Tin Pan Alley (a reference to American music) opened in September 2010 in the new UOB Tower, in Central Jakarta. Locally-owned, it is very similar in the design with Immigrant and in the menu with Potato Head. The dishes served are mostly "bistro" types: Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads, Pastas, Steaks, but with more attention paid to the presentation, the quality and the originality of the recipes than in an ordinary bistro. The setting is classy in an industrial vintage style, if such a style exists. The waiters are dressed old-fashioned and look as if they had come from a Charlie Chaplin movie. I was surprised to hear they could speak English perfectly, almost with an American accent. It is quite rare in Jakarta.

Since we were a few eating in Tin Pan Alley that day, I had a bite from different dishes, among which:
-the 180 grams Australian Tenderloin (Rp 149,000), well-cooked with a delicious sauce, but lacking a side dish
-the Cheese Tomato Foccacia (Rp 49,000), not really enjoyed by anybody: too much cheese and not enough tomatoes, I was expecting something more juicy
-the potato wedges (Rp 49,000), heavy and greasy but as good as any other junk food
-the Spaghetti Aglio Shrimp (Rp 59,000), great taste but a little small
-the fried chicken dinner (Rp 69,000): Ok but a bit expensive for fried chicken
-the choco truffle cake (Rp 29,000): Excellent, it is melting in the mouth perfectly, but I prefer the one I tried in Ninety-Nine restaurant.

Overall: Tin Pan Alley is recommended because you can enjoy there some simple, yet well-prepared dishes in a stylish environment. Expats will have the occasion to taste the same food they could have back home, at much better prices. Compared to a nasi goreng you'll eat in the street Tin Pan Alley is much more expensive, but once in a while it is quite a pleasure. Good for dates, dinner with friends, business. Average expense per person: Rp 80,000 to Rp 120,000.
Tin Pan Alley American Bistro
Thamrin Nine Podium /UOB lobby lv #f, Jl. Mh Thamrin No.10
Jakarta, Indonesia, 10230
Phone: +62 21 3000 7881
Open every day from 10am to 10pm

For more information you can check their facebook fan page: Tin Pan Alley Jakarta

8 comments to '' Tin Pan Alley (American Bistro) CLOSED "

  1. This place is a gem in the heart of Jakarta. Since it opened last month, we've been back at least twice a week. It's one of the few places in Jkt that offers good authentic American home cooking and at great prices too.

    The lemonade & summer picnic salad reminds me of summer backyard BBQ's back in the states and my new favorite is the Mac & Cheese...if you're having a cheese craving this one is a must-try! And I always end my meal with my two favorite desserts: choc truffle cake or apple pie.

  2. Love the interior! Great place for photo-shoots

  3. My wife brought me her leftovers of that tomato-cheese focaccia, and I thought it was phenomenal. (Especially since I rarely eat vegetarian dishes.)

    Next time you must try the Midwest Pork Burger. It is amazing! They need to put a star or a little tin pan symbol next to it so that people will try it! I've had six of those pork burgers to date.

  4. They just rolled out a Christmas Special Menu, supposed to be on til Jan 1st.
    I had the roasted ham with cranberry sauce which was great. Good traditional holiday ham. Mashed potatoes were excellent. I think the other specials were pork tenderloin with applesauce & a meatloaf dish. Will try next week.

    Had the caramel apple cider which was pretty good, pretty hard to find in jakarta. They had Eggnog too which I will try this week as we near Christmas. Overall: a place I would regularly return to.

  5. My husband and I are from Singapore. We were recommended to try out the food at Tin Pan Alley. We absolutely loved the Aloha Burger, Cesar Salad and Strawberry Lemonade!!! Every time I got the cravings, I called it "T-W-S" which stands for Tin Pan Alley withdrawal syndrome. I love the whole experience eating at Tin Pan Alley!! :) Two Thumbs Up!!

  6. I stumble upon your blog when I was searching information for Tin Pan Alley. Your blog is amazing! So informative and professional. Your photography is beautiful, too.

  7. should try the chef's special this month, my boyfriend ate the beef op ribs it tastes good, i wish i had ordered the same dish

  8. should try apple crumble pie and if you like it sweet, add vanilla ice cream on top would be a good idea