Mayzo Spa & Massage Panti Pijat

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars)

Mayzo Spa is not very famous but conveniently located one Jalan Rasuna Said.

Cost for one hour from 11 to 15 is 150,000rp (happy hour) and starting 15 o'clock and one weekends, it is 230,000rp for 1.5 hour including massage.

Please leave comments to share with other readers of this blog your experience there (price, hygiene, quality of service).
Mayzo Spa
Setiabudi One Building
3rd Floor

BTW: The photo of the beautiful Indonesian girl has nothing to do with Mayzo Spa, it's just for illustration. It comes from Adit Chandra photoalbum on Flickr.

32 comments to '' Mayzo Spa & Massage Panti Pijat "

  1. Been there a couple of times within the past 3 months.
    2 girls I met with are pretty, still young (around early 20s)
    The massage is average, the service is also average.

    Hand Job is a part of their SOP. So, it is up to you how much you want to tip.
    If you wanna go more than that, prepare more.
    N since, they're still at young age - they put 500-600 if you wanna dig them.
    Hand job plus opening tops will cost you around 300

    The place is clean but lack of facility, well - at least there is an option whether having a bath tub or shower box inside your room.

  2. Very average. HJ part of SOA but wanted 500K tips for taking top off, 1M for FJ. Stopped when hour was up in the middle, no "happy" ending. Do not recommend.

  3. since the poor service,so I found very few customer over there.

  4. Is there any phone number to make reservation ? Thanks

  5. Went to Mayzo on the Dec 30th, to try it out for the first time. Small place with 22 rooms and 25 girls. 2 VIP Rooms with proper beds.

    Reception was "Hello, Mau Massage? ... Sebentar". No preferences asked.

    Took me to a room which wasn't much to talk about. Not too clean, as I could see 2 cigarette butts in Ashtray in the room, left by previous patron.

    The best part was the girls. Saw two walking across, and they were very cute.

    The one that came for me was a nice, pretty, slim girl. Friendly, Smiling, 45Kg, 155-157 cm, 23 yrs. Talked a lot. Massage was just okay (not a good SOP, ask whether massage with oil or not, shiatsu only if you ask, too light with hands). HJ was just OK. Asked for 300 for taking top off. Said no FJ, but did INDICATE there MIGHT be other girls who would do it for 1Mn.

    My Ratings:
    Ease of reaching: 8/10 (I mean Setiabudi-1, Jl. Rasuna Said, who doesn't know)
    Reception: 5/10
    Room Cleanliness: 3/10
    Therapist: 7/10
    Massage: 5/10
    ++ : 5/10
    +++ : Did not try.
    Cost: 300K (50K tip, Wasn't required though.)

  6. you can find a place which provide much better is MAGNOLIA (around Pondok Indah)

    only 238 IDR for standard room, and 278 IDR for VIP room (for 1,5 hours massage).

    hand job is SOP there. they will punish the masseur if they ask for tips (it is up to the guest whether to give tips or not).

  7. went there just before christmas it was my 1st time and they introduced me to a very nice therapist. 22 years old, 165/50, slim and with white skin complexion. Very nice attitude as if your girlfriend. She even gave her BB PIN and definitely want 2nd trip :)

    service is OK I say 8,5 from 10 :)

    #this is true im not spa staff

  8. Magnolia. Near which part of Pondok Indah?

  9. any recommendation number ?

  10. It's not recommended, very poor service. Only massage lightly for 10-15 min and then said, "Very sleepy"...and just lying around like bed bunk. The girl itself is young and cute, but poor service and bad attitude.

  11. lol i thought it was a good place from website.
    thanks 4 the info dude :D

  12. girls are good looking...young and slim...i like this place...maybe some of the girls is not polite...but most of them is ok

  13. They are waiting to fuck guys!its only hookers place. Not good massage!

  14. Where can i find Ladyboy Massager or Futanari? please i need location

  15. Massage : average to poor
    Girls : not bad,young for sure so yeah tight
    Price : easy to moderate really depends on what u land on next. HJ is SOP more than that go negotiate. For fuck i would recomend 2nd home. Its part of the SOP.
    But this place gives different colour if ur looking for variety.

  16. been there last night.
    number 68

    massage : ok 7.5/10
    girls : so - so 6/10
    price : moderate. 240k rupiah.
    FJ just fine add another 800k
    the bath is good.

  17. ....been there for around a year or so and I'd say the girls are playing hard to get - if you ask for an FJ they will say no but if you repeat with them a day or two they will open their shirt right away! Trust me, i never told you any lies.

    #96 is very sweet. Trust me.

  18. to Christie Yanti: did you find any place with ladyboy massage? it sounds interesting

  19. Any latest report abt Mayzo? Any FJ girl no. recommendation? Thanks

  20. choose Erika...

  21. opening hours? Until midnight?

  22. What number is Erika?

  23. Any other recommended girls in Mayzo? or has anyone use the one in Aston Kuningan?

  24. Is this place still open? Hate to go there for nothing...

  25. it's now 300,000 at happy hour. Standard price for FJ is 800,000 extra, but they expect 1jt and may start nego at 1.5jt. The girls are a bit too professional and not that friendly, they always insist on condom. Anyway I managed to get the condom off before the end and came inside. She was pissed but hey.
    My impression of this place is that there aren't too many girls working here, its big advantage is that it's the only place in Rasuna Said area that you can get FJ.

    1. How can you do that to a girl? The condom protects the girl from your disease. You should go to jail for endangering the life of someone. Shame on you!

  26. who says he has disease?

    1. It's very possible that he may not have a disease, but now she's left with the responsibility of a possible pregnancy, despite taking the proper steps to prevent such an incident. He should indeed be arrested.

    2. Arrested under what Indonesian law?

  27. The girls are young and cute but service is poor. 300,000 for HJ. price for fuck depends on nego.

  28. The VIP Room in Mars Spa, Grand Indonesia is very bad and dirty. They using the used towels and cloths. The Service is also absolutely worthless. The therapist only concentrating to taking my money.
    I have visited today (27 May, 2015) with VIP room. The therapist agreed IDR 1M for extra, but only HJ. But after receiving the money, the service was very very bad, it was 90 min package, but she stopped after 45 minutes. I lost my money and time.
    I strongly recommends to all never visit this dirty place.

  29. Not recommended. If you want a good massage, go to the likes of Bersih Sehat or Mitra Sehat as they provide better massage for cheaper price. If you want the "plus-plus", go to the likes of Bfashion or FM Boutique for better services.