Flamming Spa is a massage parlour where sexual services are provided. It is located in Kuta Central Park, about 300 meters from Jalan Legian (Bali), on the 3rd floor of Giant.

It is in a complex where you can also find Level One Karaoke and the beer lounge LV. Each are filled with prostitutes. Sexy dancers occasionally perform as well.

Prices for massage depend on your expectations:

Massage + Handjob is Rp300,000
Massage + Blowjob is Rp350,000
Massage + Sex is Rp550,000
Massage by 2 girls + Sex with both (threesome) is Rp700,000
Body Massage is Rp750,000 (I reckon it's a Thai style soapy massage/Nuru)

Please share your experience in the comment section below, and especially how Flamming Spa compares with Riverview Spa!

Flamming Spa and Level One Karaoke (the Spa may have changed its name to 21 Spa)
Jalan Patih Jelantik - Central Parkir Kuta
Phone number: 08 1353 996 810
Email: info@flammingspakuta.com

You can see the pictures of some of the therapists/working girls on their instagram: Flamming Spa

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  1. This place is closed. I call the tel and a staff tell me to go to delapan spa