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¿Por Que No? - Tapas Bar - Jakarta

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
¿Por Que No? was opened in 2015 as a Spanish tapas bar and restaurant in the neighborhood of Menteng, at the northern end of Jalan Rasuna Said. While the food is decent but definitely not haute cuisine, it is an interesting venue to hangout and drink before party. Cocktails are just above Rp100,000 net and Bintang at Rp50,000 net, which is not that bad considering the central location. The food is more expensive and the portions small (obviously, small like tapas).

There are 2 different areas, indoor and outdoor. Outdoor is a small rooftop where regular events are organized. In particular, they have some techno nights that attract a young and fun crowd. You also have jazz nights, open mic nights, etc. Check their Facebook page or Instagram below to get their latest schedule.

Overall: A bit of a random, messy place that I recommend to younger people (18-30) to get some drinks before moving somewhere else. You can share some tapas in the process as well. It is quite popular with foreigners, particularly interns.

Opening Hours:
From Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 12am (until 2am on Friday and Saturday)

Por Que No - Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurant
De Ritz Building, 5th Floor
Jalan Hos Cokroaminoto No. 91
Menteng, Central Jakarta

Instagram: ¿PorQueNo? 

Cloud Lounge Rooftop Bar (The Plaza Office Tower)

By Nyoman →
Cloud is a rooftop bar/lounge/club located on the 49th floor of the Plaza Tower, just 3 floors above Altitude which is part of the same group.

For many years, Jakarta was missing a real rooftop bar. Some clubs, restaurants and lounges were located on higher floors but never opened on the outside (for instance Vertigo, Pure, Kampus). SHY in Kemang was one of the first rooftop lounges but the Papillion building where it is located did not offer a very impressive view. 

Being located on top of one of the tallest towers in the city, SKYE was the first real rooftop bar in Jakarta, with an immediate success. It probably encouraged others to copy it and I am sure that we will see even more of them in the future.

Cloud is very similar with SKYE: It looks fancy and it is expensive (though not too much: a cocktail will be around 10$). For those who have been there, it looks much like Kudeta in Singapore, without the swimming pool.

There are some differences though between the two main rooftop bars of Jakarta:

- Skye has a more easy-going, artsy vibe and it is more popular with the Indonesian and Indo-Chinese crowd.

- Cloud seems to be targetting an older crowd, business type, more expat. I was there on a Saturday night and 50% of the clients were Indians actually. Cloud also has a cold room for drinking vodka.

Overall: I recommend Cloud and I will visit again. It was not that busy when I went there though so I hope they develop it into a real, busy bar.
Cloud Lounge & Living Room
The Plaza Tower 49th floor
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Telephone: +62-21 2992 2448 

Twitter: Cloud Jakarta 

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday from 11am to 11pm
Friday from 11am to 12pm
Saturday from 11am to 3am

If you are looking for more rooftop bars in Jakarta: You can also try Awan Lounge (Kosenda Hotel) which is trendy at the moment.

Basque Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Basque is one of the most happening new restaurants/bars to open so far this year in Jakarta. It is a Spanish restaurant / Tapas bar with a great design, good food and a trendy feel.

Currently, I see that more and more expats are hanging out there instead of Loewy. It is a good pick-up place for girls also.

The location on the 8th floor of Noble House offers a nice view on the surrounding buildings of Mega Kuningan. The food is not so expensive, you can get a decent meal for less than Rp200,000. 

It is open every day for lunch and dinner. After 11pm, they generally turn up the volume and it turns into a bar. The music is a mix of popular songs from the past 20 years.

Basque Bar de Tapas - Spanish Restaurant
8th Floor, Noble House Building,
Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta 12950

Phone number: +62 (0) 21 2978 3111-12

BART (Bar at the Rooftop) Artotel Jakarta Thamrin

By Nyoman →

BART is the latest of the Rooftop Bars in the city. Going on the roof is a very good option in Jakarta since most of the place are closed, with no windows and with full AC. That is maybe one of the reasons why so many rooftop bars have opened recently in Jakarta, and why it is so trendy.

