10 Tips to Date an Indonesian Girl (Sponsored Post)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars)
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Online dating has changed dating forever. Today, you can find a girlfriend from any corner of the world, even in a country you've never been to. This means it has become important to learn about seducing foreign women, particularly when they come from exotic countries like Indonesia. While attracting hot women may not require any specific skills, you still need a few tips to date them. In order to help you, we've collected certain facts that may come in handy when seducing, dating, and building a romantic relationship with an Indonesian girl.

1. Indonesian Girls are Traditional and Wild

We mainly think that girls may be either traditional or kinky. Thus, a woman who is into traditions is quite wifely and motherly; no kinky sex, no different poses, no experiments. And if someone is kinky, she is definitely not into motherhood. But Indonesian girls are different. They can be described as the manifestations of a unique pairing. They are both traditional and wild, so if you are dating an Indonesian girl, forget about being bored.

2. Indonesian Girls Speak Good English

When you are dating a foreign girl, the main problem is often the language barrier. But that's not the case with Indonesian girls. Most Indonesian women, especially those living in Jakarta or Bali, are able to speak conversational English at a decent level so you won't have problems with understanding each other. There is a possibility that you would have to explain her a word or two, but that's not a big deal.

3. Indonesian Girls are Religious

One thing that you should keep in mind about Indonesia is that it's actually the biggest Muslim country in the world. So, the vast majority of Indonesian girls are quite religious. If your relationship gets serious to the point that you are considering marriage, you can be almost certain that you will have to convert to Islam, at least for the papers. If you don't like this idea, you should know that there are also large Christian and Hindu communities in Indonesia.

4. You Are Expected to Pick up the Tab

Well, when you are dating an Indonesian girl, you should forget about going Dutch. An Indonesian woman expects her boyfriend to pay for her. Only a small percentage will offer to split the bill, but still, it is best to refuse and pick up the tab. Since alcohol in restaurants is very expensive, dating can be quite expensive as a result. If you can't afford to spend 100$ on a date, just invite her for coffee instead.

5. You Are Expected to Lead

According to Indonesian traditions, a man takes the lead. That's why Indonesian women prefer manly men, who can lead them. So, if your ideal date is an emancipated woman, Indonesia is probably the wrong place for you to look for a date-mate.

6. Indonesian Girls are Fun and Easy-Going

Indonesian women rarely complain about anything, as they are getting over everything quite quickly. If you ever felt bored on the date because your date-mate was complaining about her ex, then you would love to date an Indonesian girl. Indonesian women love having fun and hate concentrating on misfires. 

7. Indonesian Girls Pay a Lot of Attention to Their Appearance

Indonesian women are naturally beautiful, but that doesn't mean that they don't take care of their skin and their hair. Actually, they spend a lot of time taking care of themselves, at home, in spas or salons. It's ain't no big deal, but you must get ready for the fact that she can be late for a date from time to time, as she wants to look perfect.

8. Indonesian Girls May Check Your Phone

Indonesian women will often have had bad experiences with men, especially stories of cheating and mistresses. They know that their country offers too many temptations for guys and they will always be a bit suspicious with their boyfriends. Don't be surprised if your girlfriend checks your phone while you're having a shower...

9. Indonesian Girls Prefer Older Men

Indonesian women generally prefer to date older men, as they see them as more secure, more stable and more confident partners. But that doesn't mean that you have no chances if you like the girl of your age. If she sees that you are confident and trustworthy, she would fall for you.

10. Indonesian Girls Like Western Men

Regardless of your age, you still have good chances to date an Indonesian girl simply because you are a western man. Unlike, let's say Japan or South Korea, there are not many people from western countries in Indonesia. So, if you are a European or an American, get ready for Indonesian girls to be immediately interested in you.

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