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Ringside Bar - Midget Boxing - Manila

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
The Ringside Bar is a must-visit in Manila if you like weird places and oddities. Located in the red light district of Burgos in Makati, it is a hostess bar with a boxing ring instead of your usual podium. The boxing ring features all kind of shows including midget boxing or bargirls oil fighting. How much fun you'll have in the Ringside Bar probably depends on how much alcohol you've drank. It's probably best to be a bit tipsy before entering to make sure your mind is prepared.

Bottoms Bar Strip Club (Manila)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Bottoms Bar is probably the naughtiest bar in Burgos street, Makati, Manila. It is a hostess bar like many other places such as Plan B or Bourbon  where you will find about 40 or more prostitutes/dancers/lady companions. You can buy them a ladies' drink for around 400PHP and take them home with you if you pay a bar fine of 3,900 PHP + a tip to the girl of around 3,000 PHP (note that the ladies drink you buy can be deducted from the bar fine). What makes Bottoms bar more naughty and sexy compared to the competition is that it is the only place in Burgos with topless dancers. Furthermore, it is also a blowjob bar. For that, you just need to ask a girl to take you to one of their semi private booth. Not all of the girls will do that though. More advice on Gogo Bars and clubs in Manila: Read Manila Nightlife Guide .

G-String Hostess Bar (Makati, Manila)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
G-String is one of the numerous hostess bars/nightclubs located in Burgos Street in Makati. It is next to Hollywood and Bourbon. All those bars work pretty much the same way with rather expensive girls and very expensive bar fines (over 100$ each). G-String is pretty enjoyable, mostly because girls are not pushing you for ladies drinks. A few came to talk to me and they were friendly even though I was not paying for anything. You had about 5 dancers on stage wearing bikinis and 50 in the bar. On average, I would say they were between 25 and 30 years old. Some were very cute and sexy.

Plan B Hostess Bar (Manila)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Plan B is a hostess bar located in Burgos street, Makati, in Manila. It may be the bar with the most girls in the area. I didn't count but there was at least 80 to 100 when I visited. Few of them came to me a few seconds after I entered and they were very fun to chat with, even after I told them I wasn't interested to sleep with them. From what they told me, there is a hotel above the bar and it is possible to take more than 1 girl at the same time. So Plan B is probably the right place if you are looking for a (paid) threesome in Manila. The girls were average looking in general, but you had some stunners here and there. You have sexy dancers wearing bikinis and sexy outfits at all time.

Bourbon Street Coyote Bar (Manila)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Bourbon Street Coyote Bar is one of the first to appear when you arrive in Burgos in Makati, Manila. It is a sort of cabaret with a high podium and dancing poles. Entrance was free. The place was closing down when I entered so I didn't take any drinks. Girls were mostly hot and numerous but there was some ladyboys too. Same system as usual for a hostess bar: You pay your own drink a reasonable price. You pay twice more for a ladies drink

Kojax / Hot Spot (Go Go Bar Manila)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Kojax/Hot Spot is one of the numerous gogo bars in Makati, near Burgos street. It is in an alley between Palladium Karaoke and Bourbon Bar, another dancer club. I didn't pay any entrance fee. A beer will cost you 250 pesos and a spirit 400. You have a center stage with around 10 girls dancing in bikinis and lingerie. Customers are sitting comfortably all around in sofas. It was not crowded at all when I visited at 5am on a Saturday. Girls do not go full nude but they wear g-strings and see-through tops. Most were average looking and barely looking 18 years old. The music was a mix of mainstream pop, EDM and R n'B hits.

Universe Strip Club (Full Naked) - Manila

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Universe is one of the most famous strip clubs in Manila. While the main attraction there are the sexy dancers and the striptease, it is also a KTV and a bordello with rooms and dozens of prostitutes. There is also a restaurant and a club called Universe in Manila so make sure to say you want to go to the one in Pasay. They had several problems with the police so they changed their names from "Miss Universe" to "Universe" and they are very careful with cameras. They put a black tape on my phone and warned me not to take pictures.