Rolling Stone Cafe Jakarta

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars)

Rolling Stone Cafe Jakarta is the second Rolling Stone Café to open in the world after one in Japan.

The concept is not very different from other existing venues in Jakarta, in particular the Hard Rock Café in Plaza Indonesia. Live "rock" music,  international food favorites (pastas, burger, nachos, etc), and some merchandising. The positive thing about Rolling Stone café is its great interior design, with views on the Ampera street or, in the other side, on a cozy garden where some big events can be organized.

Apart from that, I always have something against chains of bars or restaurant, because they are so standardized that they aren't very surprising or original. If you have the same feeling, chances are you will get bored too in Rolling Stone Café. If not, then you may have a good time because it looks brand new and everything is customer oriented.

Unsurprisingly, they have live music everyday, with some "big" names coming, such as Louis Bertignac, famous in France, who played live on September 21st, 2010. Find the event schedule on their facebook fanpage here or by following their twitter here.
Contact details:Rolling Stone Café Jakarta
Jalan Ampera Raya No.16
Kemang, Jakarta

Phone number: +62-21 782 2828.
+62-21 8176835431
Website (with the menu): Rolling Stone Cafe Jakarta

3 comments to '' Rolling Stone Cafe Jakarta "

  1. very nice place with live music and pretty cheap drinks (i guess). the ambiance is incredibly amazing with all that lights and great service i think this place more than 7/10 i think ;p

  2. Hey, it's not the 2nd, I've been to Kodak Theater on Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles. And they have the same cafe as it was. I thought they have the bigger one on Rolling Stone HQ in New York. So it would be more than 2, I believe.