Domain is a trendy club by the creators of Cork&Screw, Portico and Loewy. As with the previous places, it is a chic venue, with cool design, expensive drinks and a lot of upper class customers. It is not too pretentious though and it feels like people are in Domain to party only, not to show off. If you are single and around 30, I would say it is among the best pick-up spot in Jakarta for both guys and girls: There are a lot of flirting in the air and a lot of opportunities as the crowd is made of (mostly) beautiful people with a job (no prostitutes).

On the negative side: Domain is more pricey than average: A beer costs around Rp55,000 and a Bacardi Coke Rp85,000.Also, it is not very big so at peak time on weekends, it is quite difficult to move around.

They can throw some excellent parties once in a while so you may want to check their website or their facebook fan page: Domain Bar Senayan.

Website for Domain bar: (it was down at the time of writing)
Domain Jakarta
Panin Tower B2 Fl. in Senayan City
Jalan Asia-Afrika Kav. 19
Jakarta 10270

Phone number: +62-21 7278 1641
Fax:+62-21 7278 1642

Opening Hours: 6pm-2am on weekdays and 6pm-3.30am on weekends.
Happy Hours from 9pm to 11pm.

More photos (taken on Domain facebook group):

11 comments to '' Domain Bar & Club (Senayan City) "

  1. Too crowded on the weekend.. But they play great songs. The dj is fantastic

  2. how is the crowd in this bar?

  3. can not open ur eyes cuze smoke ,, not have much colection of beers and cocktails , IMO not worth to be from top ten ,.

  4. Is that need a check ID? I want go there,but I'm still under age 19+

  5. Is it still open , i don't see any comments here

  6. Hello, of course yes. Domain is still open until now, will celebrate the 4th anniversary by March 2014. See you soon! :)

  7. Domain is a good place, but the woman who greet us at the main entrance can't seem to smile.. she acts like she owned the club lol. but over all it is a good place to spend ur weekends dancing with ur friends :) -AP

  8. Worst experience ever!!!!!!

  9. I've seen domain website
    see picture
    it's like a country club (where usually people who like to play golf but membership only)
    because there are deer head
    the place looks simple
    hope can last long

  10. I was in Domain club long time ago is such a worst experince I lived in the UK I went there with a group of my friend they ladies who own the club stop me she didn't even smile is very rude is a very small place we have no room to dance is stupid In UK there a big club for us to dance but in here no same like DF why Indonesian club are stupid all the girl are slutty Indo girl such a hoe the crowds are worst I was dancing with my friend they are Indo staring at me and my friend is annoying.