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T1 Saunas - Gay Hammam in Jakarta

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
T1 is a small chain of gay saunas with currently 2 locations in Harmoni, Central Jakarta and Senopati, South Jakarta. It was created by the Teritori Group, ex 9M Group, following the closing of 9M spa just before ramadan 2015. In the case of T1 Senopati, it is a rebranding of 911 Spa (911 Spa became T1 Senopati).

T1 are the best gay hammams to have ever opened in Jakarta. They feature dark zone, auditorium with mattresses, aquatic party deck, sauna, rooftop lounge, steam rooms, jacuzzi, fitness equipment, etc in a clean and modern atmosphere. They are one of the most popular hangout places for the gay community in Jakarta with Pendopo Spas (gay massage parlour) and Atlantis.

Under 26 years old (18-25): Rp50,000 (you must bring a proof of identity)
Others: Rp100,000 on weekdays for both branch. Rp150,000 on weekends for T1 Harmoni, Rp120,000 for T1 Senopati.
Membership cards are available for special benefits and discounts.

Regular events:
T1 Harmoni holds regular "no towels" events where all guests must be naked above the second floor.

Opening hours:
Everyday from 3pm to 11pm

T1 Sauna Harmoni (5 minutes walk from Harmoni Busway Station)
Jalan Suryo Pranoto, Komplek Harmoni Plaza Blok A-16/17, Central Jakarta
Phone number: +62-21 6328 225 / +62-21 6328 328 / +62 85 77299 1111

T1 Senopati Fit & Beyond (ex 911 Spa, next to Holycow! Steakhouse)
Jalan Puspa No 11, Blok S - Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Phone number: +62-21 368 60090

You will find a lot of photos and a list of events on their website and social media profiles:
Instagram: T1 Sauna
Website: Teritori Group
Blackberry Pin: 57B21289

You can also watch this video:

Pendopo Spa (Gay-Friendly Massage Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Pendopo Spa and Reflexology is one of the famous gay-friendly massage parlours in Jakarta, with several male therapists. It has three branches in Pasar Minggu, Kemang and Karawaci (Tangerang).

The price is relatively low, from Rp100,000 for a 75 minutes massage to Rp270,000 for their most expensive package including a scrub and ear candle.

Pendopo Pasar Minggu
Jalan Rawa Bambu Raya No. 14A, Grand Ruko Pasar Minggu
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 931 29447

Pendopo Kemang
Jalan Kemang Utara No. 34A
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 717 91897

Pendopo Karawaci
Jalan Mendut Raya No. 33, Perumahan Dua, Karawaci, Tangerang
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 98908796, +62 (0) 89508366721

There is also one in Jalan Tebet Raya No 72 (Phone number: +62 21 8298809) but it might be closed.

4 Best Gay Spas and Massages in Bali

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
The best gay spas and massage parlors of Bali are located in the Seminyak area. It's not surprising: This is where you will find the largest LBGT community of the island (expat and Indonesian).

As I wrote on my review Bali Nightlife, you can also find in Seminyak a small strip of gay bars (Bottoms Up, Mixwell, Bali Joe, Facebar).

For tourists and expats, the two most popular places to get a gay massage in Bali are Banana Spa on Jalan Drupadi and Adam's Apple on Jalan Batu Belig. I have also added Minahasa Spa in North Denpasar which is more popular with a local crowd.

Adam's Apple Male Massage

Adam's Apple offers quite basic but clean and cozy facilities. The types of massages provided includes all the regular options but the favorites are the following:

Apple to Apple Sensual Massage
75 minutes :  Rp. 750.000,- (IDR)
The hottest treatment of the list: It is a body to body massage where the male masseurs pressures his naked skin against your legs, backs, shoulders and arms.

Fantastic 4 Hands Massage
60 minutes: Rp350,000
This full body massage will be executed simultaneously by two therapists. It is based on their signature Forbidden Apple treatment which combines various relaxation techniques including shiatsu, swedish massage and traditional Chinese acupressure.

The prices are cheap but you should also add Rp100,000 to Rp300,000 to tip your therapist(s), especially if the massage included an "extra" service.

Contact Details of Adam's Apple Bali
Jalan Batu Belig No. 69X, Seminyak, Bali
Phone number: +62 (0) 361 - 74 79 799

Facebook: Bali Gay Massage

Opening Hours:
You can get a massage every day from 9am to 10pm. You can also order a massage to your hotel room or villa. The price for outcall massage is subject to an additional charge.

Banana Gay Spa Seminyak

Banana Spa is a gay-owned and foreign-owned (Australian) massage center. It comes from the same person behind Mango Villa, a gay-friendly accommodation also in Jalan Drupadi, Seminyak.

Banana Spa may be the most popular male-only massage parlour in Bali. It is also the only one with a jacuzzi room. The prices are almost the same as Adam's. 

