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Old City Nightclub and Karaoke (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Old City is a nightclub and karaoke located in North Jakarta, about 200 meters from the Fatahillah Museum and 500 meters from Colosseum.

I had already visited it in 2009 when it was called Athena and to be honest it hasn't changed much. It is a hardcore party spot with deafening techno music, a dark vibe and drugs aplenty. It is a bit dodgy, especially the surroundings, and you may bump into a few weird customers, but it is still safe to visit.

There is only one main room which is quite big and decorated with a classic Roman style. The karaoke is rather old but it is affordable. It has lady companions and the waiters probably sell more ecstasy than beer.

I saw some flyers about sexy dancers and topless female DJs but they didn't seem to be updated and I'm not sure the events still happen today.

While I would not have recommended this place a few months ago, I would say it could be an alternative to the now-defunct Mille's. If only they could have more Western music it would be perfect as an after hour underground nightclub.

Opening Hours:
Everyday until 6AM (according to the security guard who told me)

Old City - One Stop Entertainment
Jalan Kali Besar Barat No.22, Tambora, West Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone number: +62 812-9377-0699

Kota Indah Jakarta - Red Light Area in North Jakarta

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Kota Indah is the name of a small red light area with around 10 bars, clubs, spas and karaokes in North Jakarta. It is located in a street perpendicular to Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta in Glodok. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as Pang-J or Pen-J.

This is a map of the exact location (Kota Indah streets are highlighted in green):
It is walking distance (10 minutes by foot) from Station Kota which can easily be reached with Transjakarta buses. You can also sleep in nearby hotels such as Ibis Mangga Dua, Best Western Mangga Dua, Le Grandeur or Orchardz (that includes a naughty spa).

The visitors of Kota Indah are almost all Indonesians, usually older than average. They come to do 3 things: Drink alcohol, listen to music (sometimes sing along) and have sex with prostitutes.

Most of the venues have a similar concept of bar + massage. The ground floor is typically a lounge with either a DJ or live music, and girls waiting in sofas. After you sit down, a mamasan will come to your table and ask if you want to be accompanied by a girl while you drink. This is free but it is expected that you buy at least a drink to your lady companion. Upstairs, there are private rooms where you can bring the girl (for a price between Rp300,000 and Rp350,000 paid in advance + a tip of Rp50,000 to Rp100,000). It is not compulsory to be with a girl, you can just sit alone like in any normal bar if that's what you are looking for. You can also go straight to the room and skip the bar. Note that in most bars, the massage is not a real one, it is just sex.

The most famous venue on the street is Grand MTR 1 (MTR 2 is in Kelapa Gading) in which you have live music (Indonesian and International songs) and sexy nude dancers. Other venues include Royal Massage, Sari Ayu Spa, Astro Bar, Grand LA Bar and a few others.

Kota Indah is a bit more dodgy than famous prostitution centers like Classic or Travel, but it is still clean and comfortable. Foreigners are welcome, but don't do anything stupid as the whole street is managed by a gang (Laskar Merah Putih).

Starmoon Bar and Massage (Kota Indah)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Starmoon Café, Massage and Bar is a prostitution place located in the red light district of Kota IndahNearby hotels include Ibis Mangga DuaBest Western Mangga DuaLe Grandeur and Orchardz (also a bordello actually).

The owner of Star Moon was the owner of several joints in the now-closed Kalijodo area (Mona Lisa, River Citra, etc). Many of the girls used to work there actually, which would indicate that contrary to what Ahok promised, they haven't been successfully rehabilitated.

The concept of the café is rather simple: There are some girls sitting down (aquarium as in picture above) and you can choose one to accompany you for drinks. You can also ask a mamasan for help. On the stage, you either have a live band, sexy nude dancers (on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night from midnight to 1am) or a DJ. Some customers may sing a song as well.

If you want to do more, you can take the girl you chose to a room. You'll pay Rp330,000 for one hour. When finished, you should give a tip (Rp50,000-Rp100,000).

The prices for drinking are rather cheap, from Rp45,000 for a small Bintang to Rp275,000 for a beer tower.

Star Moon Bar and Massage
Kota Indah - Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta,
North Jakarta

Phone number: 021 629 3259

Opening Hours:
Everyday from 3pm to 3am
Happy Hour from 4pm to 8pm: -15%

Pegasus Spa (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Pegasus is a cheap massage parlour located in a hidden street of Glodok in North Jakarta. It is not far from Station Kota and therefore you can reach it easily by Transjakarta.

The spa has a sauna, a jacuzzi, a cold pool and a hammam. All these facilities are free to use if you have a massage.

The treatment in the standard room costs Rp100,000 and Rp130,000 in the VIP room (inclusive of a bathtub and a TV). There are no special services included in that price so if you want something more, you should negotiate directly with the girl.

Pegasus has existed for at least 10 years but they renovated it in 2015. If you are not interested with sexual services, it is a good place to try.

