C'zar Spa Surabaya

By Jakarta100bars
C'zar spa in Surabaya is possibly the most high end massage parlours in the city. It is quite popular with Indo-Chinese businessmen because they have a fair number of mainland Chinese prostitutes (CK or Cungkok) available for 1 Million Rupiah. They also have Vietnamese ant Thai girls (price seems to be Rp1,5M for the models).

Girls are chosen through a contest: The mamasan will call all girls to come to your table and you can select the one you prefer. Officially, you pay only for massage but you can negotiate extra services with the girl. Typically, you will pay around Rp600,000 for full service + the price of the room from Rp300,000 to Rp700,000.

Facilities include sauna, steam and jacuzzi. Just like Alexis, you are allowed to bring your girl with you in the hot tub.

There have been several talk of closing the spa by the city authorities so I'm not sure if it is still open. Surprisingly, it seemed the spa was owned by a company linked to the provincial government.

C'zar (or Czar or CZ or Cesar) Spa Surabaya
Central Point Plaza (Carrefour)
Jalan Ngagel 137 -141 3rd Floor
Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Phone number: +62 (0) 31 5039878

2 comments to '' C'zar Spa Surabaya "

  1. Confirm it stills open on 20/07/17.
    Deluxe Room fee = 275,000
    Massage fee = 175,000
    All the above is before a minor 1.3% service charge
    Separately, Tip for All the Way = 600,000
    Girls there are average looking

  2. This spa still is kept his quality in service and facilities. I chose a Chinese Girl, maybe it is not corresponding to the western budy's taste, but it is really worth visiting again.