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Kota Indah Jakarta - Red Light Area in North Jakarta

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Kota Indah is the name of a small red light area with around 10 bars, clubs, spas and karaokes in North Jakarta. It is located in a street perpendicular to Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta in Glodok. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as Pang-J or Pen-J. This is a map of the exact location (Kota Indah streets are highlighted in green):

Blok M (Jalan Falatehan)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
My previous visit to Jalan Falatehan was 3 years ago, during a memorable pub crawl, the Blok-M-thon. Last week (June 2011) was more healthy, but I still managed to visit each venues (except Highway to Elle ). My objective was to see if there was any update that could be made to this blog. For those unaware of the name, Jalan Falatehan is one of the two main red-light areas in South Jakarta (the other one being " Little Tokyo "). It is not very long, about 200 meters, and you'll find less than 10 bars, usually owned by foreigners . Here is a quick list, by order of appearance:

Jakarta Nightlife Map

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Readers have asked me for a long time to create a map of Jakarta nightlife. I did a trial today using Google Maps, with a less-than-perfect result. I am posting it nonetheless as it might give you a better understanding of where Jakarta's best nightclubs, bars, spas and karaokes are. Read also:  Jakarta Nightlife 2016 Explained in 500 Words The main issue I had with the map is that there are just so many venues to list. The whole thing looks a bit confusing, so you need to zoom in to see the names well. Each place is linked to my individual review on I would be glad to hear from you if you think I can improve this feature. You can either email me (thibaud@jakarta100bars) or leave a comment below. If you are not familiar yet with Jakarta, you might also be interested by my review: Where to Stay in Jakarta ? Click here to open this Jakarta nightlife map on Google

Jalan Jaksa Nightlife

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
This review will give you tips about the recommended nightlife around Jalan Jaksa, the backpacker street of Jakarta. Click on the names of the venues to see the full review. For those staying in Jalan Jaksa, there is a fair number of bars available walking distance. None of them are high-class, but some can be fun and laid-back, perfect for meeting people or having a beer. There are three places that are usually the most lively, with a healthy mixed crowd of locals, expats and tourists: Cocktail and Friends , Equal Park , and Melly's Garden (a bit further on Jalan Wahid Hasyim). They are quite similar, with an open-air space (bring mosquito repellent!), cheap beer (around Rp25K for large bintang) and basic food (western snacks and street food dishes). Equal Park is more of a live music venue, with reggae or rock bands every night. If you are looking for a bar with no frills to spend the night, these are the best spots.

Kemang Nightlife: The Best Bars and Clubs

By The Jakarta Team →
In this post I will list quickly the most interesting nightlife places in the area of Kemang. I do not party so much there for two reasons: It is a bit far from where I live (Menteng)  The crowd in Kemang's clubs and bars is usually a bit younger than me. Most of the patrons indeed are sons & daughters of middle to upper class Indonesian families, plus some expat kids, rather than executives. Kemang is one of the most dynamic clubbing areas in Jakarta though: The scene is constantly changing and, apart for a lucky few, new bars close within 2 or 3 years. I've seen 3 different periods in Kemang nightlife: When I first arrived in Jakarta, 6 years ago, Kemang clubs were very cheap and basic. People would go there only because you could get drunk for almost nothing.  Then, slowly, nicer and trendier clubs began to appear, like Amor or Barcode. This was a period when almost every club looked identical. Each places had the ambition to attract classy/stylish people.

The Far Away Nightlife of Tanjung Priok (North Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
In 10 years in Jakarta, I had never been to Tanjung Priok at night. For those who don't know, Tanjung Priok is located in the extreme North of the city and it is home to the city's main harbour. It is not a very recommended area to hangout. Don't bring your girlfriend here on a date. Anyway, we were actually planning to go to Senen from Kelapa Gading, but our taxi driver was tricky and he tried to extend our journey (and fare) with him. My friend looked at his GPS and it was clear that we were completely off-track, going North West instead of going South East. We started to argue and after a little fight with him, he dropped us off at the corner of Jalan Laksamana Yos Sudarso and Jalan Raya Enggano.

Little Tokyo (Japanese Karaoke in Jakarta) - Jalan Melawai

By The Jakarta Team →
Little Tokyo is not the name of a bar, it is the name of an area of south Jakarta with a lot of Japanese massage parlours, karaoke and other sleazy sex places. It is not limited to the south, but 90% of this places can be easily found in Jalan Melawai VI and VIII. The opening hours are not very late, from 6pm to 1 or 2 am.