The Four Hand massage will cost Rp400,000 (for 70 minutes) while a simple 70 minutes body massage with aromatic oil will cost Rp250,000.

If you are too lazy to leave the comfort of your bed even for a massage, you can order the therapist to visit your hotel after 8pm for Rp150,000 extra.

Banana Spa Bali
20 Jalan Drupadi (near Harris Hotel)
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0) 81338939220

Website with all their services and prices: Banana Spa Bali

Minahasa Health and Beauty Spa Denpasar

Minahasa Spa is located at the intersection of Denpasar, Kerobokan and Seminyak. It is just a 10 minutes drive from Jalan Oberoi. The spa is more simple and basic than the two places mentioned above, but their prices are also lower. Their signature treatment is the Tantric Sexual Massage which includes a plus plus (handjob/blowjob).
Four Hand Massage: Rp250,000
Ear Candle: Rp50,000
Manicure: Rp30,000
Pedicure: Rp50,000
Unique in Bali, Tantric Massage: Rp 280,000
Contact details of Minahasa Spa
Jalan Gunung Tangkuban Perahu 156a
Ruko Aditya Graha No 6, Padang Sambian Kelod
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Phone number: +62 (0) 813-5521 3426 (Mobile Phone) or +62 (0) 361 8954 960 (Office)

Website: Minahasa Spa 

Minahasa Bali Spa is Open 24 Hour / 7 Days a week including holiday. It is best to book in advance to make sure a spot is available as the number of masseurs is limited.

Seb Gay Massage
This is a new gay massage service operated by Indra who has worked in male spas all over Asia. You can go his spa on Jalan Camplung Tanduk (Dyana Pura street where the gay bars are) in Seminyak or he can go directly to your place in South Bali.

More information (prices and treatments) available on his website:
Phone number: +62 (0) 8 78888 22168 ( WA, WeChat, Line, Viper)

There are probably more spas for gays in Bali. Please do not hesitate to write a comment below to update the information from this review and add new venues.

Also, many "regular" spas in Bali have couple treatment packages that can be interesting to try. Those will generally include some private time in the sauna, steam room or the jacuzzi. This is the case with all L'Occitane Spas in Bali for instance.

Atlantis Gym & Sauna (Gay)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →

I haven't been to Atlantis, but Rhico the manager send me his own review that I have decided to post here. The management is the same with Apollo Bar in Mega Kuningan area....

Please feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with it!

Atlantis Gym and Sauna is a newly opened (September 2013), men-only sauna located in one of the trendiest areas in North Jakarta. Atlantis features modern interiors with super clean facilities including a fully-equipped 60m² gym, a 150m² sauna, steam room, whirlpool, 150m² dark area, 16 private cabins, internet room with free WiFi and a rooftop bar.  Special events include ‘No Towel’ on Fri-Sun (5pm until closed) and the following:

Monday - Twinkie
Only 50k for under 25 years old.

Tuesday - Chubby Day
Only 50k for size XL.

Wednesday - Yakuza
Only 50k for tattooed body.

Thursday - Spartaniac
Only 50k for any valid gym member card.

Friday - Triple X
Best selection movies all day long.

Saturday - Dare 2 Bare
'No Covers' from 5-8pm

Sunday - Groupies
Group entry of 4 persons under 25 only 50k/person

Promo entry fee :
Monday-Thursday 100k
Friday-Sunday 125k
Friday-Sunday 100k ( North Jakarta ID )

Atlantis Gym & Sauna (Jakarta Gay)
Address : Rukan Kokan Permata Blok B 15-16, Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara
Phone : +6221-95573107
Web :
Facebook : Atlantis Jakarta
Twitter : @atlantisjakarta

Another gay sauna is T1 in Harmoni and Senopati area.

Stadium (Jalan Hayam Wuruk) CLOSED

By The Jakarta Team →

Update May 2014: The Jakarta City Administration has closed down Stadium following the death by overdose of a policeman who partied there.

Best disco in Jakarta for me, Stadium can be extremely crowded on week-ends and for special events. It has four flours, each supposedly with different themes but tribal techno/progressive is dominant. Stadium is big enough to get you lost and so dark you could not recognize your mom if she was dancing 1 meter away from you.

The atmosphere inside the club is unique: A melting-pot of human misery with an underground feel and with drugs and prostitutes easily available (just ask the waiters). You will find all kind of people partying hard in Stadium: taxi drivers, socialites, bosses, students, expatriates, etc...As it is open until very late in the morning (9am during the week, later during the weekend), it is where all the nightlife ends in Jakarta, once all the other bars and clubs have closed. It has the reputation of staying open 60 hours non-stop from Friday to Monday morning, but this is true only for the karaoke.

