Orchardz Hotel Spa & Body Massage (Airport Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars)
Orchardz has opened a new hotel near the airport (10 minutes with a taxi). As with every Orchardz hotel, there is also a spa called Grand Boutique with jacuzzi, hammam, cold pool. They offer "special" massages as well, in particular nude body massage, Thai-style, and several packages such as the butterfly or the honeydew. For more details, you can read the comments on my article about the other branches here (Orchardz Body Massage).

Overall: This is the closest massage parlor from Jakarta airport to my knowledge. If you don't have time to go anywhere else, that is your only option. It is not luxurious but clean and comfortable.

Best Price to Book A Room in Orchardz Hotel Bandara:
You can book a night with Agoda using one of these links: Orchardz JayakartaOchardz IndustriOrchardz Bandara. I also recommend checking Hotels Combined to compare the price between several booking engines.

If you sleep in Orchardz, you can order any girls from the spa to come to your room for a private massage.

Opening hours:
From 11am to 10pm every day. If you are a guest of the hotel you may request an in-room massage.

Grand Boutique Spa
Orchardz Hotel Airport Jakarta (Bandara)
Jalan Husein Sastranegara No. 8, Benda
Phone number: +62-21 2966 7777
Fax : +62-21 2966 0999

Website: Orchardz Spa Bandara

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21 comments to '' Orchardz Hotel Spa & Body Massage (Airport Jakarta) "

  1. been there recently,
    the price 250 for massage, after massage 300 for FJ
    orchardz bandara will close during fasting, but at room still can order massage

  2. Even fasting time we can order massage?

  3. i mean you can order massage at the room, they stil have package at hotel room,

    basically you got the room and ask massage.
    I havn't try yet but it cost pretty much same. (rent room 3 hours+massage+ ++)

  4. Disappointed today visit this hotel but they said no massage service

  5. Does anybody know if massage back to service in Orchardz bandara?

    1. Ramadan is finished so the massage service back on as usual

    2. Thanks pal. Heading there....

  6. do they offer +++ in the noon?
    i have to catch flight in 2pm

  7. Can somebody write a review about the place?

  8. good place if you looking for spa with extra experience near airport. the massage is so-so, but you don't go there for massage only don't you? ;)
    the spa room is spacious, with mirrors everywhere and a shower.

    rfid locker, feels pretty safe
    private massage area

    waiting area filled with smoke, hate that

  9. It was decent experience. Room is clean, girls are ok, massage was good, however the waiting room is not good and it was stuffed with locals. So i felt abit like a unicorn in there. But overall for the price it is worth it.

  10. i went there 3 times, and i want to put some questions, 1st time i booked the full service package 740k the girl was amazing her name is Iffa, i asked her for hj only and i give 200k we could not communicate nicely as she does not speak english well, she offered fj but i said no, i want to ask the following:
    if the tip is ok for hj, if fj then it was ok too or i need to pay extra? if i go next time can i ask for the same girl?

  11. 2nd i was in the hotel room i called for massage, another girl came i forgot her name as its very hard she was very nice, it was normal massage after it ends she waited for fj but i asked her for hj only, i gave also 200k and she thought its the price of massage not a tip and she went down, after i went to the spa to pay the price by credit the cashier told me already paid, then i said no it was only tip for the girl and i paid 250 k price of the massage in room, so i was wondering they accept fj or hj for free and only its acceptable the massage price to paid?

  12. 3rd time i went again for 740 k full service i was thinking about iffa but another girl came i did not like her, again i asked for hj only and i give 100 k this time, if i went again i want to select because i do not want that girl again so how can i do that and if there is a way for pre booking the girls or see their photos and names at any place

    1. You booked 740k full service... and asked for HJ only? Are you sure you understand what full service means?

      Anyway answering the questions specifically...
      Q1) If HJ is say 200k, then BJ and FJ is definitely higher. If you charged 50 bucks to stroke a dude off, and he wanted to ask u to suck it or drop your pants, would you expect more? :P
      Q2) If its in the SOP, yes. Usually a tip is expected. Also the cashier may have taken the 200k you paid a second time.
      Q3) Depends on the place. Not sure about this place. Best is get the number of the girl, works anywhere. Be ready to wait since you missed ur chance if shes working already. You may need to install BBM.


      Can someone explain how it goes with the multiple agoda links and companies? The SOP I mean.
      If I book a room is it cheaper or the same?
      Anyone got a price list?


  13. How can i get therapists no. and photos for reservations any one can help?

  14. Anyone know if you can have a girl for a whole night in your room if you stay there and what the price would be?

  15. I stay at OrchardZ Bandara for 1 night, Any good recommended girls for me? I like young, slim and tall girls.

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Hi, kindly inform me massage rate included room? how old the therapist there?

    1. a month ago, I stayed in hotel for one night, the butterfly package rate is 720k, including massage 1 hour which is soso, b2b massage, BJ, and FJ, the girl is about 150cm, 22YO and average look. During the massage she is always watching the TV and didnt pay much attention on customer, seemed she hope to finish soon, service is soso, not worth the price, not recommend

  17. Sekarang masih ada massage service??