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The Harvest Cakes & Pastries (Indonesia)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
The Harvest must be the most widely-spread high-end bakery shops chain in Indonesia. They produce a whole range of pastries, cookies, breads and gift boxes, targeting mostly the middle-to-high class Indonesians. They are part of Mount Scopus group from Australian national Lal De Silva, who also owns several F&B venues in Jakarta, particularly Balboni, Negev and Chateau Blanc.

I had tried their products on different occasions and my opinion about them changed over time. A few years ago, they were mostly about marketing and packaging. None of the food I tried with them was better than average. 

And then, I tried again last week their new Bali branch on Jalan Sunset Road in Kuta. I was really impressed there: The service was very attentive and professional. The menu and displays were attractive, with a profusion of choice (and even a full Western/Asian menu). The various pastries I tried were similar to what you could buy in Paris in terms of taste. At last, a real attention was paid to the design and atmosphere of the place. Unsurprisingly, this Harvest shop is very crowded and they are planning more openings this year in Bali.

Since the competition is getting tougher on the higher end bakeries (particularly with the recent openings of Paul and Eric Kayser), I imagine that they needed to step up their game to stay competitive and the result is excellent.
Overall: I will go back to Harvest, hoping that each of their branches has the same standards as the one I visited in Kuta lately.

There are too many locations of The Harvest for me to post them here. Please have a look on their website: Harvest Cakes. You can also have a look on Facebook: The Harvest Cakes or on Twitter:

Phone number: +62-21 528 92424
Sample menu of The Harvest

Eric Kayser Jakarta (Plaza Senayan)

By Nyoman →

Eric Kayser Indonesia is now opened in Plaza Senayan. Just like Paul Bakery and Patisserie, it is an international French Bakery chain, very famous in France and in some big international cities (New York City, Tokyo, Singapore). Now that Eric Kayser is in Jakarta, I can compare those 2, in order to know which one is the Best Bakery in Jakarta (and where to find the best baguette!).

Eric Kayser is upmarket: The decoration of the Plaza Senayan outlet is very unique and luxurious. For instance, they used marble to display the bread and pastries. Even if it's not the same decoration, it reminded me TWG Tea Boutique, because of the pastry display in the middle of the restaurant. 

Even though a lot of care has been put into the design of Eric Kayser, I'm not really thrilled with its overall aspect. I found it quite bland and cold.

I like their bread much more: Baguette, Healthy Breads, etc...The Bread corner is very well arranged, and you can help yourself with any kind of French Croissants, Raisins Rolls, or Chocolate Croissants. I tried the Croissant and the Chocolate Croissants and it was delicious. I was also pretty happy with the waiters and the service offered in Eric Kayser restaurant, as everybody seemed to know what they were doing.

Paul Bakery/Eric Kayser: What is the Best Bakery in Jakarta ?

The long awaited game between those two upscale bakeries can finally begin. Now we can compare, in order to make the best choice for our mouth...

First, regarding the location, there is no doubt about it, Paul Bakery has a better location, on the terrace of Pacific Place Mall. The kiosk style of the Bakery and the possibility to dine outside makes you feel a bit more like you are in Paris, and is much more pleasant. Eric Kayser Bakery has just a regular location in a fancy mall, and the place is much smaller than its competitor in Pacific Place.

Tastewise, I have to admit the pastries are more delicate and nice looking at Eric Kayser Bakery. I can't help but think that this Pistachio Eclair from Eric Kayser might be the best I ever had. It is a very sweet piece of Pastry. I also prefer the "Help Yourself" Bakery corner of Eric Kayser, which is definitely a trend in Indonesian-style bakeries.

Overall, service and atmosphere, I would rather choose Paul Bakery. Living in Jakarta makes you spend a lot of time in the malls. When you are going to a French Bakery, you want feel like you are in Paris, with a nice decoration, traditional outfits and maybe some French words written everywhere...

Winner of the Game: Paul Bakery
Eric Kayser Indonesia
Plaza Senayan, Fourth Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan,
South Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 53660821

Tous Les Jours (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Tous les jours is a European style pastry/bakery which has spread rapidly in Jakarta in the past 2 years. It is now located in 14 malls in Jakarta and since their shops are quite successful, we can expect more openings ahead. The brand is originally from South Korea ( and it has expanded to the US, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia.

