Update Dec 2016: Lucy has been renovated due to noise complaints from neighbors. It is now covered by a large glass building (as in the first photo above). It looks more upmarket than before but it is still popular with the same crowd (young, trendy Jakartans).

Located near Jalan Sudirman, in Fairgrounds (ex-Bengkel), Lucy In The Sky  is a rooftop restaurant/bar with an open-air garden terrace and a laid-back, close-to-nature atmosphere. It is probably partially owned by Tommy Winata, the ex owner of Bengkel and owner of the land of SCBD.

The location of LITS is probably its best assets as it gives the feeling of escaping the city. Though in the heart of Jakarta's business district, it is surrounded with plants and flowers, which makes it relaxing, and a perfect spot to look at the skyscrapers around. Similar ambiance than SHY Rooftop but less expensive (80k for main dish) and with a better view.

Regarding the taste of the food though, there is still large room for improvement. For now, I advise you to stick with the drinks.

Lucy is one of the most crowded bars in Jakarta, even on week days (starting Wednesday). Most customers are young and chic. You have about 5-10% of foreigners as well. Every 1st Thursday of the month, they have a great hip hop party called In Effect. You can see more information about it here: In Effect Jakarta.

Surprisingly, there is a karaoke ++ attached to Lucy in the Sky with sexy lady companions. It is called Roxy.
Opening hours:
Everyday from 3.30pm to 1am (2am during the weekend)

Lucy in the Sky
Kawasan Central Business District
 Kav 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 
Indonesia, 12190

Phone: +62-21 515 2308 / 09
E-Mail: info@lucyinthesky.co.id
Website: http://lucyinthesky.co.id/
Facebook: Lucy In The Sky Jakarta
Instagram: Lucy Jakarta

17 comments to '' Lucy In The Sky (Bar & Restaurant) "

  1. Haven't tried the food. Nice location, nice atmosphere and nice crowd. Drinks aren't too steep. I thought it was cheap when I read a pint of heineken for 40k. Turns out they call a bottle a pint... odd!

  2. Agree with the food. I think this is a great place to chill out w/ friends and drinks, but not a good place if you want to have a proper meal.

  3. Incompetent people , very very poor bad food , music way too loud ! Horrible place ! 20 minutes to get change ! Never come back ! How can u rate this place .... So
    Bad , make me puke

  4. Place is nice but service is terrible. We had to wait 25 mins to get the first drink! The 2nd round took 40 mins so we just left! They surely need more staff!!

  5. Nyamuk dimana2, panas, hanya boleh 2 jam utk meja klau tdk booking.. No way...

  6. can you recomend me a great rooftop bar&restaurant?thanks. J

  7. The thing is...they just never picked up the phone when we called to make reservation.. :-/

  8. Yes rite, they never pick up the phone, lousy service

  9. poor services . God , please forgive them .

  10. the waiter is just very nice. u can get their phone/ pin to contact them for make a reservation

  11. they never pick up their phone ! Horrible !!

  12. Place is ok for a couple of quick beers after work. They can be a little unfriendly and sometimes apply some 2 hour rule where they kick you out (even if you are consuming...), which is a little odd. Beer in the tap is flat so go for bottled beer. I did get quite sick (had to take several days off work) after eating a meal here once so careful with the eats and avoid eating anything with cheese, seafood, etc. you know the drill...

  13. horrible services, and yet i had to pay 21% for tax and cocky services. waiters were neither friendly nor helpful. once, I tried to switch table but none of the waitress were helping me to setup the new one, so i had to did it by myself and caught 1 of the bartender (fyi, he's a big guy wearing a framed glasses) saying 'main geser geser meja sendiri' *TALK ABOUT MANNERS YOU GUYS :) * I wouldn't move the table in the first place if any of the staff was helping. they might think they will always have customers who are willing to pay big bcs of the ambience (despite the lousy service), but believe me, the business won't last for the next 4 years if they keep doing this sh*t. i suggest they should improve the food and train their staffs better. such a shame, a good place like this offers disappointing service.

  14. Right now its one of the best place to chill out with friends.... And food its not that bad!

    Also, very good music!

  15. How come the comments are like significantly difference...one says good things, others say bad..hope I won't experience the bad ones !

  16. Well I'm going there this Friday since my friend will be having her birthday party there. It will be my first time. Will drop some comments here afterward. Hopefully they have better service now *fingers crossed*

  17. nice place for underage drinking?