PIK Nightlife: Best Bars and Clubs

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) nightlife barely existed until a few years ago. The bars and clubs I will mention in this review were opened in the past 2 years. The scene is most likely to change a lot more as new residences, hotels, malls and offices open there. Currently, PIK is one of the favorite spots for wealthy, young Indo Chinese to hang out in Jakarta. Many among them live in the Pluit area and they are looking for an alternative to going to South Jakarta's hot spots in SCBD or Senopati. The type of food available is also the one most popular with this community. In particular, the availability of pork on the menu of a restaurant in PIK is the key to success. Before Party: Where to eat? Typically, many restaurants in PIK will fall into one of these categories: - Korean Barbecue : Kimchi GrandMa, Gomawo, Seorae, Born Ga, Mapogalmaegi, Han Ok.

Top 10 Best Bars in Jakarta

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Update 2017: I wrote an update on this list available here  50 Best Bars in Jakarta .  As promised on my Jakarta Nightlife Guide , here is a list of my 10 favorite bars in Jakarta. I made the list based on my personal preferences only. If you are a Western expat in your 30s, you will probably find it relevant . If you think a bar should be included here, please drop me a comment and I will visit the place (if I haven't done it already). For more recommendation about the best bars in the city, you can also read  Jakarta's Best Beer Bars and Beer Garden  and last year's ranking: Jakarta's Best Bars 2014 . 1) Cloud Lounge

Top 10 Rooftop Bars in Jakarta

By Nyoman →
When you live and work in a city like Jakarta, you might want to elevate yourself above the traffic and the pollution. Rooftop bars give you this opportunity to enjoy a drink outside in the open air and to experience another sight of the city, most often spectacular. Most of Jakarta's Rooftop Bars listed here are located in Hotels or in landmark office buildings. Here is a list of the 10 best Rooftop Bars, to have a drink with friends, to bring your date, to enjoy Jakarta's skyline or to simply enjoy Jakarta's Nightlife while having a drink outside. 1. Skye Bar 56th floor, Menara BCA, Jalan Thamrin

Jakarta Nightlife in 2015

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Update: You can now read my Jakarta nightlife 2017 review . Jakarta nightlife has been a bit disappointing recently. After living over 10 years in Jakarta, 2015 is so far my worst year in the city when it comes to party. In this review, I will update you on the nightlife scene in Jakarta as of 2015 and the 6 reasons I was disappointed. Read also:  Saigon Nightlife 2015 - Bandung Nightlife - Bali Nightlife - Batam Nightlife  - Jakarta Nightlife 2016 Explained in 500 Words If you need a hotel close to the best nightlife spots, I recommend one of the following near Plaza Indonesia:  Kempinski ,  Grand Hyatt ,  Pullman Thamrin  or  Mandarin Oriental .  Shangri La  and the  Mulia  are good also because they have lively bars. Cheaper options are  Novotel Gajah Mada ,  Mercure Sabang ,  All Seasons Gajah Mada ,  All Seasons Thamrin  and  Holiday Inn Thamrin . Read more here on my Jakarta Hotel Guide .

Jakarta Nightlife 2014

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
  Note on April 2015: I have written an update of this review here: Jakarta Nightlife 2015 . The content of the 2014 review is still up to date for the most part except that Stadium, Red Square, Millenium and Alibi have closed. Jakarta nightlife has changed quite a bit since my previous guides: " Jakarta Nightlife 2011 ", " Jakarta Nightlife 2012 " and " Jakarta Nightlife Tips ". Before you head out tonite, these are the latest trends in the Jakarta's partying scene: The new center of Jakarta nightlife in 2014 is in SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District), in the ex- Bengkel area. In 2 years, many bars and clubs have opened there and they attract the wealthy, trendy youth of Jakarta: To have a drink, try Lucy in the Sky , Potato Head Garage , Beer Garden, Canos in Foundry 8 For clubbing: Fable (Young crowd, Jakarta International School) or Empirica (Upper Class Indo Chinese).  These places do not have too many tourists o