I ate thousands of delicious croissants in France, but it is rare to find good ones abroad, and especially when they come from bakery chains. For that reason, I didn't have very high expectations when I tried one in Tous les Jours (at the Emporium Pluit branch). I also bought a Pain au Chocolat. The price is rather high, between 15,000rp and 25,000rp for the basic pastries.

The taste was not bad, but they sugar coated the croissant and pain au chocolat which was really not needed. In the end, they both felt heavy on my stomach.

The staff seemed very happy to work there and was very friendly. They greet by a phrase in Korean anyone who enters they store (that's like every minute).

Overall: Tous Les Jours is a decent bakery / pastry shop in Jakarta, much better than Bread Talk anyway. I didn't try the bread but it looked good.

Tous Les Jours Indonesia
Phone: +62-21 5299 5000

Jakarta Branches so far:

Tous Les Jours
Senayan City Mall
Phone number: +62-21 7278 1209

Tous Les Jours
Mal Kelapa Gading
Phone number: +62-21 4529 539

Tous Les Jours
Emporium Pluit Mall
Phone number: +62-21 66676 619

Tous Les Jours
Mall Kota Kasablanka
Phone number: +62-21 29465 184

Tous Les Jours
Plaza Indonesia Mall
Phone number: +62-21 29923 929

Tous Les Jours
Summarecon Mall Serpong
Phone number: +62-21 29310 620

Tous Les Jours
Central Park Mall
Phone number: +62-21 29200 287

Tous Les Jours
Mall Alam Sutera
Phone number: +62-21 30448 715

Tous Les Jours

Supermal Karawaci
Phone number: +62-21 54211 968

Tous Les Jours
Pondok Indah Mall Street Gallery
Phone number: +62-21 29529 749

Tous Les Jours
Summarecon Mal Bekasi
Phone number: +62-21 29572 491

Tous Les Jours
Margo City
Phone number: +62-21 29049 255

Tous Les Jours
Baywalk Mall
Phone number: +62-21 29629 502

Tous Les Jours
Cilandak Town Square
Phone number: +62-21 29042 814

Oh La La Maison

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →

Oh La La Maison is an upmarket version of the Oh La La cafés. It is located in Mega Kuningan in the ground floor of Bellagio Mall. It serves mostly French food, French bakery and French pastries with some other popular Asian and Western dishes.

The design of the place is not extraordinary but it is neat. It features a wooden parquet, decorative tiles and various pictures or paintings of France on the walls.

I tried the Honey Dijon Chicken Baguette (72,000k++): The whole sandwich was good enough but the bread was very soft and unfortunately not tasting like a real French baguette.

I also had a Chocolate Croissant (20,000++), which was really big and again, far from tasting like an authentic Chocolate Croissant in France.

In spite of the disappointing food, I still enjoyed Oh La La Maison. The waiters were very attentive and friendly, and the general atmosphere pleasant with good lounge music and a busy crowd.

Overall: I would recommend the restaurant if you are not French and not looking for the exact taste you have back home. If you are French, you'll better visit for a drink only.
Opening Hours:
Every day from 7.30am to 2am

Oh La La Maison
Bellagio Mall
Mega Kuningan
South Jakarta

Website: Oh La La Indonesia
Facebook: Oh La La Cafe Indonesia
Twitter: Oh La La Café and Oh La La Maison
Phone number: +62-21 30029725

This new concept of Oh La La Cafés, according to their own facebook, is also available in Plaza Indonesia, Kota Kasablanca and Gading Walk, Kelapa Gading

Bakerzin (Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Bakerzin is a long-time favourite dessert restaurant in Jakarta. I had never visited it until recently, in the Central Park branch. The place was very busy and I could not get a table nor a waiter until a few minutes. My first impression was that everything was very confused and unorganized.

The manager of the restaurant may have seen that I was getting impatient and he started to take care of me, which really improved the whole experience.

The menu is not just a menu, it is a full book with photos and text. My initial plan was to eat, but the pictures didn't look appetizing. I just took a Strawberry Juice and a Cherry Flan.

Both were very average and they didn't match with the expectations one could have about Bakerzin considering its prices, its marketing, its locations (high-end malls), and its success.
Overall: I will not try Bakerzin again.

