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10 Sexiest Indonesian Women

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
FHM models, actresses, singers, TV presenters, "selebritis"... If you just arrived in Indonesia as an expat , there are some girls' names that you will hear over and over... In no particular order, here is a list of the 10 sexiest Indonesian celebrities of the moment. Please add a comment at the bottom of the page indicating your favourite Indonesian girls, so I can make an updated list soon. More pics of sexy Indonesian model and actresses: Hot Indonesian girls with tattoo . 1) Sandra Dewi Actress, she is also famous for shooting many TV spots, for brands such as Ponds, Clear and You C1000. 2) Tiara Lestari Tiara, the "first Nude Playboy Model from Indonesia". 3) Dwi Putrantiwi FHM model...

32 Hottest Indonesian Instagram Girls

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
A few months ago, I wrote about the 20 hottest FHM/Popular/Maxim models in Indonesia . The following review is similar, with a selection of Indonesian girls who are regularly posting lingerie and bikini pictures of themselves on Instagram or Facebook. The 30 girls below are the sexiest Indonesian girls on social media. I chose them because they are not shy to show some cleavage or wear sexy outfits, not because they are the most beautiful. Some models on this list regularly publish naked, semi-nude and topless photos, but none are pornstars. I also didn't include girls who are prostitutes. To see more pretty Indonesian girls (with their Facebook and Instagram account), please read: 34 Most Beautiful Miss Indonesia . Most of those girls are freelance models (usually for male magazines) who can be hired for photoshoots. For more details, you can contact them directly on their Instagram or Facebook account (just click on the girl's name to see it). If you want to meet

12 Most Beautiful Indonesian Singers (2017)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
The articles I wrote about the sexiest Indonesian models and the hottest Indonesian actresses are among the most popular on I should add a similar one today: Indonesia's most beautiful singers. I didn't include those who are inactive or those who only had a one-time hit. If you are looking for something raunchier, you can read my ranking of Indonesia's 20 Hottest Dangdut Performers instead. Here are the 12 prettiest Indonesian singers (in a random order):

What Indonesian Bar Girls Say And What They Really Mean

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
10 years in Indonesia have taught me that even when Indonesian bar girls speak English, what they mean is not always obvious. Here is a little guide to help you deal with your relationships! What they say to you: 'You are over protective' What they really mean: 'You don't let me sleep with other guys' You are stingy You don't want to support all my family I'm not eating pork I drink alcohol, I don't pray and I've had sex before marriage so the last thing that keeps me from going to hell is to refuse eating pork Let's go party Accompany me party and please pay for all my drinks

Hot Indonesian Girls with Tattoos (Pics)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Continuing the series I started about Sexy Indonesian Girls , I thought to compile here some of the most beautiful women in Indonesian with Tattoos. As Indonesia is still conservative, it is still seen as unacceptable for a girl to get her body inked. In spite of that, it is rather common to see small ones that the girls make in parts of their body that their parents will never find out about. Indonesian girls being rather impulsive and romantic, I believe many have a guy's name or initials from their teenage years tattooed somewhere. The tattoo can also be the result of a trip to Bali with friends, where they get the influence of the tattoo culture there. At last, there are also some real tattoo lovers, with an artist mindset, who do not hesitate to use their body as a manifest for inked beauty.... Anyway, I found another excuse to post some beautiful pictures of sexy Indonesian girls: