Meeting Indonesian Girls with Cheers App (Sponsored Post)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars)
In my article about online dating in Indonesia, I gave several suggestions of apps and websites to help you meet with local girls. Since then, I recently discovered a new one called Cheers, with a promising concept. While it is more than just a dating app, its features offer various possibilities for meeting girls that I will detail below.

What Is Cheers?
The idea behind Cheers is simple: You can either create an event (for instance: a dinner for two, a party in a club, a weekend to Bali, etc.) or apply to attend an event. So far, nothing extraordinary.

The truly interesting part is that money is involved. Whenever you create an event, you also pledge a certain amount of cash (through prepaid credits) to the person who will attend it. Simply put, Cheers can help you find someone willing to accompany you for money. You can also make money from it by applying to other people's events.

Logically, most of the people creating events are guys, and the ones attending events are girls. While Cheers can facilitate casual meetings between both sexes, it flatly refuses to be labeled as a prostitution app. As such, events with a raunchy connotation are not accepted. Instead, they recommend it for more innocent occasions like attending a concert, playing sports, or trying a new restaurant.

In a sense, it reminded me of the male karaoke concept in Asia. Guys will gladly pay to get access to some beautiful girls, even if nothing sexual is guaranteed, just for the entertainment or for the game. Often, they will prefer that uncertainty to the alternative of going to a massage parlor where everything happening is known and priced in advance. Another advantage is that you normally get to meet more interesting girls in terms of looks, education and personality.

How The Cheers App Works?
The way Cheers works is rather easy and straightforward.

→ After downloading it, the first step is to create a profile with your name, a short bio, your photos, your age, your education, etc. This part is crucial as you want to present yourself as someone reassuring. Don't assume that money is enough for girls to apply to your events.

→ The second step is to choose if you want to log in as an "applicant" or a "creator". I'm assuming that most of you belong to the latter category so I will focus on that aspect.

→ As a "creator", let's see a couple of concrete examples of events you could create:

- You are new to Jakarta, you don't know anyone yet and you would like to have some girlfriends to go clubbing with. You could go with something like that:

- You are living outside Jakarta and you have a business trip planned in the city. You want to have a dinner with some company instead of ordering room service alone in your room:

→ For each event you create, you can decide if you want to invite girls, guys, or both. Of course, you are free to accept or refuse anyone who applies, based on the information and the pictures they provide on their profiles. Once someone has agreed to attend your event, you will be able to chat with that person to arrange the details. 

How Much It Costs?
Since the app is still new, it is currently free to transfer money to your account and to use it to pay for your events. All the money you will spend will go directly to the attendee.

As you create your event, you will be able to choose an "event fee", i.e. the amount that each attendee will receive to accompany you. IDR300,000 is the minimum (or 300 credits as 1 credit is IDR1,000). 

Overall Impression
Cheers is still a really new app but it has potential. It is walking the thin line between an escorting app and a regular dating app, offering an alternative for dating Indonesian girls in Jakarta. It is certainly unconventional, but it will satisfy those who don't want to go through endless chats without any guarantee of meeting anyone.

Its success will depend on how many users it manages to attract. For now, its audience is still confidential as it still needs more promotion. I invite you to download the app, to create an event to help it start and to be patient.

How to Download Cheers?
Cheers is available on both Google Play and Itunes, free of charge. You can also visit their website Cheers App for more information.
Download Cheers on Google Play
Download Cheers on iTunes

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  1. So what happens when creepy, insulted "working" girl you didnt hire to attend shows up anyway? She does know exactly where you are and could have your photo in tow.

    1. Why would someone who is not invited show up? When you get refused after a job interview, do you usually show up at work anyway?

    2. Haha thanks Thibaud. Anonymous, I'm guessing you're questioning the safety concerns but as with any meetings... make it in a public place! Safety of every user is number one and in your scenario just treat it as a random girl aggressively approaching you for work. In that case just kindly reject and move on.

  2. hahahaha a very logical spot on answer Thibaud. keep up the good work mate, love your articles and reviews. btw do you have a youtube channel? love to subscribe if you have one

    1. I have a youtube channel that I don't want to advertise too much... i just use it so i can repost videos in my articles... almost 100% videos from nightclubs and bars...

  3. Hey check out our new feature! The ladies are now creating the events and asking for guys to take them out. We got a range of models and spgs on there wanting to meet new friends!