Opening hours:
From 10am to 10pm every day (following the mall schedule)

Contact Details of Bakerzin Restaurant:
Corporate Website of Boga Group (also the owner of Pepper Lunch):
Website of Bakerzin:
Facebook page: Bakerzin Jakarta
Twitter: @Bakerzinjkt
Bakerzin Instagram: bakerzinjkt
Bakerzin Path:
BB pin : 21E00811 

Phone: +62-21 29923715

Bakerzin Kelapa Gading Mall KG3 First Floor
Phone number: +62-21 458 53905

Bakerzin Mall Central Park Ground Floor
Phone number: +62-21 2920 0195

Bakerzin CITOS (Cilandak Town Square)
Jl.TB Simatupang Kav 17
Telp : (021)7592 0250

Bakerzin Plaza Senayan Second Floor
Phone number: +62-21 5790 0408

Bakerzin Pondok Indah (PIM 2) Third Floor
Phone number: +62-21 7592 0788

Bakerzin Plaza Indonesia First Floor
Phone number: +62-21 2992 3719

Bakerzin Summarecon Mall Serpong 2
Downtown Walk 2 Main Lobby
Phone number: +62-21 2931 0576

Monolog Coffee (Pondok Indah Mall, Street Gallery)

By Nyoman →
 Monolog Coffee PIM
 Monolog Coffee Front Bakery
 Monolog Coffee Drinks Menu
 Monolog Coffee Food Menu
Monolog Coffee Bar Counter

 I went to Monolog Coffee in Pondok Indah Mall. This Coffee place is located at the very end of "The Street", the Dining area of Pondok Indah Mall which closes at 12:00 PM. I have been attracted by a nice Bakery at the entrance with mostly Croissants and some American Pastries like Cheese Cakes or Carrot Cakes.

Inside is more like a modern American Dinner with a big Bar counter in the middle of the Dining space. The place is usually pretty full, especially on Weekends since we are in a mall. I tried the food there, a Chicken Sandwich with a choice of Focaccia or Ciabatta bread. It was not really tasty and the bread was average. The fries on the side were very greasy and I didn't like it either.

The Carrot Cake was good though, along with the other pastries you can find there. The coffee is also worth it there, since Monolog claims to be "Quality Coffee Co". On that point, I have to admit that they were right, the Cappuccino I had there was very flavorful.

Overall I recommend that place for a Coffee or a Weekend Brunch.

2 locations in Jakarta:

Monolog Coffee Pondok Indah Mall
Street Gallery 1st floor No. 101 B, Pondok Indah Mall 1
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah - Jakarta 12310
P +6221 2952 9775
7am - 12pm Monday to Sunday

Monolog Coffee Plaza Senayan
Plaza Senayan CP 101 B, Palm Gate Entrance
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8 - Jakarta 10270
P +6221 572 5144
7am - 10pm Monday to Sunday

JJ Royal Bistro (Senayan City Mall)

By Nyoman →

JJ Royal Bistro is located in Senayan City Mall, not to confuse with JJ Royal Brasserie, located in Lotte Shopping Avenue. JJ Royal Bistro is a Restaurant, Bar and Bakery located in Senayan City Mall. This chain belongs to Foodie Habit Group, the same group that owns JJ Royal Coffee and the sugar Gulaku.

When you first get in JJ Royal Bistro, you are amazed by the decor. It is so colourful and exentric ! They have colourful portraits hanging on the walls (and on the ceiling!) and they have Elizabeth chairs by famous designer Philippe Starck. So a lot of money spent on the decoration of the place, which is very attractive when you don't know the place. Plus anywhere you are in the Restaurant, the colourful Geisha is looking at you...

The food there is elaborated and the presentation is always close to perfection ( Latte art for your Capuccino, plate decoration with spices, sugar, elaborated platters, nice straws...). The prices are in the same range as other fancy places you will find in the mall, count around 35K for a Coffee Latte. The pastries are totally worth it, and the Cronut is also a good option to taste. The food/beverage Menu is so thick ! You can spend a lot of time reading it like a newspaper... There is a balanced mix of Western and Asian food along with French pastries and desserts.

Overall, I would recommand a quick detour to this place, this is a perfect place to show-off in a totally baroque atmosphere.To me it is really like a fancy coffee place.

