on a weekday if a famous Indonesian singer or DJ is coming (for instance they had Agnes Monica or Riri Mestica). On regular nights, when they have the usual live band + DJ, only a few tables are normally taken.

Free entry before midnight (all night long for girls): Rp50,000 after that or Rp100,000 on special events. There are not many girls around but the KTV has lady companions who can join in for a drink. 

New Grand Club and Executive KTV
Inside Grand Hotel, KTV and Spa Jambi
Jalan Pattimura No. 28C, Simpang Empat, Jambi, Sumatra
Phone number: +62 (0) 741 66 88 99

Instagram: New Grand Club Jambi
Facebook: Grand Hotel Club Jambi