Grand Quick Spa is located in Serpong and it offers complete facilities including sauna, steam and pool.

It belongs to the same group as Foxy Spa and it offers the same services. Please read my review here for more details: Foxy Spa PIK.

Grand Quick SPA Alam Sutera Serpong
Jalur Sutera, Complex Ruko Element/Spectra Blok B no. 8-10
Phone number: +62 (0) 21 2931 5204 / +62 (0) 2129315203 / +62 (0) 81280240019 / +62 (0) 81294223146

More photos on their facebook page: Grand Quick Spa

6 comments to '' Grand Quick Spa (Serpong Alam Sutera) "

  1. So let me be the first to comment. I have been there 3 times now with some mixed results.
    First of all the place is easy to find with plenty parking space. Just check online for the google maps.
    My first time was about 2 weeks ago. You are given a locker key and go in and choose your girl. To be fair they do have many choices and they actually many are good/fair looking (on the picture). You choose and then choose package. For 550K you get standard room +90 minutes but no need to nego again for the "finishing" service :). For 705K you get also standard room but if for the "higher class" girl and also already include the finishing.
    I had made my choice of girl and waited some time. Note that around 12.30 pm at that time many girls not yet arrived. After some time they will show you to the room and wait a little more. I waited a total of 15 minutes before she arrived. But i was very happy with how she looked. Cute, sexy, long hair, sexy dress.
    I undress, lay down, she undresses till underwear and she start the massage. We talk some (in bahasa because NO English). I learn that this is her first day working and i am her very first client. Just 19 years old and come fresh from town near Bogor. So she is a bit shy and a little robotic at first. It helped i keep talk and make her more comfort and relax. Her skills were clearly new but still nice. After around 45 minutes finished and she asks to shower together for the next step of the business :) At that time she already naked btw. And she have a stunning body. Nice round butt and big young firm boobs. After both shower i get BJ but no BBBJ. Because my bird too big had to use lubrication to get in. Even it was her first time (working) she did seem to enjoy it but was a little bit robotic. At the end we shower again and she more relaxed and talking talking. I give her tips extra 300K because it was first time. Total damage was 850K for nice time with real sweet sexy girl.
    My second time was less nice....the girl looked nice and young on the pic but actual was less....worked there over 1 year and had good massage skills but the BJ was bad...just 4 licks and that was it. Entering her was almost impossible as she was dry like dessert. I could see her face in pain at every stroke...I just finished quick and left her without tips...Total damage 550K
    The third time was much better. The girl was very nice. Sweet young (19) and biiigggg boobs but slim body. Massage was the best so far from all. Special near the end where she did "stimulating" massage on the genitals. After shower we give each other hand/finger job...making her very wet. But even with this it was impossible to get inside....long trying we give up and she finished me off with a sweet slow BBBJ. At the end she was a bit scared i would complain because of this...but she did give good effort and nice experience so no complaints from me.
    I will try both the first again in the future...Ill update you guys in due time...
    For now i can recommend this place as long as you speak bahasa since NONE speak English.

    1. Hi guys...yesterday new visit. Was there around 4pm and many more girls standby. I choose number cute looking girl with package PINK for 555k all included. The girl arrived and again I pleasantly surprised. Small and sexy and big bobs :)
      She did very good massage. I think 5he best I had there so far. Previously she worked in Jakarta and yesterday was her first day at this place. Again also this girl a bit scared and shocked with my bird size and ask how IF can't fit...hehe..I say just try first.
      After shower we touch..rub..luck....kiss each other bodies...nice GFE foreplay. She gives me very nice BBBJ before capping me.
      With some lubrication I was able to enter slowly but I can't go all the way or she would be in pain. Slowly stroking her she more relaxed and can take little bit was real nice and sweet and I could FK her too. After blow holdING each other a little longer before exit and shower..
      Overall I give this a 9. Her body very nice. Her skills very good and the experience so nice. I give extra tips 200k and will sure arrange a next time.

    2. Thank you very much for a very interesting field report... How would you say that Grand Quick Spa compares with the other massage parlours in Tangerang - BSD - Serpong? Which one is the best according to you?

    3. So far I have just been to Orchid spa (the one very near to GQ) and to Grand Quick. For me GQ is better as with the PINK package for 550K you get the FJ and the room. At Orchid you need negotiations and they can say refuse FJ and just give BJ only. Also for FJ they will ask 700k making total wuth room almost 1 juta. Also to me the girls at GQ are cuter...younger...and more have more standby. But again this is my personal taste. I will sure continue to try more of the girls at GQ.

    4. i think i found my favorite....Sweet young girl. Nice body with firm big boobs. Easy to talk to and also gives a real good proper massage. I ordered the PINK package down stairs... and then nego direct with her for full body massage...extra 200K. With that get nice oily rubdown. All in all the total spend just under 90 minutes....very good use of time....ill sure book her again
      So tip: you can directly nego some extra wishes with the therapist. So the money directly goes to them and not to the management. They more happy that way :)

  2. What was the two girls names that were slim with huge firm boobs?