JJ Royal Bistro
Senayan City Mall
LG floor
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta, Indonesia, 10270

(021) 29329262
Open Everyday: 10:00 am - 2:00 am

Manon Chocolatier Patissier (Kelapa Gading)

By Nyoman →

Manon Chocolatier Patissier is a Pastry and Chocolate shop located on Jalan Kelapa Nias Raya. I stopped by there looking for nice pastries. As you can see the shop facade is very attractive with large signs and shiny pink colours. This building facade is the best thing about this shop! NB: They also have a small shop located inside Mall Kelapa Gading 3.

To be completely honest, I really think that this Pastry Shop is only about nice in-stores displays, shiny colours and nice packaging. I was really disapointed when I tried the pastries inside. 

I had a Hot Chocolate (to go since you cannot seat inside) and it tasted fairly poor. So I was disappointed for a 25,000 Rp beverage. Also I bought a box of chocolate pralines and this was really too sweet and It had sort of bad after-taste. The Macarons, on the opposite, were OK. I liked the wide variety of tastes availables, especially since the Macarons display is located in the main entrance so you cannot miss it.

Overall: I would not recommend this place since you expect a French-style Patisserie but it is actually just a very average cake shop.

Manon Chocolatier Patissier ( Kelapa Gading)
Jalan Kelapa Nias Raya
Blok GN No 6 Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara 14240

Open Monday to Sundays 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Telephone: +62-21 4584 7377

LapisLapis Sunter (Jakarta Utara)

By Nyoman →

I recently discovered LapisLapis Sunter (multi-layers in Bahasa) located in the North of Jakarta (Jakarta Utara), near Kelapa Gading. Let´s face it, Sunter is not a regular place to hang out for expats or food lovers, but if you happen to be in this area to grab a coffee or for lunch, I strongly recommand LapisLapis Sunter.

I got hooked up by a nice modern wooden facade which reminds me a cozy coffee place in Jakarta Selatan. When I got into the place, I did not even know if it was a restaurant or not since it is not mentioned on the front facade.

LapisLapis is originally a cake shop and it also happens to have seats to dine-in. So I tried the best selling item of the house, the "Lapis original" and it tasted very good, not too sweet and with a tender texture. The "Lapis cheese" looked also very tasty and had quite success also.

You can imagine that since it is a Cake shop the food would not be good here... Well this is not the case! I had a delicious Caesar's Salad, I was quite impressed ! And the Honey BBQ Chicken tasted very good. The whole food Menu is half Western half Asian, which let you a pretty fair choice.

Overall: I recommand the place either for a casual Lunch or for a coffee break.

In the Kelapa Gading area, you can see also see my review of Manon Patissier Chocolatier.

LapisLapis Sunter
Jalan Danau Agung 2, No 21-22
Sunter Agung
Jakarta 14350

Phone number: +62-21 658 32 072

Facebook: LapisLapis Jakarta

Paul Bakery and Patisserie (Pacific Place / Plaza Indonesia)

By Nyoman →
Paul Bakery is now open in Jakarta, since December 2013. It is located right outside of Pacific Place Mall, near the Galeries Lafayette Department Store. You have 2 entrances : one for the Restaurant, if you want Dine-in, and one for the Bakery and Pastry shop. You also have a second outlet in Plaza Indonesia.

I know Paul Bakery in France which is a widespread Bakery chain. Outside of France, it has a more high class positioning. I went there for Lunch and I took a "Croque Madame", a sandwich with cheese, turkey and egg sunny side-up,  with a salad on the side. There was nothing fantastic about it. I took an Orange juice as a Drink and it was very watery, I could barely feel the Oranges ! In my opinion, the food in the restaurant is average, there's nothing fancy about it ( except for the price).

On the opposite, the Bakery side is very good. They have a whole range of French and European bread which are among the best in Jakarta ! Same thing for the Pastries which are delicious and very tasty. I had a Strawberry Mille-feuilles and it tasted incredibily good. The French Croissant is also very good and is made with real butter.

Overall: I am glad that Paul Bakery and Patisserie finally arrived in Indonesia ! So if you go there, I would recommand the Bakery entrance to try the authentic French-style pastries and tasty croissants. 

Paul Bakery & Patisserie
Galeries Lafayette @ Pacific Place Mall

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53

Jakarta Selatan 12190

They also have a branch in Plaza Indonesia on the fourth floor.

Phone number : +62-21 5799 3455+62-21 5799 3455

Opening Hours : 10 AM - 10 PM (Monday - Sunday)
Facebook: Paul Bakery Indonesia

If you like French Bakery, you can also go to Eric Kayser (Plaza Senayan)