Rizz Jakarta Massage

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars)


Located in Pondok Indah, where I seldom venture, Rizz is a good address for getting a massage in a clean massage parlour (if you are an expat living in South Jakarta).

It is very similar with Delta Spa or My Place, meaning it is not an erotic massage parlour, but you may get a plus plus service (most likely). The price compared to those places is almost half, for a quality only slightly inferior.

Price list:
Room Standard = 180,000rp for 2 sessions
VIP (with shower) = 230,000rp for 2 sessions

You can use the sauna and the facilities before getting your massage, but it is quite small.

Open from 10am to 10.30pm.

RIZZ Spa, Men Health & Relax (it's very close from Pondok Indah Mall 1)
Jl. Margaguna Raya Ruko Plaza 5 Blok 10 D
Pondok Indah Jakarta Selatan
Tel: +6221 7247260

21 comments to '' Rizz Jakarta Massage "

  1. Yesterday I went to there,
    So small n no Bath.
    Price 200,000(standard)

    Not recommendable...

  2. Went there like half year ago...
    The room with the shower is very small, the girl was pretty but lousy massage job.

    happy ending is included as part of SOP, tip can start minimum of 100k

  3. went there yesterday, go for number 130

    - total cost of massage was 230 with oil (2 sessions: 1hr 45 minutes).

    - tip 50k

    - the massage was so so, HJ is part of the SOP.

    - only two shower rooms i think and 1 sauna. (for standard room, haven't tried the vip room)

    - they have a basement for car parking and you can enter through inside the place.


  4. i went there last week...
    yes, the place and the massage room is quite small
    even the sauna room looks really small can only fit in 3 people at most. It makes me feel like im havin claustrophobic to have trapped in a small room like that.

    the therapist is quite nice looking gal, the massage is so-so...

    there is a new place opened not far from Rizz, next to shell gas station called magnolia. It's so much better than Rizz. They have friendly and english-speaking staffs, good looking therapist and way much better atmoshpere than jam packed Rizz...

  5. anyone know if they open this month aug?

  6. great place. seems like new prices. 230,000 for standard room, 280,000 for vip. number 131 is beautiful, great massage and even better hand job. all included. didnt look for a tip but i left one. that was for hr 30 mins. easy to find. i will be back!

  7. Yeah, its open again now, but price has become pricey and no FJ available.
    I heard only 102 can FJ but that is upto the girl.
    Too bad it is not clean again like used to be. Needs repair in bath/shower coz bad plumbing. Shower tray becomes a pool!

  8. i want to ask with the previous comment, does 102 really provide fj?

  9. magnolia spa location? after pim2 or pim1?

  10. magnolia spa after shell gas station at arteri pondok indah

  11. Anybody with a recent experience from Magnolia? Worth a visit?

  12. magnolia is worth to visit! they always give good therapist!

  13. but magno still can't FJ.
    just hj or bj exactly.
    The terapist most nice.

  14. Went to Magnolia this week.
    - Overall: place ok, room (Deluxe) small, small shower, with a bed, for the massage I prefer a more rigid basis. I prefer Delta or My Place by far.

    - Therapist: she was ok, a bit fat to me though. She arrived 10 min after I got into the room and said that she was late because she was doing make-up.
    - Massage: I took a revitalizing 90 min massage (a bit less than 300'000). It was average, I would rate it 5/10. She just did the back and the legs while I was facing down.
    - Finish: after 45 min she started the revitalizing thing (balls massage) for about 10 min then asked me to turn face up and asked if I want a special service: 500 kRp for BJ, 300 kRp for HJ. Went for the BJ for 300 kRp after bargain. Took out her breasts (quite breasted girl by the way) and let me play and lick them.
    BJ was really averga, I would rate it 5/10.
    - May be it is the therapist that was not good, but I don't think I would return there.

  15. Any more experiences about rizz??

  16. Anybody know who's the girl on the pic? Her number in Rizz?

  17. The Rizz. Was not good for the therapy. Time only 30 minutes. Always in hurry to massage. Coz Standard time is 90 minutes.

  18. The VIP Room in Mars Spa, Grand Indonesia is very bad and dirty. They using the used towels and cloths. The Service is also absolutely worthless. The therapist only concentrating to taking my money.
    I have visited today (27 May, 2015) with VIP room. The therapist agreed IDR 1M for extra, but only HJ. But after receiving the money, the service was very very bad, it was 90 min package, but she stopped after 45 minutes. I lost my money and time.
    I strongly recommends to all never visit this dirty place.

  19. Been there... Clean and massage was good. The wait was 30 mins.