Pyramid Club (Bali)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars)
Pyramid is a club in Bali, popular with expatriates and local clubbers. It is on Jalan Dewi Sri, a street at the intersection of Kuta and Legian. A late-night venue, it starts to get busy at 2am or 3am only, once all the other bars and clubs in Bali have closed. I see it as an upper class alternative to the infamous DeeJay Café near Kartika Plaza.

I have never quite understood why it is so popular. I went to Pyramid maybe 10 times, and I can't remember having a memorable night there. There are not many girls except prostitutes, and the expat crowd is snobbish. The design and layout is basic, with a small dancefloor and few options to meet other people. The only thing I like is the music, but I'm only a beer drinker. With a pill in your system, I'm sure it is even better.

They have regular events with special DJs. Check their facebook to get an update on these: Pyramid Club Bali.
Overall: There aren't too many "afters" in Bali, and Pyramid is one of them. Personally, I don't like it but I often end up there because I don't really have alternatives. You will like Pyramid if you are into electronic music and if you have enough energy to be awake at 5am.

Pyramid Bali
Jalan Dewi Sri No.33
Phone number: +62-361-8500 300
Email: info@
Website: Pyramid Club Bali

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  1. You actually answered your own question about why Pyramid is so popular. It is one of the only late night venues playing EDM music close to both Seminyak & Kuta where the majority of Expats are staying. I think they are closing around 7-8am on the weekends so good once Kuta/Seminyak close down. The only other real option is Deejay Cafe but many people staying in Seminyak don't want to drive that far.

    You should also check out A-Club (Akasaka) in Denpasar. It is around 20 min drive late at night from Seminyak but the music policy is much better the Pyramid or Deejay Cafe and venue is nice multistory with Karaoke and big club on 4th floor (think Sound of Stadium) and they are also getting good international and local deejays from Jakarta playing there. Mostly Indo crowd but I have seen a few expats there as well.

  2. Thanks for your comment... I went to A-Club once and it was quite good even though not so packed (except with LCs).. It seemed to me that it was more a sexy dancer kind of place, but I will go back and pay more attention to the music... I went also to the Akasaka room where they played Funky House which is not my taste... This place was packed and they even had naked girls going around with tequila shots...