BART (Approximate Acronym of Bar at the Rooftop) is the latest of this long series, it is located in Artotel Hotel on Thamrin near Sarinah. The Hotel itself is very art-friendly with a different Indonesian artist decorating the rooms for each floor. This hotel opened in late 2013 and in October 2014 they are just opening the rooftop bar, maybe after the huge success of Awan Lounge, rooftop bar of Kosenda Hotel, located 200 meters away.

I went to BART for a private party, before the official opening and I was quite impressed by the size of it. It is bigger than Awan Lounge. It is approximately 2 times the size of it and you can actually walk and navigate in the whole place. The other positive thing about BART is that you get some breeze, some air so you are not totally hot and sweaty while drinking your cocktail. The design of the place is not extraordinary I would say, the whole black and white theme colors on the furniture and on the ceiling makes you feel you are a zebra. Girls, you know what colors to wear if you want to be in tone with the place ! If you feel a bit hungry, try the food there: it comes from the restaurant located on the lobby of the hotel and it is very tasty. The Menu is mostly Asian with some western dishes. I had the chicken panini and it was great.

The Bar is located on the seventh floor of the Hotel and you can have a great view at Jakarta Skyline, towards Thamrin, Sudirman and Rasuna Said. This bar is a great addition to Jakarta's nightlife Rooftop Bars list along with Skye Bar and Cloud Lounge in the same area.

Last but not least, you cannot seat on the counters located all around the place.. Even though it is at the perfect height to seat, and there will be a shortage of seats when the bar will be packed, the waiter/waitress will gently tell you that you cannot do that...

Give us your impressions in the comments box and tell us which is your favorite rooftop bar in the city ?

BART @ Artotel Jakarta (near Sarinah Mall)
Jalan Sunda #3
Phone: 021 3192 5888
Website: Artotel
Twitter: Artotel

Sesto Senso by Hide Yamamoto (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Sesto Senso is an Italian restaurant owned by a Japanese Chef, Hide Yamamoto. Located in Lotte Mall Kuningan, it is similar in concept with other recently opened venues such as AW Kitchen and Popolamama. All of these are managed by Japanese but sell mostly Italian dishes.

The design of Sesto Senso is modern minimalist, which made me feel like it was soulless, a bit as if I was sitting in the waiting room of a brand-new hospital. It is a good thing the waiters were warm and friendly to compensate for that feeling. I also enjoyed the view of Jakarta's skyline from the large window.

The menu (available in detail here) features all the popular Italian classics, particularly pasta. The prices are rather expensive, about 20% higher than average.
Pocket Size Pizza Margarita (Rp89,000+21%)
Spaghettini Aglio Olio Peperoncino (Rp85,000+21%)
I had a Pizza Margarita (89,000rp+21% tax and service) and the Pasta Aglio Olio Peperoncino (85,000rp+21%). The Pizza Margarita tasted ok, but certainly not as fine as those you can have in authentic Italian restaurants. It was quite small too. The pasta portion was rather tiny as well and the taste was very common. The thing I preferred actually was the free bread they gave as an appetizer (from their own Flour Flour Bakery). 

Overall: Being used to eat authentic Italian food, I was a disappointed with what I ate in Sesto Senso. I did not see any Japanese or innovative touch in any of the dishes. I could try again if I happen to be in Lotte Mall, but I wouldn't come specifically from far away only to eat there.
Sesto Senso & Flour Flour Bakery
Pasta and Antipesto
Ciputra World Super Block - Lotte Mall
Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav.3-5, First Floor
South Jakarta

Phone number: +62-21 2988 9153
Fax: +62-21 2988 9155


Opening Hours:
Every day from 10am to 10pm
Pasta Menu in Sesto Senso

Bengawan Restaurant @ Keraton at the Plaza Hotel

By Nyoman →

If you are a Mexican food lover, you can read my review of my favorite Spanish and Mexican places in Jakarta.

Keraton at the Plaza in Jakarta might be one of the most luxurious and elegant hotels in the city, along with The Hermitage, The Kempinski, The Mandarin Oriental or The Ritz-Carlton. 

