Club 360 is part of the Renaissance Royal complex in Royal Plaza in Surabaya. It is next to the massage parlour Celsius and the KTV Rhythm. Everything belongs to the Top Ten Group, the owner of Coyote and Stasiun Disco.

The club is not always very crowded. Most often, you only have a few groups of guys drinking with lady companions from the karaoke. If you come without a girl, you may have a GRO (Guest Relation Officer) coming to chat with you. Don't expect to find a normal girl in 360°, only a few are available.

The busiest nights are Wednesdays (Ladies night), Thursdays (360° Versity Event) and Saturdays (Special DJ or live band). The first drink charge is usually around Rp100,000. A bottle should get you a high table (the cheapest costs around Rp800,000). The music is EDM, trance and progressive.

It is rather big, with a circular shape, but people stay together so you don't really meet anyone there. I prefer M-One or Foreplay. The only advantage of 360 is that you have sexy lady companions and sexy dancers.

Club 360 Surabaya
Royal Plaza, Jalan Ahmad Yani

Phone number: +62 8 12 17 46 0001

Instagram: Club 360
Twitter: 360_club

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  1. As a Surabaya resident, i really recommend this place, after the renovation this place is much better now, and imo is the best night club in Surabaya atm. The busiest day will be Thursday and Saturday (Always trance event in Saturday with international DJ performance, such as RAM/Andrew Rayel/Simon Patterson/Sied Van Riel, etc). And because of top ten group, this place is 100% safe from police patrol :)