Pegasus Spa
Jalan Pinangsia II, Glodok, Jakarta
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 62 82 919

The Sexy Pool at 1001 Hotel (Bikini Party)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
The Pool @1001 is a new concept developed by the Alexis Group. It is located in the same building as Colosseum nightclub.

Only male clients are allowed in the pool area, where you have sexy dancers and bikini shows by swimsuit hostesses. You can watch them from private cabanas and you can also invite them to spend time with you.

It is not a totally new concept as it already exists in Malioboro or D'Heaven (among few others). The only difference is that in those places, you will see the girls only once or twice at certain times, on certain days. The Pool @ 1001 promises almost non-stop performances and activities.

A few months ago, a bikini party organized by a group of high school students created a bit of a sh*storm (see article from Jakarta Globe). Maybe this is where they got their idea from.

The Pool @ 1001 Hotel (Gentleman Pool)
Jalan Kunir 7, West Jakarta
Next to Taman Fatahillah
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 690 3333
or +62 (0) 21 690 1001

Opening Hours:
From Monday to Tuesday, from 1pm to 3am
From Wednesday to Saturday, from 4pm to 4am
On Sunday, from 2pm to 2am

Keukenhof Bistro (Kota Tua Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Keukenhof Bistro is a café and restaurant located just steps away from Taman Fatahillah in North Jakarta. It is also next to Colosseum 1001 entertainment center.

It is inside a Dutch era colonial building that seems to have been renovated very recently. Unfortunately, the inside of Keukenhof Bistro is not that impressive, particularly if you compare it with Café Batavia. They don't have windows to the outside and you don't really feel you are inside a historical building. 

The prices are reasonable and it is clean so it is still an OK option for a drink or lunch while in the area.

They serve Indonesian and International food, only classics like Nasi Goreng, Mi Goreng, Steaks, etc.
Keukenhof Bistro
Jalan Kunir No5
Kota Tua - North Jakarta
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 690 88 56

Newton Executive Club (Lokasari)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Newton is a new luxury "Executive Club" with a lounge and a karaoke. It is located in the red-light district of Lokasari, just next to Mille's.

At the moment it is still quiet and the customers are almost all locals. There are many hostesses and girls companions hanging out in the lounge, where you have naked girl striptease in the evening.

For me nothing special, just a cheaper option compared to Malioboro or Alexis. A good reason to go there though could be to make a pre-party before going to Mille's.
Newton Executive Club Jakarta
Ruko Permata Lokasari Blok B1 (between Glodok and Mangga Besar)
West Jakarta

Phone number: +62- 21 6291.888

More photos on their website:

Colosseum Club (New 1001, Ex-K7)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →

Very interesting opening this year with the new Colosseum Club, which used to be part of K7 and is now managed by the same group behind Alexis hotel and Emporium Spa. Colosseum is actually the relocation of the 1001, which closed two years ago and was replaced by Illigals... Still following?

I went to Colosseum a few years ago and it was unfortunately a dying club (see my review here). Too bad because the place was really massive (2,000 persons capacity), one of the biggest in Jakarta and it has a huge potential.

With the new management, we can expect the place to become really popular: The music is now retro and house, with good sound system and spectacular lighting show. Being a part of Alexis group, it goes without saying that they have sexy dancers, fashion shows, and rooms...

UPDATE Mars 2014:
I visited the club for the after party of the State of Trance Tour. Colosseum is the best club I have been to in Jakarta in terms of design, lighting, sound. The crowd was rather upmarket, not the typical Kota crowd. For me it has the potential of becoming the number 1 club in Jakarta in the future.

UPDATE August 2015:
Colosseum has installed a new lighting system called Phase 2, even more impressive than before. It looks like this (from their Instagram account):
colosseum jakarta lighting system
You also have the now famous sexy pool in 1001 hotel: Sexy Pool 1001.
Colosseum Club Jakarta (1001)
Jl. Kunir No.7
Jakarta, Indonesia 11110
Phone number: 0822-7000-1001

Open on Friday and Saturday until 4am


Chasio Garing ACC (Chinese Restaurant)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
I came all the way from Sudirman to Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta, in Glodok, because I was told this street had some of the best Chinese street food stalls and warungs in Jakarta.

When I arrived, it was already late but some venues were still crowded. I chose one of them, Chasio Garing Acc, for a simple reason: They had air-conditioning. It turned out their unit was not functioning very well, so I had a chance to sweat a little, and also to get a few mosquito bites.

There isn't much to say about the inside as it looks like any typical warung: 4 walls with kitschy ornaments and posters, basic chairs and tables, and uncertain hygiene.

