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Muse Pub, KTV and Beer House (Samarinda)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Muse Entertainment Center is a huge complex on several floors with a club, a 22-room karaoke and a rooftop bar/restaurant (recently renamed Beer House). It is next to Mitra Pub, another nightlife venue, and 100 meters from Samarinda Central Plaza. This is the best area for choosing a hotel in the city as you have two of its best options within 300 meters.  Aston  is the best choice but more expensive (50$/night).  Swiss Belhotel  is just 3 minutes away by foot and it costs less than 40$/night.

D'Luv BBC Nightclub & Karaoke (Balikpapan)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
D'Luv is a nightclub and karaoke located in Borneo Bay City (BBC) in Balikpapan. It is a relatively new venue that opened in 2015 and it is similar to LCC or Penthouse. It is near from the hotels Novotel and Ibis , and within 5 minutes from the 4-star Swiss Belhotel . If you don't already have a guest-friendly place to stay in Balikpapan, I recommend you to choose of them. D'Luv BBC is a typical upper class local joint with live bands, DJs and escorts. It is small, with a low ceiling, a good lighting and sound system, and a stage in the front. There is not a real dance floor nor a nice bar area, only high tables, so it is more appropriate for bottle service. They have interesting promotions such as two bottles of Jack Daniels for Rp1,300,000. Before midnight, they also have a free flow offer for Rp150,000.

Deja Vu Kitchen, Bar & KTV - Samarinda (Kalimantan)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Deja Vu is the most famous nightclub in Samarinda and probably one of the most happening. It is located in the city center, near from other nightlife spots such as Crowners or D'Lux (which both belong to the same group). Two good guest-friendly hotels nearby are the Horison  (Rp400,000±) and the Aston (Rp600,000±, only 5 minutes by cab). The Swiss Belhotel is slightly further (Rp400,000±) but it's a good option as well.

Crowners Pub & KTV - Samarinda Nightlife

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Crowners Pub & KTV is a nightclub in Samarinda (Borneo). It is located inside a big, easy-to-recognize, grey and red building on Jalan Tuanku Imam Bonjol. It is not far from the Horison Hotel (guest-friendly, recommended) and from its sister club Deja Vu. The standards of Crowners are surprisingly decent for a mid-sized Indonesian town (not that surprising actually when you know that Samarinda is the capital of one of the richest provinces in the country). 

Celcius Nightclub (Samarinda - Kalimantan)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Celcius Club, Lounge & KTV is an upmarket nightclub in Samarinda, just behind the airport. There are no decent hotels in the immediate proximity so I advise you to stay instead either in  Aston , in  Horison  or in  Swiss Belhotel  (which are all near from venues like Deja Vu , D'Lux or  Crowners ). Celcius is located inside an impressive building and the inside is rather luxurious. It has the best atmosphere of any clubs in Samarinda with beautiful LED displays both on the walls and on the ceiling ("raining light" effect).

Mitra Club & Karaoke (Samarinda - Borneo)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Mitra is a mid-size club & karaoke which is located in a building right next to the more upscale Muse . It is within walking distance (5 minutes) from the hotels  Aston  and  Swiss Belhotel  that are both under 50$ per night.  Its concept is basically the same as Muse, but it targets a more "local" and less sophisticated crowd. The bands will play a lot more Indonesian songs for instance and the DJs will mix hardcore "funky house". There are some girls as well, most of which are lady companions, but again not as pretty as the ones in the club next door. The advantage is that it is a bit cheaper and that you are most likely to become an attraction if you visit it. I'm not sure about their weekly program, but on Saturdays at least they have sexy dancers.

Le Centro Club (LCC or L2C) - Balikpapan

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Opened in 2009 in Sudirman Square in Balikpapan (same building as the budget hotel Swiss-Belinn ), Le Centro Club is also called LCC or L2C. It is a small venue with usually a live band playing a mix of Indonesian and international songs, followed by a DJ (progressive, commercial). In between, you have sexy dancers wearing bikini or lingerie. It is not luxurious, but for Balikpapan nightlife standards, rather nice.

Penthouse Club & BSB Karaoke (Balikpapan)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Penthouse Club and BSB Karaoke is a nightlife complex located in E-Walk Balikpapan Super Block. It is next to Hotel Gran Jatra  (an upmarket hotel) and also near from My Place Spa. The club is similar to LCC Le Centro Club with live music, DJs and lady companions all around. Almost all customers are Indonesian guys who come in groups. They buy a bottle, enjoy the music, get drunk, sing, and eventually try to bring one of the hostesses to a nearby hotel. According to information found online, the price to have a lady companion goes from Rp350,000 to Rp550,000 depending on their beauty (Gold or Platinum). You can also ask for a model or a dancer (more expensive). As usual, those girls are not necessarily prostitutes, but some may be willing to let you have fun if you pay the right amount.