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“Jakarta Suckers”: Exploring the relationship between Expats and Bargirls

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Many of you may have had a relationship with a bargirl, most of the time with terrible results for your wallet and for your sorry heart. I asked Ross McKay, author of “Jakarta Suckers” to give us a little introduction for everyone interested in the relationships between Expats and Bargirls. The book is available from Morfiny Books, 85000 rupiah, at If you are currently dating a bargirl or if you ever dated one, I strongly recommend it to you. Thibaud, from Jakarta Suckers, by Ross McKay Who hasn't been taken in by a bar-girl? Most expats in Jakarta for more than a year will have sampled the delights the Big Durian's nights have to offer. But while we are all bitten by that exotic bug, few too will not have been pained when the sharper specimens of the wildlife put the bite on you!! It's not just the squeeze for a bit extra on the agreed price, but the endless extortion that occurs when you think you're having a 'relations

Festivals In Jakarta

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All year round, Jakarta has a fair number of festivals taking place. As a visitor, you can try to make your trip coincide with one of these events. Few tourists actually know about them and it will be a good opportunity for you to see the city through a different angle. The following list is not exhaustive, and I will update it regularly. When available, click on the name of the festival to see the full description. January: South to South Festival “focuses on human rights and social issues surrounding natural resources and the environment in Southern (mostly developing) nations”. In 2010, featured films talked about subjects such as oil extracting in the Arctic or the Lapindo crisis in Central Java. All screenings are free and take place in the Goethe Institute or the CCF. More infos should be in this website which is currently down: Until they get everything fixed, you can also check their facebook event page here . February: Lantern Festival (Cap Go Meh) Th

Playing Pool in Jakarta (Billiard)

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Jakarta, like many other metropolises in Asia, is in love with the game of pool. A great thing is that it is popular with both expats and locals so it will also be a great way to meet Indonesians. The most popular venues are equipped with the latest equipment and charge competitive prices (around Rp. 50,000 per hour). The number of nightspots featuring pool tables is very large, ranging from a single table in a Jalan Jaksa bar to some huge pool halls. You will notice that some pool halls feel just like nightclubs, with really loud music played by a resident DJ or even live bands. In other places, you may be able to choose an accompanying lady that will play with you and entertain you, just like another girl might do in a karaoke joint. Even though gambling is strictly prohibited in Indonesia, local people will often spice up the game by making bets. There is a game that involves cards which is pretty fun to play but cost me a lot of money… Be careful because Indonesians are real