I had eaten the best Grilled Duck ever a week earlier in Liyen, and the one in Chasio Garing Acc was quite disappointing. Since it is twice as cheap in the latter, there wasn't much to expect anyway. I also tried the Beef Kwetiaw: The ingredients were not very fresh and the meat low quality. I only had a few bites and couldn't finish.
Kwetiaw Sapi Kuah (Boiled Kwetiaw with Beef, Rp22k)
Hainan Peking Bebek Panggan (Grilled Duck à la Hainan, Rp38k)
Overall: I was hoping I would find a gem in Jalan Pangeran, and it didn't happen. Chasio Garing Acc is fine if you love Chinese food and live 50 meters from the restaurant. If not, I don't think it is worth it.
Opening Hours:
Everyday from 10am to midnight

Chasio Garing Acc (Chinese restaurant)
Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta (Pang-J) 
No. 34 DD (Panca Warna), Jakarta
Phone number: +62-21 659 7263 / 625 0767

They also have two other branches:
Jalan Danau Agung Utara,
Blok G3 No. 12 (Satu Arah Sunter Mall)
Phone number: +62-21 913 02 943 / 6400 974/5

Jalan Boulevard Raya TB2/30
Kelapa Gading
Phone number: +62-21 452 0575 / 451 4331 / 96 445 222

Café Batavia (Taman Fatahillah, Kota)

By The Jakarta Team →
Cafe Batavia is a classy, distinguished bar, in one of the most beautiful colonial buildings of Jakarta. A must-do for any tourists or newly arrived expats, it should also provide you with a good opportunity to visit Kota Tua, the historical center of Jakarta.

Nearby buildings include Old Batavia's Townhall and the VOC Governor office which can all be reached by foot. The area is currently being renovated as the government has finally come to realize its cultural importance and, though not much has been done yet, a stroll around the (polluted) canal back to the Stasiun Kota is something I really enjoy.

For those who are bold enough, I advise you to make a stop in Stadium on the way back, as a way to enjoy another monument of Jakarta!

Interesting fact: Churchill was ranked amond the World's best bars in 1996 by Newsweek.
Cafe Batavia
Taman Fatahillah, Kota
Tel.: (62)(21) 691 5531

If you fancy this bar, you might also like Bistro Boulevard (ex-Buddha Bar) (also in an historical building, but more hip and modern) or Lara Djonggrang.

Golden Crown night club, disco, karaoke and massage spa (Glodok Plaza)

By The Jakarta Team →

Most popular disco in Kota these days for many Indonesians. There is one huge Techno Kota room and one lounge with live music and house/progressive DJ (also called Coyote Club). Only serves Anker beer. Very mixed crowd, making it an interesting place to go: rich Chinese, Indian, middle class indos, some bules.... One of the few "safe" place to go in Kota if you don't know the city. It will be crowded most days from wednesday to saturday night. Since it's a one-stop entertainment, they also have a spa, karaoke, panti pijat plus plus, striptease, dan lain lain...

You can actually sleep 2 floors from Golden Crown if you book a room in the Plaza Hotel Glodok (same owner and same building).
Contact details/Address:
Golden Crown Jakarta
Glodok Plaza Lt7-9
Jalan Pinangsia Raya No1, Jakarta
Phone number: 021 6230 28888

Very complete website with all the events and info about the facilities: Golden Crown Club Jakarta

Here are some shots of Golden Crown of the small and large room during concerts (it is a popular venue for Indonesian and chinese famous singers):

LIYEN (Authentic Chinese Cuisine)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Liyen is an authentic Chinese restaurant located in Kota. It is not very far from the Bank Mandiri Museum, maybe 3 minutes by foot. They specialize in Hakka cuisine (from Southeast China), with some recommended dishes like the Salted Chicked, the Grilled Duck, or the Fried Prawn with Salted Egg.

We went for half a grilled duck (Bebek Panggang Liyen, Rp100k), the grilled eel with vegetable (Lindung Cah Fumak, Rp55k) and the Fried Prawn with Salted Egg (Udang Goreng Telo Asin, Rp88k). As you can see, the prices are quite high for Kota (usually about 30% cheaper).

The service was very fast, and we had our plates full only 5 minutes after ordering.
Bebek Panggang 1/2 (Rp100k)
Lindung Cah Fumak (Rp55k)
Udang Goreng Telor Asin (Rp88k)
The duck was probably the best I ever had, and when I think about how it tasted in Duck King, I realized how bad it was there. In Liyen, the meat is juicy and tender, with the skin perfectly crispy. A must-try dish.

We took more risks with the eel, but it was worth it. The fish is quite dry, but with the vegetables it becomes much smoother to eat. By the end though, it became more difficult to finish the plate because I was starting to realize eels are some very ugly creatures.

At last, I only tried a tiny portion of the Prawn, but since I'm usually not a fan of seafood I won't comment. My friends said they liked it.

Overall: I had a great time in Liyen and I want to come back soon to try more dishes from their menu. From what I had, I can say it is one of the best authentic Chinese restaurants in Jakarta.
Concerning the atmosphere, it is pretty basic but it looks fine and they made an effort to put some Chinese decoration. The hygiene of the toilets could certainly be improved.
Liyen Restaurant
Authentic Chinese Cuisine
Jl. Asemka Raya no. 168A
Jakarta Kota 11110

Phone number: +62-21 693 0108 - 693 0208
Fax: +62-21 693 0189