If you come for the music, you will need to go to the 4th floor, the famous "lantai empat". Most foreigners stay on the left of the podium, near the DJ. Many gays are just below and the rest of the dance floor is mostly packed with young people. On the corners, in the dark, dealers, prostitutes and pimps. Older clients usually go downstair in the karaoke room and take ectasy/shabu-shabu with some girls. The crowd is at best on Sundays afternoon I think, because many youngsters who do not have permission to spend the night out clubbing do it during the day.

Great DJs came here, in particular Ame and Luciano, plus some Ibiza DJ such as DJ Pippy. It is currently hosting more and more international DJs, at least once a month or two.

The owner of Stadium has a few other places, more specifically massage parlours and karaoke, namely MalioboroBeverly Hills and Sumo. It has also shares in the restaurant and club Kampus.

Our french blog has more photos and more infos about Stadium and nightlife in Jakarta: Click here! and click here!

Safety in Stadium:
As with other nightclubs in North Jakarta, most of the clubbers inside Stadium take drugs, in particular ecstasy. Beer is enough for me, but if you decide to take something stronger, you have to know about the potential risks. There are police raids occasionally, but the management of Stadium is usually informed before they occur and they can prevent anybody to deal inside its premises on these days. People can get caught more easily outside the club, and therefore you should be extremely discreet and you should not keep anything on you when you leave the building. The worst thing that could happen to you is having your urine tested, and it happened (see this news article to know more about drugs in Indonesia). If you don't take drugs, you can ask for a drink called Barracuda (Rp200k), which is known to be quite strong. The Cendana cocktail is popular as well.

4000 or 5000 people can fit in the whole club, but there is only 1 fire exit, so pray hard and nothing will happen. Pickpockets are another safety issue, with the primary target being cell-phones left in the rear pocket of your pants... you may be high, but others aren't and they are much aware that you are an easy prey..

At last, the taxis located just outside of the club should be avoided at any cost. Walk along Hayam Wuruk for at least 200 meters, then catch a Blue Bird or an Express.

Update July 2009: There were a few people injured and one dead in a fight that took place in Stadium. Apparently, the attack was led by a group of young people in white shirts who wanted to close down the place. In spite of that, I don't think it's unsafe to go there by yourself, the biggest danger you might encounter is being ripped off by a taxi driver.

Update March 2011:
As some readers commented, there are indeed some nude dancers in Stadium now.. I took a photo that I voluntarily censored:

I also have a good video, even though the place was not too full:

Some famous Stadium songs (from 2004-2008):
For the music, Stadium is setting the tone for most of the other discos in Jakarta. Some tracks are so easily identifiable that when they are played in other places, you'll see people go "Stadium song!". Here are some sample:
Runaway - Iio - played live in Stadium by DJ Mumuch
Till There was you - Rachel Starr - Gabriel and Dresden
Storm is Rising - John Creamer & Stephane K feat Susana
Habibi - DJ Mumuch
At The End - Iio (Couldn't find the Stadium remix though)
Stadium song unknown title A great one but can't find the name (or maybe Commisar Pro?)
Ecstasy - Stadium Jakarta remix
Desert Rose by Sting, Stadium remix Another "Ecstasy" song.
House of Voodoo - Shadows This one may not have started in Stadium, it's a bit more housy, but you hear it everywhere (the remix is not the original one but it's the best I could find).
Contact details of Stadium Club Jakarta:
Stadium Jakarta
Hayam Wuruk 111
Phone Number: +62-21 626 3323

Facebook fan page: Stadium Jakarta Official Group
Check their website also, it is quite complete with events, photos, music and promos: Jakarta stadium club website

9M Gay Sauna & Massage Parlour (closed)

By The Jakarta Team →

Update 2015: 9M is now closed. You now have 2 options for gay hangouts in Jakarta: Atlantis in North Jakarta (more expensive with mostly Chinese customers) and the newly created T1 Saunas in Senopati and Harmoni area (cheaper, local Indonesian clients). You can also try the spas in Millennium Hotel Sirih and Sari Pan Pacific. Finally, Pendopo spa is also rumored to have gay therapists.

9M, also called Sembilan M, is a gay sauna and massage parlour with jacuzzi, hot steam, cold bath, etc, located on Jalan Betutu, about 300 meters south of Sudirman. I'm not gay so I never went there, but I think it is quite "hot" and that erotic massages are provided. Please confirm if you go there by commenting on this post.

They have dark rooms so I can imagine it's a meeting place too..

Traditional massage (90 min) = 220,000rp
Spa entrance: 125,000rp
Male escort service (in sauna area): 100,000rp/hour
Special massage by two male masseurs: 385,000rp

Special prices for younger men between 18 and 22.

Alamat: 9M Massage and Sauna Jakarta
Jl. Talang Betutu No.4
Jakarta, Indonesia, 10230
Phone number: +62 21 31924467
Open everyday from 11am to midnight.