They have a buffet with fine cheeses, fresh oysters, and a wide variety of meat. But I came here to taste their "Modern Mexican kitchen". It is a special Mexican menu designed by a friendly Mexican chef (see picture above), struggling everyday to get Mexican products in his kitchen in Jakarta.

I don't know another restaurant in Jakarta serving Fine Dining Mexican food and Bengawan is unique in that sense: Their dishes are colorful, tasty and .... Spicy! I recommend Bengawan for genuine Mexican cuisine cooked by a native Mexican and passionate chef: One of a kind place in Jakarta, with a nice view of the city.

The Keraton being a 5-star + hotel, you should expect to pay rather expensive prices of course.

Bengawan at Keraton at the Plaza Hotel
The Plaza Tower
Jalan Thamrin
Jakarta 10350

Phone number: +62 (0)21 5068 0000

Kemixtri Bar (Pullman Hotel Jakarta)

By Nyoman →

Kemixtri Gastro Bar is the main Bar of the new Pullman Hotel Jakarta Indonesia. Inside you will find mostly clients of the Hotel, and mostly men. The name of the Bar comes from the Cocktail Phials they serve you (second picture) which I found pretty nice and unconventional. The place have a DJ Booth at the entrance and there is a DJ (a woman when I went there) from Wednesday until Saturday.

They also have a wide range of Cuban cigars (like Romeo & Julieta) which make the place look like a Gentlemen's Lounge. The place reminded me somehow Nip & Dram (Whisky Bar).

For the Sana Sini Restaurant located nearby, you can check my review here.

Kemixtri Bar
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia
Jalan Thamrin 59
Jakarta 10350

Opening Hours:
The Bar closes at midnight everyday.

Phone number: +62-21 31 92 1111
Fax:  +62-21 31 92 3333

Website: Kemixtri Bar

The Dining Room at Immigrant (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Before it went under renovation, the club and the restaurant of Immigrant were not truly separated. You had clubbers next to you when you were dining, along with loud music and a terrible smell of cigarette smoke.

This was obviously a problem and the owners of Immigrant have solved it by opening two different venues: The club Immigrant, and the restaurant, The Dining Room at Immigrant. Both are still next to each other on the 6th floor of Plaza Indonesia, but there is no direct connection between them.

The Dining Room at Immigrant is probably one of the best venues for eating casual Western food in the mall, along with Moovina, Saint Louis (La Moda) and Bistro Baron. Compared to those, it has the advantage of being in a quieter location, and therefore more suitable for a date or an intimate dinner. It doesn't have a garden but there are large windows and many plants, giving the place a fresh feeling that it did not have before.

I visited during lunch on a weekday. The atmosphere was calm and serene. I imagine that it must be quiet different during the weekends, especially considering they will have DJs playing. The design is similar with E&O, Loewy or Union.

I was with a few friends and we were able to sample a few dishes (see below). The menu is international, with mostly Italian dishes (Pizza & Pasta) and Meat (particulary Beef Ribs). Overall the food we tried was very good, and not too expensive except if you go for the beef.
Pizza Margarita (Rp70,000++)
Iga Bakar Bumbu Bali (Rp190,000++)
Conchiglioni Pasta (Rp80,000++)
Fondant Au Chocolat (Complimentary from the Manager)
My only criticism is that the dishes were missing some originality and some truly unique flavours. I heard that the Chef from Garçon will work in the Dining Room soon and I hope he can add a little something to the recipes to turn them into something more memorable.

Overall: I recommend you to try the Immigrant's Dining Room. The place has just opened so I don't know how it will evolve.Hopefully it could become a lively pre-clubbing venue such as Loewy, Social House or Union...
The Dining Room At Immigrant
Mall Plaza Indonesia
Sixth Floor, Jalan Thamrin, Jakarta


Phone number: + 62-21 3892 8257
Mobile: +62 8 15 8560 1100

Opening Hours:
Every Day starting 11am until late