Popular Mansion is a bar and nightclub located on Jalan Gatot Subroto, not far from Dragonfly Club. It is owned by the company who published Popular Magazine, a male magazine similar to FHM. 

In case you don't know, many models in such magazines in Indonesia are very sweet and friendly, yet borderline prostitutes. If you flash your money around them, you have a big chance of getting a date and probably more. The cost is very high though as you will compete with some Indonesians loaded with cash and who are ready to spend hundreds of millions to satisfy their egos. They are actually mostly looking for rich boyfriends/husbands/sugar daddies, not one-night stands.

Popular Mansion is usually not really happening except when they have special events with Popular girls. During those events, you can be introduced to the girls you like if you ask one of the waiters or the manager. Show you have money and you're about 80% sure to get a number (if she came alone and if she is single).

If you visit during a normal day, most likely you will see just a few groups of people but not more.

They also serve your usual Western-Indonesian popular dishes like pasta, nasi goreng, sandwiches, fish and chips, cordon bleu, etc. Average taste but cheap prices. They are open for lunch and dinner. Unless you stay nearby, I don't really see any reasons to go to Popular Mansion for eating.

Overall: I think you should check their schedule on their facebook or instagram page below. If you see a special event with dancers or fashion show, you can give it a try, otherwise it's best to avoid. Another reason to visit is that they have rather cheap prices, especially if you take 2 or 3 bottles. Please see the prices on their website below.

Opening Hours:
Restaurant from 10am to 9pm
Bar and club from 10pm to 3am

POPULAR Mansion - Restaurant, Bar and Club
Menara Global Ground Floor
Jalan Gatot Subroto Kav.27, South Jakarta

Phone number: 08 52 88 88 11 68 
Website: Popular Mansion

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