The Top 10 Best Clubs, Bars and Restaurants in Jakarta 2014

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Update April 2015 - You may also want to have a look to the following updated rankings:  The Best Bars in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Beer Gardens in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Strip Clubs in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Rooftop Bars in Jakarta in 2015 ,  Jakarta Nightlife in 2015 These rankings of Jakarta's best bars, restaurants, lounges and clubs should be read with my article " Jakarta nightlife 2014 " for more information.  I visited all the places listed below (and more), and I ranked them in the order by which I would recommend them to a friend. I may have missed some great venues. Don't blame me, just add a comment and I'll revise if necessary: Top 10 of the Best Nightclubs in Jakarta in 2014: 1) Empirica: From what I've seen, it is the most happening club in Jakarta at the moment. It is huge, attracts a beautiful/trendy crowd, and it is a really fun place to party. Easy number 1. 2) Immigrant: Still under renovation but we can expect gre

Bali Nightlife 2013

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NB: I have updated this article in this review: Bali Nightlife Tips by an Expat living in Bali . Bali nightlife is exciting! If you are there for a short holiday, or if you're an expat partying twice a month, you'll have a lot of fun. You'll find the atmosphere is generally laid-back and festive with about 10 decent options for clubbing on weekends. If you are not into clubbing, then you'll have a much larger number of bars and lounges, often with live music, cheap food and happy hours.  It is good destination for singles too: There aren't too many prostitutes if you compare with other holiday destinations in Asia but you'll have your chance at finding a match rather easily... The fat, sweating Norwegian or Australian girls dancing in Bounty may not be your type, but trust me they are available... To make it simple: Kuta is where young people go, Legian is for families, Nusa Dua is dead, Sanur is for working girls, Ubud is for new-age hippies an

Jakarta Nightlife 2012: My Top Recommendations

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For an updated article about nightlife in Jakarta in 2014, please visit this link: Jakarta Nightlife Update 2014 . For the 2015 update:  The Best Bars in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Beer Gardens in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Strip Clubs in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Rooftop Bars in Jakarta in 2015 ,  Jakarta Nightlife in 2015 For 2012, this rankings of Jakarta nightlife's best venues are based on my personal preferences only . My criteria for assessing whether a place is recommended or not are varied, but most important of all is whether or not I'm having fun there. It all depends on the music, the people, the atmosphere, and the staff. What I generally don't care about is the design, the level of respectability, the presence or not of prostitutes, or the cleanliness. My objective is not to give good and bad points, but to help you decide where to go or not in Jakarta if you want to have a great night out, not simply sip on a Mojito and stares at other people s

2011 Jakarta Nightlife's Top 100 Bars & Nightclubs

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For an updated article about nightlife in Jakarta in 2014, please visit this link: Jakarta Nightlife Update 2014 . For 2015,  The Best Bars in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Beer Gardens in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Strip Clubs in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Rooftop Bars in Jakarta in 2015 ,  Jakarta Nightlife in 2015 Each club in Jakarta says it is the best: Best in value, best in the atmosphere, best crowd, best design, etc... Actually, you've probably read a couple of those magazine rankings about the Best bars, the Best Clubs, the Best lounge or the Best restaurant in Jakarta. But how can you trust them? My advice: Don't believe anything you read: Magazines get their money from those same bars, clubs, lounges and restaurants, and it's only natural that those who pay the most reach the top spots.

Jakarta Nightlife Top 10 Best Bars & Clubs

By The Jakarta Team →
For an updated article about nightlife in Jakarta in 2014, please visit this link: Jakarta Nightlife Update 2014 . For the 2015 updates,  The Best Bars in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Beer Gardens in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Strip Clubs in Jakarta in 2015 ,  The Best Rooftop Bars in Jakarta in 2015 ,  Jakarta Nightlife in 2015

Jakarta Nightlife Guide (Updated 2016)

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For more articles about nightlife in Jakarta, please visit these links: Jakarta Nightlife Update 2014  or Jakarta Nightlife 2015 . 1)Where to party in Jakarta ? Before starting to explore the city, it's important you have some idea of where the party places are in Jakarta so you won't lose time going from one place to another. Bar hopping is great in Jakarta: A good night out should always include the right mix of low-class/middle class/high class places, alternating expat and more local clubs, and if possible in at least two different areas. The main areas for partying in Jakarta are the following: In South Jakarta South Jakarta has mostly normal nightclubs and bars with no open prostitution or striptease. This is where most foreigners and expats will go. Blok M/Jalan Falatehan My Bar, Top Gun, D's Place, Highway To Elle This is a street with hostess bars popular with oil and gas expatriates.