They have a website with more information here: Jakarta Gay Massage & Sauna 9M

Comedy Café and restaurant (Pasar Festival)

By The Jakarta Team →

Comedy Café is a nice bar, with an important part of the customers being gays or lesbians, but not only. They have live shows, which can be quite funny because it's really non-pretentious. The deco is quite original, and everything is done by the waiters to make you feel welcome, including inviting you on stage and laughing with you. A good address to try at least once, preferably on week-ends, and the only to my knowledge to watch stand-up comedians. There are two other Comedy Cafe in KTS, Sudirman and one in Semanggi Sky Dining Plaza.

Go on their website Comedy Café Indonesia, it's a good introduction to what you will find in the actual place.

"Enjoy the folklore of an out-of-norm bar eating a meat-free cheeseburger". SZ
Comedy Café in Pasar Festival is now closed. The venues still open are the following:

Comedy Cafe SkyDining
Plaza Semanggi 10th Floor

Comedy Café Kemang
Jl. Kemang I Kav. 71-80 Kemang

Twitter for events and promos:
Facebook fanpage: For Kemang, here, and for the other branches, here.

Matra 21 Club Jakarta (Grand Menteng Hotel)

By The Jakarta Team →

Matra 21 club is a club popular with gays and even more lesbians. The music is quite good if you like progressive and house and the crowd is really cheerful. The only problem is everyone seems to know each other and you may feel you're not in your right place... On its facebook group (New Matra 21), they call themselves the oldest disco in Jakarta...

GRAND MENTENG HOTEL Jl. Matraman Raya No. 21
021 - 8510607

Memories Cafe (Jalan Jaksa)

By The Jakarta Team →

The most popular bar in Jalan Jaksa. It has a live music band almost every night, playing a mix of favorite indonesian pop song and classic Top 40. The drinks, especially beer is really cheap, around Rp. 18,000/bottle, so you will meet many backpackers, english teachers and mid-class indonesians. Lots of gays and “professional girlfriends”, hoping to meet a boyfriend among the travellers.

Memories Cafe Jakarta
Jalan Jaksa
Phone: 021-3162548
Open from early morning until 2/3 am

ML Disco (or Moonlight/Moonlite Disko) (Hayam Wuruk)

By The Jakarta Team →
Moonlight disco is the only gay club in Kota (Stadium is mixed). For a newcomer, it will certainly feel dangerous and scary. It was very hot when I visited but apparently, they bought A/C to replace the fans. The crowd is a weird bunch, like often in gay clubs: Gays, bisexuals, lesbians, lady boys, etc... from all ages and classes.

I recommend you to go there with someone you trust and to keep an eye on your glass at all time. There are very few foreigners so expect to receive a lot of attention.

Moon light is not opened every night but Wednesday, Friday and Saturday should be fine. Be aware that many guys inside are prostitutes. Drugs (ecstasy) is everywhere too.

I have a bad photo of the building taken during the day but it's better than nothing (you should be able to read ML Diskotik):


Moonlight Diskotik Jakarta (In Jakarta gay slang, Moonlight is sometimes called Meli)

Jl Hayam Wuruk 120, in front of Kartika and Berlian massage parlours.

Phone: +62 21 629 3274

More information on facebook: ML Jakarta

Nirvana (Gay - Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →

Nirvana is the latest adition to the small gay nightlife in Jakarta and replaces Heaven club, which closed last spring (2010). The concept hasn't changed: It is open from Wednesday to Monday morning and hosts various themed nights and a lot of special events. Most time you will have gay sexy dancers (gogo boys) and some lip-synching by transvestites. On Wednesdays is Ladies night, which attracts a mixed crowd of lesbians, bisexuals and straight people, the sexy dancers are woman. Another special event that had been very popular in Heaven back in the time is the "Topless nights", where admission is reserved to those who enter the club wearing no shirts (see photos of the last party).

The entrance fee will cost you around Rp50k on Thursdays and Sundays and Rp80k on the most busy nights: Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Thos prices are similar with Jakarta's other main gay nightclub, Apollo.

The music is House/progressive with mostly commercial tracks and it is played by the same DJs that there used to be in Heaven club.

Nirvana, The Intimate House
Jakarta Gay Club
Jaya Building - Ground Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 1-2 (on the other side of Sari Pan Pacific)

Phone number : 0812-18584458

There is a strong online presence supporting Nirvana. If you want more information about the events, the promotions or simply hook up with Jakarta's gay community, you can add Nirvana club as a friend on facebook: Here or here, or join their group: Nirvana The Reincarnation or Nirvana Gay Jakarta.

Also on twitter:

Photo credit: All the pictures on this blog review come from Nirvana's facebook fanpage.